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Thank you for playing! I loved your video and reactions!

Thanks for playing and making a video! I almost forgot about this game, it's been so long.

Thank you!

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Congrats for making the game!

My top score: 195

There's a new update out for the game,  v1.1.0 with a bunch of little fixes and improvements, and some surprises.

Thank you!

My top score: 14 coins collected, 220 points.

Thanks for letting me know! The app can't seem to run webgl builds from the latest beta versions of Unity. As a workaround, you can play it on the itch page in a browser. I'll have to make a desktop build so app users can play it too.

Yay! I finally beat it! That first room really stumped me for a while - had to watch the video. But after getting the hang of dog vision, I was able to get through the rest of the game. I like the old mac computers at the workplace.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you for playing and making a video!

Well done! Very cozy autumn vibes, cool minigames. I loved the scarecrow!

There's the Entropic Fields piece that fits in the 1x1 field. Play a few times and you should see it come up. It's a pretty useful but chaotic combination with Agoraphobia.

I loved it! Very cool way to strategize powers + interaction of neighboring pieces. Well done!

Could you please post some instructions? I'm dodging the notes, but I can't figure out how to fight back. Cool octopus!


Very cool cinematic feel to the game! Nice work.

Why do you keep posting spam comments in my games?

what is sans?


Very cool game! Nice work!

Very cool game! Nice work!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I love it. I enjoyed the integration of the different music and the writing, and how you could actually loop around for an endless dance.

I was only able to see the menus, and not play the game because I don't have any other players. Great job on the menus - so smooth and polished!

Well done so far! Very nice retro feel!

Thanks for adding the controls in the description! I dug out my controllers and it worked. The effects looks great! I love the sword swinging trail and how the controller shakes when the boss stomps the ground.

Very cool story and take on the theme! Well done!

Cute and lovely little puzzle game! Well done!

Very fun concept! I wish there was some recoil on the guns to push me a bit when I shoot, as the ball doesn't roll so well with half a dozen guns sticking out of it.

Well done!

What are the controls? Could you put them in the description? All I could figure out was that spacebar makes the character jump. Other keyboard keys or mouse buttons did nothing.

If you scan some of the earlier comments, there are notes on how you can customize the sound configuration file yourself, or add/replace the sounds. Changing the pitch range for keys is very simple too in the sound configuration file. This feature is not officially supported/documented though, so you'll need to do your own legwork on this.

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Try this:

1. Open up the Windows Task Manager (Ctrl-alt-delete -> Task Manager).

2. In the processes, find Sound Typist, right click -> End Task, and wait a moment for it to die.

3. Download and run the PORTABLE version.

4. With the systray icon (or if the orange app window comes up), toggle the Start Sound Typist at Login OFF, ON, OFF to make sure it turns it off.

5. Reboot, and it should no longer turn on.

Alternatively, the registry settings are here:


- You'll want to set hidden to False so that it shows the orange app window, and startOnLogin to false also.

You shouldn't need to do this, but to manually remove it from starting at login, edit this registry:


- Delete the SoundTypist entry in that registry

Thanks! Someday I'll continue working on this game. We had a whole 5 chapter story outline written during the game jam where we made the game.

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Sound Typist lives in the taskbar's system tray in Windows. Depending on your Windows settings, you may be hiding the system tray icons (Right click the taskbar, Taskbar Settings, and Select which icons appear in the taskbar). Make sure Sound Typist's system tray icon is visible if you want to access it, turn it on/off, change the sound/volume.

Right click it to show the popup menu. Click "Quit". To remove it from starting at login, toggle the "Start Sound Typist at Login".

There's no uninstaller, so to delete it manually, you'll need to find where the installer installs it, probably somewhere under "C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\

You an also grab the portable version, place that wherever you want, and turn on/off the start at login through that.

Thank you for playing and sharing your feedback!

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I'm glad you're having fun with it! There's no way to set sounds to a combination of buttons (e.g. CTRL+S) by modifying the unsupported, undocumented AudioSets.json sound configuration file, but here's a potential solution you might want to explore for key combo stuff in general:

1. Download and install AutoHotKey:, which lets you define special actions and macros that happen for key combinations, or redefine keys. It's very powerful.

2. Create an AutoHotKey script that plays a sound file or beep when a specific multi-key combo is pressed. (See the SoundPlay command and SoundBeep).

You'd add something like this following line to your AutoHotKey script to make it do a low beep when ctrl+s is pressed:

Great! To uninstall, you'll have to uninstall it manually for now:

1. Make sure the "Start Sound Typist At Login" option is turned off.

2. Shut down Sound Typist by right clicking the Sound Typist systray icon (if it is started), and selecting Quit in the popup.

3. Then delete the app, which should be somewhere under "C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\". 

4. Delete it from your start menu if it is there: "C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Sound Typist".