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This needs two hands and a head and 6 degrees of freedom each. How would one even begin to control that with a keyboard?

Thank you!


Thank you!

Thank you for playing and making a video!

Thank you for playing and making a video!

Starting very late. I'm just going to make a simple 1-weekend physics-based VR game, where the player has a hammer as a head, have a room full of different wood pieces, and a box of nails. The player can grab/manipulate pieces of wood or nails, and nail things together by swinging their hammer head. 

Thank you for playing and making the video!

Thank you for playing and covering the game!

Nice work! I liked the art style and how you interpreted the famicase cover.

Great work with the art style! It matches the famicase cover very well.

Loved it! I'm glad I persisted even when I thought it was the end.

Very cool concept and interpretation of the cartridge! I couldn't figure out how to beat the 2 boxes level either.

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What's the password? Itch is asking for a password to go to the game page.


Fun and creative interpretation of the cartridge!

Lovely pixel art interpretation of the cartridge! 

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I can tell that so much work and love went into this! I love that it is a stress free cooking/food truck game. Nice work! It's making me hungry.

Relaxing! I found complacency.

Very solid arcade action and interpretation of the famicase cover! I love how old-school coin-op the sound effects were.

Great use of the long neck. Wonderful interpretation of the famicase cover!

Cool interpretation of the famicase cover! I like the style of it. Also, it makes me feel hungry.

I like the teamwork of how the heroes rested and recovered.

I loved it! A stylish and fun interpretation of the famicase. Super fun jenga-style stacking game with different shaped blocks.

This was really fun! I like your interpretation of the famicase and how the cover with the upside down angel reflects in the mechanics of the game.

So fun! Solid action and cool level ups. Well done!

I loved how you styled the beginning of the game, with the letters sliding into view like that!

Very delightful game!


Never mind, I see it.

Where did you upload it to?


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Interesting - there is no main menu or any menus in the game. It loads right into gameplay. There is an orange-colored in-world instructions board, but that is just static - a fixed object in the world. Just walk away from it and it will disappear. Maybe that's confusing? I should make it so that the HUD only appears after you've stepped away from that instructions board.

Well done! So deep!

My wife and I played this together and had so much laughter. Thank you.

Congrats on finishing the game for the jam! I enjoyed playing it! 

Congrats on finishing your first game jam! 

A masterpiece of SBIGness!! Well done!