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Great game and message!

I love it! It's the best potato companion ever!

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Beautiful game! Cool tree growing mechanics too!

Thanks for the video!

Please use the contact form on my site, and then I can reply to you via email.

Very cool concept of adjusting the waves to listen to the message. Novel mechanics and great message/story.

Thanks for playing! I appreciate your feedback.

I love the pixel art in this game. Solid action. Well done. I just wish the upgrades were not quite as expensive. Or maybe add a few more cheaper upgrades.

Great game! I enjoyed the story and the stealth mechanics. Very impressive for finishing this in the length of the jam. Well done! (I especially like the 2 birthday presents trick!)

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Fun game. I loved the artwork and the funny "facts" and fact checking sites.

Great game! And excellent microcosm of society and demonstration of how difficult it is to please everyone. That elite guy on the top floor was a real jerk, but having him makes a good point on how much disproportional influence that top 1% has!

Thanks you for the video!

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Thank you for sharing and giving some background on the hijab in the context of Islamic culture, which does vary quite significantly around the world.

The game mirrors situations faced by different people on the New York City subway. The choices listed in the game for why a woman might choose to wear a hijab were paraphrased from different answers that Muslim-American women gave on their personal reason for why they choose to wear the hijab, despite the discrimination they faced.

A woman in Iran today would probably have a completely different answer for why she is wearing the hijab in public (e.g. she'll get fined and/or punished if she doesn't). I agree - it certainly is affected by country/laws, religious interpretation, and pressure from society and local culture.

If you enjoyed my game, you can see a much better, and much more eloquent real life version of it - a woman beautifully shut down a racist passenger who was harassing a Muslim couple on the NYC Subway just a few days ago:
Video with subtitles
Article in The Guardian

Thanks for the video Kathryn!

Great work on this game. I enjoyed seeing the camp grow. Unfortunately, on the final choice, the game doesn't seem to let me select anything. I tried clicking the choices but it did not respond to the clicks. The only thing that would respond was the exit button. (I'm was playing the Mac build, on macOS Sierra 10.12.3) If have a new build and need someone to test on Mac, let me know.

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I loved the voxel art style, and great use of lighting. Interesting story. Very ambitious game for a game jam. Well done!

A touching story. Well done.

Very cute game. I loved the artwork.

A poignant game on how hard it is to figure out the fake news and funny true stories. Well done.

Interesting story! I appreciate the work that must have gone into making all these scenes! Well done.

Thank you for sharing about this. Stay safe!

Great game! I couldn't beat it though - I had to watch the video from gamejamcurator to see the awesome ending.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I used the cute artistic style to try to disarm potentially hostile players a little bit, so that they might be more open to hearing the message that the game has to say.

Thanks Olivia!

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Unfortunately, yes, these incidents occur. There has been a sharp increase in the past year, not just against Muslims.

Some scholars believe that the violent backlash against Muslims is driven not only by the string of terrorist attacks in Europe, flood of refugees to Europe, but also by the political vitriol from Donald Trump and far-right politicians/candidates who have repeatedly used Anti-Muslim rhetoric, and are trying to ban immigration from Muslim countries, and enact laws discriminating against Muslims.

Very troubling and relevant, I read in the news yesterday, that the European Court of Justice (the EU's top court) ruled that employers are allowed to ban workers from the "visible wearing of any political, philosophical or religious sign" including headscarves.

I don't know about Europe, but at least here in America, most people are against this type of hate crime, which has been increasing not just against Muslims, but also against Hispanic and Latino people, against the LGBTQ, against African Americans, against women, and even against Asian Americans like myself. The majority of Americans are against these hate crimes, and speak out either in protests and demonstrations, on social media, by calling their politicians, or even by making little games or art.

Unfortunately, there are too many people who do nothing about it, and there are still too many bystanders who do not want to get involved when the hate crime is happening. In some parts of America, the population is not very diverse, and has little exposure to non-Christians or non-Caucasians, other than what they see on TV, and they watch right-wing biased news channels which spread anti-muslim anti-immigrant fear to keep and increase their viewership. It's really a war of media and memes - do we choose fear or do we choose empathy?

How is it in Iran recently? I understand that women are forced to wear the hijab in public or will be punished or fined. Ironically, before 1979, women were banned from wearing the hijab, like some places in Europe currently. What is the opinion among demographic groups in Iran about the forced hijab? What do you think about the future of hijab restrictions as a young Iranian? (Are you allowed to speak about it without getting into trouble?)

I loved it! What a surprise at the end!

Awesome game! I hope you keep on adding more of the crazy content that crosses his desk!

Thanks for the video!

Thanks for the video!!

Very cute artwork! I like the game concept.

I love it - the glint in the eye of the bad hombres and how well the music & game mesh together. Did you guys get any sleep on the train?

Thanks for the great video. I underestimated the skill of the players!

Thanks for the hilarious video!

If you enjoyed the game, please vote for it here for the game jam:

It was fun! I don't know if it is a bug or a feature, but the ball often goes right through the paddles.