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I really liked how the player's shield was also a mirror. Very cool puzzle mirror dungeon.  Well done!

I loved it. Creative take on the dungeon theme. Cute artwork. Oh yeah!

I love the retro 80's aesthetic and feel for the game. What a creative concept! Well done!

Nice work! Fun game. Surprisingly challenging to dodge the dancing circles.

Fun little circle minigames! Well done.

I liked the constellations and artwork. Nice job on the game!

Nice work! Smooth little alien punching game. There were soooo man aliens!

Very trippy neon arcade action! Congrats for finishing.

Fun but tough. The laser fires too slowly, one shot a second. I'd love if it could be a gattling cannon - it looks like one.

I like how everyone is smiling while they shoot at each other. :)

GOTY! Looking forward to the DLCs.

So brilliantly bad that it was good. The jumping made me laugh really hard.

Fun little paltfromer!

Great so bad it's good game. Hilarious dialogue. I made it to the end! It's my fav game "bad" game of the jam so far.

Ah I got to 23!

The Windows version ran just fine though. Nice job on creating all those ads!

Funny game. My poor child! No one wants to play with my child.

Hilarious dialogue and references! Lol at the Trump character. Awful bad but good portraits too.

Awesome "so bad it's good" game. I don't know if this was intentional, but it crashed to desktop about 10 minutes in.

This game is special.

A masterpiece! Better than most "art" games out there. Not sure what that means for this jam though.

I really enjoyed it. Great premise flaw.

Nice work on this game. Fun and funny!

I think you've succeeded. Congrats!

Lollylololol! Awww yeah. Damn, son. I love the soundtrack on the title page.

Oh no! I can't run the Mac build. I'm getting the error that the game is damaged or incomplete. I'm on macOS Sierra 10.12.5. If you need me to test a new mac build, just let me know.

A relaxing peaceful experience. I enjoyed it actually. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. This jam is so hard to rate!

Diabolical placement of the restart key!

A completely text-based clicker game! Fab and original!

I think this is going to be the "So Bad It's Good" game of the year! Congrats!

Fantastic voice acting by Meowth!

Glorious! "Silly bird you died!" I didn't get to the Lazer Shoot part - is that something the bird can do, or is it an obstacle?

I like it! It's so much easier to control than other flight simulators. Good bad job!

That was a thoroughly fun experience! The eerie music, funky looking character, color switching & doors, cylindrical world, and "always faster" were well executed. I wonder what it would be like if the music increased in speed too. Kudos on making a leaderboard - though I'm not sure why but it didn't reflect my best run, which was an epic one that had a much higher score than the embarrassingly low one reflected on the board.

Kudos for trying to make a game that meets the requirements of 3 different game jams!  To smooth out the jumping issue when standing next to a wall, just create a physics material (or 2d physics material) and set the friction to zero, and have that be the default physics material. That will allow the character to glide against the wall more easily.

Very cool horse animation. Man, that horse can run fast! That future horse stage sure is challenging!

A fun shootout! It turns out that the bandits sometimes shoot each other too! I like the music.

Great game and stories/endings. I loved how you changed the detail text when clicked, showing how they're the same even though they're different. Well done.