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Coconut Mousse

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Created a new topic gameplay video

hope you enjoy it!

Posted in Mojojo comments

why this game is so short....... this is hilarious. all hail MOJO. congrats getting the 8th place in LD41. i made a video of this game

hope you enjoy it!

will give it another try! thanks for the info :D

is there any chance this game got a multiplayer update? it will be amazing to play it online with friends

this game is amazing. Its like playing yugioh with issac comes to one. Its a dream comes true game. The only lack of this game is just to short and only 1 boss. Besides of that, its an amazing game. Its my first gameplay, hope it will get a better update soon

its interesting in the beginning of the game, its hype, its super and its frustating but after a while with every upgrade finished, it become repetitive. add more stuff, upgrade and especially the background. its really flat with the same background for 20 minutes. its my first gameplay here, hope it help for development :D

will wait for it :D

Posted in Gameplay Video

of course the sound is fantastic but i just can bear it :D hope this game get better and more people will play it :D

its a really a fantastic puzzle right here. its chalenge rise as you come to inferno level, its become hardcore puzzle which you will die trying. its really a great game and i will waiting for games like this from your studio. i really love the town scene and also the BGM there. its my first gameplay and maybe it could help a little bit for development

Created a new topic Gameplay Video

it really feel doesnt right when youre walking in the dark and something appear with horror sound. its really a great game but i cant finish (im sorry), its too creepy for me so i make it short for only 12 minutes play

this game is fantastic but its still a hard decision to make to sacrifice or to save the villager. i like weapon and i need time so its really confusing but its still a great game. will play more about this game :D btw its my first gameplay, hope it help for future update!

yeah its my first gameplay and i figured it when the character in the air and i keep shooting right and i go left faster :D will have another try of crux. Just ask me if you need help of some of your game!

glad you like it :D

for those who enjoy watching than playing, this video is for you :D

this game is amazing. we control the plane and shoot everything we counter. the best part of this game is when the beat getting higher, the enemy getting faster. hope you enjoy it!

thanks for your quick response, i will try it later :D

hope theres more level, thank you. GOODLUCK!!!

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i dont understand what this puzzle is? i made some video of this game, this is a great game but we need a little hint please. hope this game get better update. i dont know if its a glitch or not and when i recording it, it has no sound

Posted in L.I.M comments

its a nice game right here. i hope it get better. its some of my opinion:

-add more ways after some wave instead of adding cheese (maybe 3 ways of the cheese get in after 5 wave)

-fix the control. its really buggy (its in my video)

Posted in TOJam! comments

for those who enjoy watching than playing :D

i cant find the 6th cores, where it is? its my gameplay below :D

i really love warcraft III game and just finding this game. i would like to have a game of footman frenzy too :D

im not good at scrabble games but i like the skater game. i can think only for short words and just having fun with skateboard. hope you enjoy it!

i made a video for you. its display some bugs right here especially for the ball. hope this game get better the next udpate

its really a great game. is offer such unique game to find every hidden carrot. i have no idead what im doing at first but realise something missing after i got the first 2 carrot. its my first gameplay so i hope it will help for the next update. i know its just a prototype but its really promising. hope you enjoy it and goodluck!

i hope it will be usefull for the next update :D

i love chess and i love fantasy and this is such wondefull game. this game has such fantastic art and music, im lucky this game popup in mw recomended screen. i hope the next update will be.

-new difficulity, not only adding more pawn

-new character like a priest after the jam please :D

-1 king could kill everything if it is only pawn cause only 1 pawn is chasing the king

-more traits means more fun i think :D

i add a new topic only for those who post video (https://itch.io/t/229056/just-a-video-gameplay), so this post is specialized for feedback only

Created a new topic Just a Video Gameplay

hello, its a wonderfull game here and some of you that prefer watching than playing, this video is for you

 this a simple story game, this video is dedicated for those who enjoy watching than playing

this game is fantastic.its funny but i got copyright strikes for this video. hope you enjoy it

Goodluck on your next update!

Hope you enjoy this game! this game is created not to be play but to be enjoy of course. relax! spoil your eyes with amazing view and fantastic piano music

My opinion:

this game is to enjoy the view in my opinion but the view it self is moving to fast, i hope there a mechanic like moving fast and faster not become super fast by a single click and after getting in the station, it became slower and slower until it stop (not a super break that stop the train almost instantly, you can see the rail is moving fast even you have got to station). you cant start your journey to the next station if the rail in the background didnt stoping. i must play it in 1920 resolution to see everything include money (bottom right), i try 1280x720 but the screen just didnt get to right placed (no money screen and only cabin upgrade available to see). by the way, its a minor things actually but can you add more speed to the money addition after the passeger goes down, its ok if it is only 30 pass but with 70 pass the money looks slow. btw the game is great, the graphic and the music is SUPER, its chilling its relaxing, its amazing. GOOD JOB!!!

this video took long time to upload, hope you enjoy it and push that subscribe button :D

its super relaxing man. for those who enjoy watchin than playing it self, hope you enjoy my video below. this game is not to be play of course, its to enjoy, to relax your mind :D

this game is great. its like a puzzle but also action game. its like superhot game where you stop the time. amazing graphic and eveything is polished but the level is to few. please add more level. this my first gameplay, hope you enjoy it!

this game has interesting mechanic of course, i finish the game super early on but i play the second time and everything feels different. hope you enjoy it :D

its a satisfying game, the cartoonist art is nostalgic. i hope this game get a better updates and please add backsound. hope you enjoy it!

its a great game. its a bit hard to play but its really hard to understand. its my first time playing this game, maybe it will be usefull for the next game update.

hope you enjoy

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its really wonky after you got a big army. its my first gameplay so you could watch it for the next udpate :D

i hope that the screen could be rotate so i can see whats going in the south side

hope you enjoy it!

PS: the animation is great btw, the big turtle is fiercing

Hahahaaa still a good game though :D

its my first gameplay here so dev could watch it for next update. its an amazing game but i still got a laggy screen. hope you enjoy it!

Congratulations! now im a world class adult. yeay!!

its my first gameplay about this video. hoep you enjoy it! :)