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I've tested on 4 different keyboards, PC and Mac, and they all worked fine, given proper technique. Consider the following:

1. Are you perhaps using the wrong key? The K and H characters look very close in that font.  The first runner that you start with (and when you respawn after there are no other runners on screen) uses the J and the K keys, not the H key. From that you described, it sounds as if you were just pressing the wrong key.

2. For runners with two keys, you're supposed to alternate the keys to run, not tap them at the same time. If you're pressing them exactly at the same time, it will be slower, or will trigger jumps if you hold them down for at least 0.25 seconds. For runners with just one key, just keep tapping that one key rapidly to run, and hold that one key to jump. Runners with 2 keys can go a bit faster than runners with 1 key, and are a bit more sustainable for your finger muscles than runners with 1 key. Have you reached a different runner?

3. Also, are you sure the character is not running into the ground obstacles? You need to jump over the obstacles that are too tall for the character to just run over, or the character will be stopped by them. When the ground below you is breaking apart, there may be obstacle fragments blocking you, or when you're not actually touching the ground, then the keypresses will do nothing for you. Keep from getting too close to the monster.

4. Also, it depends on how many key "rollover" your keyboard has. Some keyboards cannot handle many simultaneous keys at the same time. You won't run into this with normal games unless you are trying to play a button mashing game where alternation is important. Remember to lift your finger all the way up after each press, so that the keyboard can detect that the key is released. (I had this issue on one of my clicky mechanical keyboards with a deep travel, with my left hand where I was pressing so rapidly they keys but didn't always pull up my fingers enough to "unpress".) If your framerate is super low then that could affect things as well.

If all of this fails you, then I'd appreciate if you could send me OS and OS version, machine specs, keyboard type, and how fast you were pressing (presses per second) to help figure out what's going on.


Here's a screen recording from my phone that you can watch if you don't have a suitable high-end Android device that can run Google ARCore to play the game:

Very cool! I like how the character comes to life.

Good to see you jamming again. Poor bunny. Hang in there!

I've realized from this experience that oozes are the dungeon's Roombas. Very relaxing experience.

IMPORTANT: Install Google's ARCore Preview 2 first before installing the game:
ARCore Preview 2

Supported Devices:
  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel XL
  • Google Pixel 2
  • Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Samsung Galaxy Note8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S7

I can't believe this game rated so low in all these categories. Something's not right with the voting. You should be damn proud of what you've made.

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What happened? Was there ever a decision?

Well done! This is exactly how I feel about noise.

I just wish I could smash the furniture and noise makers in real life. It would have helped to have listed the controls somewhere, anywhere! It was confusing at first because he moved on his own, or the movements seemed delayed, and the player couldn't necessarily see the game respond to their attempts to figure out the controls.

Not sure how to rate this since everything I can see or hear was a third party asset. You put them together nicely though. I liked the alternating A/D button mashing for stealth that you programmed though.

Pretty game. Nice straightforward endless runner. It worked great. It was very easy though. I was surprised to find that you can even jump over the attacks of the Spirit of the forest.

I liked how the footsteps/alien interaction was implented and how they go to where they last heard the sound. Tricking them makes me feel so clever. Well done.

Interesting concept. I liked the 1-bit look of the game. The first level was quite challenging though - I didn't pass it.  I just wish the game allowed me to change the controls using the Unity launcher. Use Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") and Input.GetAxis("Vertical") to get what the player is pressing, instead of hardcoding it to certain keys.

Nice work! That cave is a death trap! I've played quite a few times, but just can't seem to sneak past the monsters or outrun them.

I liked the thumbnail picture. When you upload the game, please select the platform for it, so that it can launch in the convenient itch.io desktop client. It saves players from having to separately download the game, then extract it, and then launch it.

It took me a few tries, but I get it now - stick to the silence. When the noise gets louder, it means you're approaching a monster. Congrats for submitting the game!

Nice work! Sometimes I start out right next to a hunter though!

I loved it! Very creative interpretation of the theme.

Well done! Impressive scope for a jam! I just wished the controls/camera were a bit more conventional - probably a simple mouse/keyboard first person controller would have worked just fine.

Nice work! I like the riddles and picking up the frogs for the brew!

Very cute game! I like your interpretation of the silence theme, of starting with silence and returning sound to the world.

Congrats for submitting the game. I wish there was a way to skip past all those long screens in the beginning before the game (e.g. by clicking or pressing escape). 

Congrats for finishing! Interesting premise with the "silence ritual". I got a bit sick from the high mouse sensitivity turning the camera though - or was it just the ritual affecting me?

Congrats for finishing your first game jam game! I liked how the snakelike aliens worked. Did you get to make the game's ending? I reached escape pod 6 but nothing happened.

Congrats on submitting the game. It was oddly satisfying, although I feel bad for chopping down the trees and killing the killer angry birds.

Hahaha! I like the hardcore mode. That's how librarian-ing is done.

Nice work with the mechanics. I went through it with guns blazing - it was fun anyway. I appreciate how the doors swing open.

I got stuck at the first zombie. Just couldn't figure out how to get past him.  I want to get the can to somehow land underneath the ledge, near the door but couldn't figure out how to do that.The room below was a trap - I couldn't get out of that one either. Any hints would be appreciated.

Thanks! The worms and book stacks are completely randomly generated - so sometimes it's just the luck of the draw. That one odd worm must have been a leftover from when I was experimenting with them.

Earlier on in the jam, the game generated 100 worms (some higher up on the shelves), most of whom were silent and well behaved residents of the library, and you were only supposed to grab them when they were making noise (they started/stopped making noise on an random basis when left to themselves). Grabbing any of the silent ones would cause it to make noise, and cause nearby other silent worms to make noise. Bumping into walls or floors while carrying the worm would cause you to drop the worm.

The only problem is that I couldn't figure out a victory condition for the game, so I dumbed it down to this current "find 12" state in the last few panicked minutes that I had available during the jam before I had to head out for a previous engagement.

Thanks! Yeah, I agree - the game really needs a minimap, or a smaller library, or much larger sound wave effects so that the bookworms are easier to find. I ran out of time and totally didn't get to even play past 1 or 2 bookworm dropoffs.

Yeah, the pace is a bit slow and the library is too big. I ran out of time before I could balance it or even play to the end. I spent too much time during the jam just enjoying flying around before I started on the hunting portion.

Thank you for the video!


Thanks for the video!

Nice work! I always thought Missile Command would be good for VR.

Nice work! I enjoyed your 3D interpretation of Missile Command.

Brilliant game! Even my wife liked it.

Her grateful remarks are supposed to be a touching surprise at the end - picky Miss Goldilocks is grateful and surprised that the bears even cared at all, after their previous encounter. I didn't get a chance to balance things - it's way too easy right now, the player was supposed to think that they did badly, for the surprise to be effective.

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Just in case you haven't heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears:

It is one of the most popular children's fairy tales in the English language. This game is based on the characters in that story, retelling it in a surprising way for people who know the story (most people who grew up in an English-language speaking country).

Please familiarize yourself with it first if you were deprived of this cultural context: http://www.dltk-teach.com/rhymes/goldilocks_story.htm