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This is all the walkthrough you need. Edited so you can enjoy it as viewer or to find walkthrough


i forgot to post my gameplay here..... now with extra player :)

Art is GORGEOUS... that lighting is perfect... the liquid mechanic just perfect for me even tho im not really good at this game

If you have a hard time learning history and geography. This thing is for you

hope you enjoy it :)

Gameplay :)

This game is really great..... i created 6 part of the full game... this is the 1st part

the ending is unexpected

I must agree

i want it but i cant. It feels odd... oddly great :)

only by watching the trailer we know it will be amazing. i haven't play it but it simply amazing

(1 edit)

yep but this jam is over. Still, i encorage you to build one :)

Hope all of you enjoy it.

We are playing the alpha and it such a nice experience

Both of us play this and guess what happen

I play it again but this time both of us 

hope you enjoy it :)

time for new build :)

What is that new level? I came back :D

hello there :)

get a little shock when the bad car captured me

enjoy :)

A solo 3 star easy level

this looks gorgeous

ahh now its 1$ :)

im a vegan but we not supposed to throw veggie to them to become a vegan..... we must force them XD

no update for pc? 

its really nice but im not good at this kind of things although i love sandbox :)

Nice little game but the ball sometimes getting out of the wall

i never thought it will be in itch. you had my request on keymailer :)

wave 13/30 and i lost my city

watching the GIF and pic, my mind say "this game is amazing" to me

after watching the trailer "WOW that game is EPIC"

downloading now

Okay this demo is really good. Im a fans of games like Microcosmum: survival of cells, Auralux, Starlink etc and this one little demo give a big feel of that genre

i never pass the road without one of my member dying

is it possible to get to the last station with all of the member survive?

hope you enjoy it :)


i cant download the game

thanks for watching, i hope you enjoy it :)

thanks for cousin to play it with me so we could finish this game :)

this is really cool even tho i just watching the trailer. i will play it if i have time :)

hello there, first of all thank you for having me before the game released :)

i made a playlist for stone of solace everyday (at least till i found all of the idol)

i hope it get featured here and people could watch it here everyday without playing it :)

At last i finished the 3rd level

we are going to play the alpha next :)