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Nice work on making someone's dream come true!

Very cool! Great use of the theme!

Well done! Very fun and challenging arcade action.

Thank you for the coffee break!


Please see the game's main page for links to the updated post-jam builds.

Thank you for the video! I'm glad you made that last jump!

Thank you for the video! You were so close with that last challenge! It just requires pushing the melon disc a tiny bit further towards the edge, and using the rocking motion of it: How to get across the last challenge.

Thanks for the video! Sorry, the tool is not very good for streaming (except for timelapses), because it takes time to slowly "evolve" the fill configuration over the course of a few minutes, or sometimes a few hours depending on the combination.

It typically starts out as a poor fit and then gets better and better as you let it run. It's the type of thing that one would leave on for a long time to see what it comes up with. Bananas take extra long for it to evolve into a proper fit.  Only the recursive block fill algorithm is suitable for watching in real-time, but it only fills with blocks.

I know it's probably not interesting to anybody except for AI nerds and myself, but it's an algorithmic itch I really wanted to scratch. I'll make something more interesting for next time!


Lovely and relaxing game! I liked the aesthetics and voice acting. Well done!

I experienced the same thing. 144kb is way too small for a UE4 game. Did you forget to upload the rest of the game's files?

Lovely! This is the first time I've seen someone use React in a game jam.

Very nice work on the sound and atmosphere of the game.

Yay! I beat it. Thank you for including that Z key for undoing moves. Lovely puzzle game!

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This game was made for VR, but will still work for those without VR, although not optimally. Please see the main game page for keyboard/mouse instructions/controls.

Thank you for the video!

Nicely done on the aesthetics you were going for! It really takes me back to the old handheld games of the 80's.

Well done! Fun and entertaining levels. I appreciate the gradually increasing level of challenges across the levels.

Thank you for the video!

Cute artwork! Creative use of laying eggs as a mechanic. It took me a while to figure out that I had to blow up those blocks on the first level, rather than try to jump over them.

This is an adorable and funny game! I especially liked the voice acting. After a few minutes, it was easy to make a super long and winding dungeon. I had more gold than I knew what to do with.

Cool use of that metaball blob effect!

Being a dragon is. Real hard. Like flappy bird hard.

It looks cool! I found it to be super hard though. Unfortunately I can't seem to pass even the tutorial after enough tries to tire out my hand. I've come so close though! Any chance you can make a post-jam easy mode build where you just press spacebar to ascend instead?

I wonder if it would be easier if there was a laser aiming line instead, so that you know which way the ship is pointing, or if the ship was longer, so you can tell which way it is pointing more easily. The ship is too round, making it more difficult to tell where it is facing.

Right now, a cursor makes sense because the ship is trying to point to where the mouse cursor would be, but removing that link would remove the need for a cursor. One way to make it more challenging without having a cursor, is to remove the mouse controls for aiming. Instead, use space bar for the fire button, and up/down to manually rotate the ship's aim clockwise/counterclockwise. Keep left and right for the orbit (as it is). Then have a little semi-transparent line extend from the front of the ship so you can see what direction it is aiming.

Despite the constant negative press covfefe
(Translation: Nice work. Fun and funny game.)

This game really makes me feel like such a villain. Such a creative and real-life take on the theme. Well done! Of the games I've seen so far, this is the best take on the theme. The logo looks so real I thought it was some kind of insurance ad when I saw the picture in the Discord channel.

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Please see the game's page for non-VR instructions/controls if you are not using VR.

Although the game is tailored/designed for VR, it also works without VR, using keyboard/mouse controls, but is not by any means optimal for the 3D control that the game requires.

Bravo!! This is a real gem: witty dialogue, humor, searching for items/codes, game art and art within the game.

Very cool experiment with gravity and what direction is up!

Congrats for finishing! Very satisfying blood particles with collisions.

What a clever mechanic and twist on Snake! Well done!

Very surprising twist! Meow!

I loved it! Fun gameplay and super old-school vector-style analog graphics. Great twist on Asteroids.

Well done with the snake's nice smooth animation and proc-gen environment! Snake on a spherical surface and trees is a neat idea. Congrats on finishing your first game jam! (Disregard my deleted post where the game was somehow running super slowly, at 1 FPS. Somehow, restarting my machine fixed that. :) )

This was quite an adventure going through all these classics. I almost lost it when I saw Pac-Man wearing the Mario hat. This is so creative! Congrats on finishing your first game jam. Well done!

Thanks! Just under 72 hours, but with only about 8 hours of sleep total across the 3 days! I totally crashed afterwards and am regretting it now. I'm getting too old for all-nighters.

Thanks! I've done like 70+ game jams. This game only needed two very simple 3D models (a cube and a rocket), and no characters or character animations. All the rest of the effects/art is made with particle systems and Unity's new Cinemachine/Timeline features. So I was left with a good proportion of time to polish stuff for once. I did pull an all-nighter though. I saw your game, and I'm sure that by the time you get to your 70th game jam, your stuff will blow my stuff out of the water. Just keep jamming!

Very cool concept - a snake / dungeon crawler. I just wish it were a little slower! I know the uploads are locked for the jam, but would you mind putting out a link to a slower version hosted elsewhere for now? I really want to play an easier version of the game. 

Super thoughtful and thought-provoking levels! I can imagine how difficult they were to make. Well done!