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A creative 3D platformer with unique (and tricky) gameplay, wonderfully cute and detailed graphics, upbeat music and fitting sound effects to top it all up!

Although I did run into a little issue...I have a 360-type controller and the analog stick seems to be a bit mixed up. Pressing up (/down) moves the pot to the right (/left) while pressing right (/left) makes the pot run up (/down). It kind of swaps the x- and y-axis. However, jumping and kicking works as intended. Maybe I just have an outdated controller that isn't supported by default, but I thought I should mention it.

Still, it's really an outstanding entry and a well-deserved top spot at the game jam overview!

Thanks a lot for playing^^
We've mostly tested with keyboard, so we missed out on that bug, thanks for reporting :D
Going to get it fixed shortly^^