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Alchemy Garden

Run your own little alchemy lab and make cool gardens! | Alchemy simulator game · By MadSushi

Important Announcement Sticky

A topic by MadSushi created Sep 22, 2017 Views: 568 Replies: 6
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These two weeks we have not updated the game and we will explain why.

The game has gone from prototype to pre-alpha phase and we are very happy with the results because we see how the community enjoys the game. We have been updating Alchemy Garden every week, listening to all your opinions, correcting errors and adding functions and improvements, since April 2 when we published the prototype we have brought to light 22 versions of the game. Not bad, right?

As many of you will know, the development of Alchemy Garden is led by two people, Oriol d'Armengol and Rubén Izquierdo. We work in the game in our spare time as other developers in, we have our daily job to put food on the table and pay the bills. So at the moment (and until we find a publisher or investor) this is only our hobby.

All that you have seen and played is only 10% of everything we have planned to do with the game, we really want to make an incredible game, but to achieve this we need to focus on development and set aside the weekly updates at the moment (you can still download the game) .

Now it's time to plan all the features that we are going to include in the game and those that are left out of it, it's time to concentrate, manage our time and continue working hard with the same affection that until now.

We want to return and bring you the best version of Alchemy Garden, until then,  we send you a heartfelt embrace.

The Impoqo Games Team



could you plz try to make a recipe book for basic and unlocked recipes?

Was this game going to get anything done to it and time soon? I absolutly loved the concept :(


Hi ToxicSabre!

Yes, the game is still in development. Soon there will be more news, but for now you have to know that:

- I have left my daily job to make this game, i see a lot of potential in Alchemy Garden and i will do everything i can to finish it and put it on the market.

- I have rebuilt the entire game with Unreal Engine with new mechanics including a brand new inventory and crafting system.

- You can follow the development on Twitch:

Ohhhhh ok ok, Sorry, I just got worried for the worst, very excited to hear back though, ty so much!