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Coconut Mousse

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a really nice game of yours

i just played and i really like the ending. the surviving vibe XD

now i can be a wood artist

lovely little relaxing game

I cant proceed to the next level (i cant open the exit door)

After i press the main menu, i cant press quit

Doing some lets play but a little low on fps

okay this game looks solid... gonna try it :)

is it mean we could play the level after the robot shooting rocket level?

oh nice, i think i played it wrong beating it after 3 minutes :)

is it a correct way to play?

give it a go

give it a go

nice exotic plants we got here

some gameplay for those who prefer watching :)

flamethrower + a stick????? = sillyness

but who hate sillyness XD

its nice but it didnt give us a courage to go outside the big square room

May i know where you got your background picture?

Im working in some project and that picture is perfect

level 2

the trailer is really EPIC!!!!

may i reshare your trailer? i hope it helps :)

the trailer looks awesome!!!! unfortunately i dont have VR device but i could still help you spread the word. may i reshare your trailer?

im stuck at "who do you want to play as?"


theres nothing in the book? or its in progress?

this game is fun for 2 player so we played it as 2 player :)

oops my bad... i think i can get it by create only one tho 


im stuck but still this is really good and lot of twisting i think


im back to my hometown, i dont have access to internet and youtube for a few weeks. at least i can post it here :)

some playthrough from me

Yucatan community · Created a new topic Some Playthrough


i ate to many waffle

hey there

i got my ass kicked

i had created a vid for the confraternity of toast and post it on your game page 2 months ago but i dont have a twitter account

hopefully it help lots of people :)

Tutorial completed

hope my vid get featured on this itch pages :)

still uploading..... im not sure if they will get what i mean in video tho

its really a bit confusing (it takes me 10 20 minutes to understand the meaning of it)

mind if i create some tutorial?

i think im the first one to finish this game :)

this game really need a tutorial

Waahh.... only watch the trailer tho but its great, ora ora ora definitely need to be faster XD

i havent play it but i think it will be funny if there are a separate multiplayer mode tho, controlling jojo and star platinum will be a bit tricky