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That was a thoroughly fun experience! The eerie music, funky looking character, color switching & doors, cylindrical world, and "always faster" were well executed. I wonder what it would be like if the music increased in speed too. Kudos on making a leaderboard - though I'm not sure why but it didn't reflect my best run, which was an epic one that had a much higher score than the embarrassingly low one reflected on the board.

Kudos for trying to make a game that meets the requirements of 3 different game jams!  To smooth out the jumping issue when standing next to a wall, just create a physics material (or 2d physics material) and set the friction to zero, and have that be the default physics material. That will allow the character to glide against the wall more easily.

Very cool horse animation. Man, that horse can run fast! That future horse stage sure is challenging!

A fun shootout! It turns out that the bandits sometimes shoot each other too! I like the music.

Great game and stories/endings. I loved how you changed the detail text when clicked, showing how they're the same even though they're different. Well done.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this game. I think you have an important story to tell here. I loved the aesthetics and thoughtful palettes. The animations are full of emotion even though the characters don't have faces.

Amazing, powerful and poignant game. I loved the use of the music and sounds to accompany the minimalist graphics to tell a gripping story.

Really beautiful game! I loved the artwork and effects. Well done.

@sophiaaar These are anthropomorphic cats. It allows players to identify the cats as male, female, or on the gradient between. A big part of the conversation deals with the issue of telling women what they can and can't wear, so it was important that some cats were identifiable as women. Having 6 cat udders on the anthropomorphic cats would have been too distracting, and would have made them less able to be identified with.

I loved the pixel art for this game, and how it even had an end boss. Such a happy game! Nice work!

Ah too bad you ran out of time. It looks cool.

Very cute game. It took a little bit to figure out but I think I finally understood how to use the previous alien's death to the next one's advantage. I like the big squisher thing that made the next alien small.

Fun game. Nice artwork and concept. It was fun hacking through the gummies.

Nice work on the slick GUI!

Hilarious game! Well done. I tried mating/throwing like crazy, but still died. Not sure how many need to be in the fox's mouth for it to stop.

Congrats for doing a game jam! Fun game! That laser sound is a bit hard on the ears after a while.

I loved how you can ride the flying fish. Very cute game. I like how causing the other player to hit you makes them lose their score - good use of the theme.

Very cool level design and mood, given the minimalist aesthetics. Well done!

Very cute game! Note: On level 2, I blocked the way to the acid pool before I could get to the exit. This left me stuck without a means to kill myself.

Nice artwork and atmosphere. The game worked for me as far as I can tell, except for not being able to get out of the tutorial screen. Reflecting the balls was quite challenging!

I like the DOS loading screen. It was funny to see the "ghostbuster" character. The movement could use some work - I was somehow able to get outside of the level to an empty grayish area. Very cute game, good job on finishing it.

Well done! I like the atmosphere. I love how the boss is so frustratingly bad at killing me - I don't know if that was intentional or not. Good use of the theme.

Well done. I loved it, even without the other player! I tried to play both at the same time, left hand vs right.

Very cool concept. Nice level design and challenges. I just wish I could get the pigs not follow so closely - they keep getting in the way!

That was very fun! It's like Angry Birds with unlimited people. I sacrificed 628 people to destroy the Mommogoth.

If you enjoyed the game, please vote for it here:

That was fun! I beat it! I think the trick is to just lure the enemy out one by one, away from their pack. Then just gangbang them with your group. Upgrading the swords really helped. Congrats on getting all this done during the jam!

Very cool concept and sim. I like the music. Well done! I just wish I could zoom to see the people and wolves better.

Great job on this game. Very creative levels. I'm impressed with how many you made in this short time span.

Nice artwork. Well done!

Cool title screen and game design! Well done. It's tough trying to please a god. I can't get past year 2.

I enjoyed the aesthetics for the game. I got stumped on the level where it says "In my desparity, I look for a place". Couldn't figure out how to get past the gates. I hit the switch on the left - but that didn't appear to do anything. Then shot the switch below, but the closer door still blocked me. Any hints?

Fun game! You even had time to make a shop system! Congrats.

Congrats on finishing the game. I got 168 points when cashing out.

Discord user name: andyman404, solo entry for #homeofnerds game jam

What I liked about it was the little bit of humor in the beginning and end (where she meets the devs) and the drawn artwork. I wish there were more things for the character to do (e.g. decisions) and experience, other than just navigating the tedious mazework of forests and caves, and spamming the attack button whenever something is near. More dialogues at different points? Definitely choices within the dialogues, instead of just being a spectator? Witty remarks the character makes about the areas? Maybe she discovers footprints of the grandma? Dialogues and choices of what she's thinking in her head? It'd be lovely if the character could decide to just walk through the woods in lingerie too. :)

Loved it, especially the wolf's reactions to some of the things that happened. "How. Is. That. Possible?!"

Whew, what a tough day for the stumbling horseman! Very challenging to try to reach the end in time, especially with those double crates. Felt bad for the poor guy slipping and stumbling on things. He's already lost his head. Congrats on the funny and creative game.

Well done! Hilarious choices and animations. Great use of the bonus theme. Very memorable game.

I'm not sure what I was doing, but it sure was fun setting people on fire, collecting the comics, and reading them! Congrats for submitting minutes before the deadline!