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Coconut Mousse

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where i can find those song? Those are relaxing

a really nice game

would like to have a full version of it

can i edit my own song here?



i throw everything at first XD

hope you enjoy it

i really love this

this hard but really nice. i really like it

you got me. i hope someone called" ........" phone me too

please make the keyboard mouse setting please

gave it a go

its visually appealing

everyone just want to play this because of those CUTE screenshot

the only thing beginner need is "where is those gingerbread and cream" its located way way up the chocolate section where you play this game as platform game

lucky i found this game. this game need bigger area (maybe shift + A will go somewhere so we could get bigger keysweeper :D)

hope this help you, subs if you think this little walkthrough helps (:

PS: i cant finish that last level (is that last level???)

i got 5 star food

this one is good... i joined the discord (:

some gameplay i got here.... i cant finish that last level (is it last?) its really hard... and the sniper tower really short live in overcharge. still it really good

its too good... i want to hear that music all along again in my study and reading time

i cant seems to download it

im sorry...  thanks for telling me.... you will spent around 2.5 dollar for your survival here (thats if you eat the cheapest food everyday and only drink water) so thats worth 6 days :D

its really hard but still....

its my first try btw and i did learn that icicle did not hurt you if you run through them after a few death

really nice game :) maybe will make a video of it 

it a nice game, can you make the control faster?

do i need to understand filipine in order to play this?

where i can download this game? it looks like nuclear throne

(1 edit)

i want that but thats worth 40 days of my daily living money but still its worth it, YOU must buy this!

this is elder scroll 0 before the graphic

its really nice and i really love that annoying talkative AI

mini game! yeay!

hope this walkthrough help (it shows some gameplay in lvl 5 6 7)

really like the demo

really look into it

really like it! nice graphic and every other else. only lacking in tutorial

hope gamer find this game through my channel :D

done :D hope it get popular than thanksgiving edition

im loving it

really like it

good artstyle and other else. it makes me feel dizzy circus

looks nice 

i cant beat that black boss so i melt with him

okay i love wreck the party the one with thanksgiving :D i just dont have money but i want everyone to know about this hilarious game. may i reshare that trailer, it looks funny as the predecessor

it looks gorgeous, i afraid my comp cant play this one. may i share that trailer? hope that will help your games :D