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adorei <3

hahahha adorei esse jogo!

I searched for that poster and can understand your feelings.

omg you managed to finish it


you have to land in the planet and wait for them to get on your spaceship.

cute game!

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i thought no one finds that kind of joke funny anymore

there should be an ending where one gets kicked out the bed.

you can make a book about making a game that is about reading a book

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I am Bee Man!

great plot and mechanics, 10/10

I want to make my game on multiple languages (texts ingame in english and portuguese).  To be more precise, the player would pick up a language and play it in the selected language. Is there any way to do that?

This sprite is looking nice :)

I'm almost finishing this game, everything is working as intended and I asked for a friend to make an illustration.

This is the only room of the game (yes, it'll be a very small game):

a room full of bears

This game will be based on this cartdrige:

I really liked this girl so I decided to go with this. It'll be a short RPG Maker game with a few fancy battles. For now, I already made the first map and the first battle.

There are a lot of things to be done, I hope I can make them in time.

This will be one of two games I'll be making, I hope I can finish them.

One of them will be this:

Kiss a Bear

The idea here is to make a simple bitsy game where a bear (the player) has to do miniquests to help other bears. Helping them will grant you kisses. I have no idea how many quests or the nature of them I'll make but there's one thing for sure:

i'm so sad play despacito

This will look amazing!

thank you!

thanks for noticing, i just fixed that! :)

my ass has been kicked

I can't play this game bc it can't find the UnityPlayer.dll

"this brings me back to the 4th grade in a dimension that i'm not currently in"

i agree completely with this comment

I have a few screens too

I have interest in your music

I didn't noticed that problem at first but then i searched for it and it seems there's some kind of bug involving the Construct2 bullet behaviour. I could try to fix it but that's not my priority list.

Still, thanks for playing it!

this game is very fun and interesting, also i loved the music

unfortunately no, i tried to make the bee fly faster but it crashed the whole thing. and thanks for playing!

not only that but the dots also change colors when the background changes

Just doing all you mentioned took me enough time... probably I won't be doing anything on gb pretty soon but who knows in the future?

There isn't much to do because gb programming is hard so flying around is all I could do but for my very first time I guess it turned out pretty okay. Thanks for playing!

I wrote that somewhere on download instructions but it went missing somehow. Thanks for playing it!

the fact that only the last girl needs to survive made this game so much easier than i thought (i was trying make all the girls survive)

loved the music

one of best games of the jam

the game isnt loading :(

it says "data folder not found

There should be 'PaintEndlessSpaceShooter_Data'
folder next to the executable"

that bull was scary

Fixed that, now you should be able to play the game!

I create games but suck completely at making music... maybe we should make a game together.

this game is pretty awesome, loved the music!