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Ohhhhh ok ok, Sorry, I just got worried for the worst, very excited to hear back though, ty so much!

Version is (0.0.9e)

There are two problems I kinda wanna say, first is that I was making some basic items just to catch up on random requests, and I heard the little customer bubble sound, so i check, and no one is there, the little [x] is there at the bottom left, but it won't go away when clicked. Even when I close my shoppe, or go to bed, it doesn't go anywhere and It won't let me get anymore customers.

For the second, it seems weird that it will start getting really dark outside, and I cannot go to sleep, it will almost be the next day before I can actually sleep, does your tiredness get affected but how much you do in a day in game?

Thanks for an amazing game and your time.


Was this game going to get anything done to it and time soon? I absolutly loved the concept :(

Also another thing thats bugging out is that I try to go into windowed mode, and it stays in fullscreen and just cant clink any buttons around and its weird positions. sorry to bother ><

Ahhhhhhhh ok, ty, sorry ^.^;

I had kinda the same issue as (aidyn89) but Greatswords were fine the past 20 days, fine and dandy, So I was making an iron greatsword, and I never knew there was a 2nd variant. Just said eh and sold it, and the metals weren't counted, so kinda was irked but I had 3 more spare iron just set to the side, so I had made another greatsword and now the original Greatsword isnt adding the metal. Im running on 0.0.73 Blank GreatSword, w/ no metal pricing?

Was just trying to play and I can plant the flowers but as sooon as I go to water them, they instantly disappear. Yet the particles around the flower stay and still glow. I tried just restarting game, but still happens. :(