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I like the graphics, and the ambient background sound works really well. Gameplay-wise, I would have lowed a bit more challenge and variation, but overall I enjoyed it.

Yeah, I wanted to give each item more than one purpose in the game, to give the choice of which item to throw/use a bit more weight, in an attempt to force the player to think quickly while planning things out a bit. I'm glad to hear that you liked it, thank you!

Thank you, I'm glad you like the art :) I wish I'd had more time to work on the shore and water though; I originally planned to have trees and bushes on the shore (with fruit that could be knocked down into the water), as well as fish and seaweed below the water surface to give it a bit more life and character, but it was cut due to lack of time; I'll probably add it to the post jam version.

Thank you. I wanted the game to be challenging despite being so short. After the jam I intend to add more levels (end end level bosses), and I'll probably scale down the initial difficulty a bit as well.

Thanks. I agree that the raft can be a bit hard to control; I might change it post jam.

Thank you, I'm glad you like it.
I agree that the raft is a little hard to steer; I initially chose to make it that way to better fit the theme, but I might change it post jam.

I do intend to continue working on his project; I already have ideas for end level bosses, as well as the final boss. I also have several other minor enemy types I didn't have time to finish doing the jam , (such as a frog that ries to steal your items).

Yeah, getting to just water counts as beating it; I waited too long before I started implementing the end boss, resulting in me not finishing it in time. I'll update the game page to let others know. 

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The game doesn't work on Linux: It appears like the casing in some of you require paths doesn't match the casing of the actual files (e.g. you require "lib.transform", with lowercase "t", but the file is "lib/Transform", with a capital "T").

Really well made. I would have loved being able to see the entire course before making my first shot though, as it would allow planning ahead (hard to do when you don't know where the hole is ;) ).
As already mentioned, it's perhaps a bit too easy to aim; perhaps dragging away from the from the direction you want to shoot instead of towards it would be better?
Nice game nonetheless!

Decent game; I like the art style, the blocky, monochrome aesthetic is really nice.
The difficulty ramp needs to be revamped though, making it a bit easier in the beginning.
You should also consider making the hitboxes for the hazards smaller; at the moment, the collision feels a bit unfair, as you're able to die without the player sprite even overlapping the graphics of a given hazard.
I love how speeding up the game increases your momentum, allowing you to traverse larger gaps; it's quite creative, and leads to a lot of interesting level design opportunities.

Not bad; with some more polish, this could be a pretty decent game.
I imagine it'd work especially well as a mobile game (using touch instead of the space button).
Also, with some items to collect along the way, it could be quite addictive.

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Nice game; fun, well made, and with a lot of polish! Love the low-res art style of the game. Also, nice way of incorporating the theme, really creative! (Also, love the difficulty!)
One thing I'd suggest though; consider adding "c" in addition to "z" for jumping, as it would allow the player an easy way of choosing which finger (middle/index) to assign to which action (jump/zap).
Other than that, great job!

Thanks, just wanted to make sure.

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Also, are we allowed to fix bugs (I've just noticed the time limit is set to 5 seconds instead of 5 minutes)?

Is it allowed to redesign the submission page after the submission deadline (e.g. add some text, images etc.), as long I don't make changes to the uploaded game itself? (I submitted quite close to the deadline... :P)

I plan on making a game based on "Doki Doki Doughnut Panic":
Doki Doki Doughnut Panic
I'm thinking of making it into a sort of platformer, with ingredients and recipes to be found throughout the game that can be used to make different power-ups -- in the form of doughnuts, of course ;-). Not sure if I'm gonna stick with it though; still in the brainstorming phase.