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So Im not Sure if this is the game or me, But for some reason I become unable to pick things up. While I can still use the watering can and hatchet, I cant make plants or even eat food. Closing and re-opening the game doesnt fix it. However when I make a new game the problem is solved. 

It usually happens after I plant something. (extra info) 

Hi N1gh7R4v3n! We are not aware of this bug.  What version of the game are you playing? 

I am having the exact same problem, at first i could pick up everything, then all of a sudden i could only pick up the water can and axe. Will play again if this can be fixed. I barely got to play :(

Hey Bad Aches! Are you playing the 0.0.14 version of Alchemy Garden or an older one?

I have 0.0.14 and running on Windows 10 (not sure if that matters), i actually restarted the game and made a new saved game and the problem seems to have fixed itself, hopefully it doesn't happen again. Love the idea of the game.

We hope too :D Thank you for your report!

I also have this problem usually after I pick up the water can I can't pick anything up. I have to start a whole new game.

I'm also dealing with this issue. I just d/led the game for the first time 2 days ago, and am running Windows 7. It's really frustrating because the game is cute and I have to keep restarting.