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Coconut Mousse

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can we have a print and play version of it? i can format it for you if i could have the asset

last time im playing this game is 2 years ago and now this game is on steam

good job :)

All Is Bomb community · Created a new topic Cutting Guide

is there any cutting line guide in the file? 

hopefully this encourage people to buy :)

the color of icon & number is not contrast (for me)

Looks great!

is this standalone or expansion?

hello there :) 

The art looks amazing. I feel the horror just by looking the card

Its kinda hard to spot the bat and the bees. Beside that, i enjoy this game :)

hello there, thanks for commenting in my youtube channel about your game. this in my first time playing this game, i hope you could get what you need in this video :)


Nice :)

Minecraftlike Soundtrack will be the best in this type of game :)

nice little puzzle here although i only play 6x6

Be sure to tell us the demo :)

coloured version :)

I play a lot of board and card games. tell me if you need playtester even tho i cant buy the printed version ( its really expensive in developing country and credit cards is uncommon for us). GOODLUCK... Wish this game all the best

its really great to see a game developing. i really like print and play so notify me if this printed version being release

( sorry, english is not my native language)

This is all the walkthrough you need. Edited so you can enjoy it as viewer or to find walkthrough


i forgot to post my gameplay here..... now with extra player :)

Art is GORGEOUS... that lighting is perfect... the liquid mechanic just perfect for me even tho im not really good at this game

If you have a hard time learning history and geography. This thing is for you

hope you enjoy it :)

Gameplay :)

This game is really great..... i created 6 part of the full game... this is the 1st part

the ending is unexpected

I must agree

i want it but i cant. It feels odd... oddly great :)

only by watching the trailer we know it will be amazing. i haven't play it but it simply amazing

(1 edit)

yep but this jam is over. Still, i encorage you to build one :)

Hope all of you enjoy it.

We are playing the alpha and it such a nice experience

I play it again but this time both of us 

hope you enjoy it :)

time for new build :)

What is that new level? I came back :D

hello there :)

get a little shock when the bad car captured me

enjoy :)

this looks gorgeous