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Right, I skipped LDJAM this round. For once, I made some physical art instead, for an upcoming exhibition at my building. Lesson learned: physical art is so messy compared to digital!

Very cool concept! Congrats for finishing this game!

The ping pong works surprisingly well! Congrats for making something.

Thank you for the video!!

Thank you Rob!!

Up to date? Sadly, no. I learned my DOTS in a course on Udemy (here) when it was on sale, but the course was already out of date by the time it launched. It allowed me to learn the underlying fundamentals of it though.

ECS/DOTS has been so troublesome this way.  I think it still has a heck of a long way to go before it can replace the simplicity of normal Unity stuff with regards to physics. A simple one line collision check in normal Unity physics can take dozens of lines inside of ECS/DOTS. Procedurally adjusting colliders in DOTS physics is like trying to figure out a cryptic magical incantation, with the current scarcity of examples/documentation. Don't even get me started with scripting triggers in DOTS physics. Unless you really want/need to use it now, I'd recommend waiting a bit longer, at least until they have everything out of preview.

There are 1000 ants on each level, but it could probably handle more without much problem.

Thanks! Yes it's using Unity's DOTS framework and the DOTS Havoc physics for more stability with the collisions. 

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Nice job! Cool puzzle/concept!

Very cool puzzles/concepts!

Thanks! FYI my non-gamer wife was somehow able to beat the whole game, including the heist level, in like 10 minutes. I think it's beginner's luck, because from the looks of it, she was just dragging/clicking the ants frantically. I rage-quit my own game in the heist level, so if you think it's hard, you're in good company. :)

GOTY!!! This is very 2020.

Thanks! Heh you made it to the Heist level aready? I didn't get to test the Heist level before submitting - it requires some deep strategy, dexterity, and patience to get across.

Hint: Make little towers of standing ants, higher than the low lasers, and pass the painting across the towers using a separate group of ants. Keep in mind that the ants respawn at the start point if they get lazed.

Cheat key: forward slash to skip to next level.

Thank you for the video!!

Congrats on finishing a playable game in time!

Very cool twist on a shooting game.

Hahahahaha! Such a fun & funny game. Very imaginative.


Thanks! No, the rotation is just fixed at that rate. But  if I had more time, I'd probably have left it like that too, to give the experience a little bit of challenge.

Really well done! Such a tough and personal experience, shared so elegantly in low-poly! Is your son alright now?

Thanks for playing!!

Thank you for playing!!

Thanks for playing! I'm sorry you had to see that.

Thanks! You should see a "Request Key" button somewhere here on the Itch page. If it doesn't show up for you (not sure how it works with bundles, if you bought it through a bundle), then please send me a message on twitter @andyman404 and I'll send you the Steam key.


Brilliant game. Very creative mechanics! So good. Not bad at all.

Brilliant game. Very creative mechanics! So good. Not bad at all.

Congrats on finishing your first game jam!

Amazingly sbig sound and graphics. I really appreciate this game.

I loved the graphics. Really made me laugh.

Very solid. Tough as hell. I think my main strategy is just to spam the rap button as fast as possible to get more lives.

I really liked this game. Cool gameplay / levels.

Super special. Somehow it reminds me of the David S. Pumpkins Saturday Night Live skit.

Yup! definitely impossible. Congrats!

I liked that the seagulls almost sound like a porno moan. :)

Congrats for participating in your first game jam thing!

This is superb!! I loved the amazingly sbig artwork, animations, and premise. Well done!

This is a true wonder of SBIGness! I loved the sbig rigging/animations. Well done!