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It looks amazing. Waiting for the first version 👍

Пожалуйста! 🙂

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Bought it hoping for the mac version. Waitint for the stable release!

Oh yes, the magic is in the details! But yes, there is a bug there, which I turned a blind eye to this because of the messiness of the code. When I rewrite it cleanly, the bug will be gone. Thank you!

Thank you, I’m trying!

Thank you! I definitely plan to make a game with this algorithm, and the best solution would be to separate the auto-tiling module into an independent library. I think it’s possble, but I still think that need to make the game itself first :D

Thank you! I hope to make a more game out of this.

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There is a lot of articles about random map generation, I think you will find something suitable for you 😎. Good luck!

Barring a performance limitation, which is quickly reached due to lack of optimization, the gameplay is truly endless :) Thank you!

Thanks, that’s good to hear! 🙏

Pawel, many thanks for the jam you have done for us.

Just finished checking all the submissions. Great results, some participants did the game on Defold for the first time at all!

Oh, can I ask you to remake that old Freelancer game on Defold? :D

The ship’s movement is damn smooth, the 3D graphics are simple but nice, movement of the sight in space is a pleasure, great job!

Nice assets used here! An interesting twist, but I suggest adding some sort of guitar hero style road of keys to press. Or would that not be the case at all?

Since right now I feel more comfortable walking, jumping and reading inscriptions than fighting :)

It’s good to hear when people try out ideas that need to be tested for viability. Jams are great for that 👍

A nice art style! My first thought is to add the mechanics from the Lander game from Windows 3.1 :) To be able to aviod asteroids not only by jumping 👍

Waiting for the right build 👍

Ah, finally noticed the control hints at the start of the game. But it seems that clicking the buttons with the mouse works better than pressing the keyboard :)

Two players at the same computer is great genre. If you add more obvious controls and booster readability, I’d try playing for two! Otherwise great job, I see a lot of detail implemented.

Definitely love these kinds of background tiles! :D

But the enemies are destroyed much slower than they appear. Collected a whole bunch of flying machines on the scene :)

Great start, I wish further development!

Great idea, if polished it should be cool! I like top-down games with a small arena.

Now it looks like there are problems with optimization, everything is noticeably sluggish, maybe you should pay attention to this.

You can shoot with the mouse, but make sure you have a weapon and ammo first. But yes, the fact that enemies can destroy each other without you allows you to be without ammo :)

The nostalgic style of Japanese video games, there’s something to it.

Found a place to escape from enemies, since after the player’s respawn there is nothing left but to run from the horde of robots :D

Great mobile runner! It’s not immediately clear what the charge does, but after the monsters appear, it becomes more obvious.

I would suggest even more randomly place the interval for charging and give the ability to hold the character there to overcome longer obstacles.

Finished the game with scrore 4752, then it broke down a bit. Haven’t seen this mechanic before, nice to see an experiment.

Probably hard enough to play on a mobile device, as it’s difficult to hit the blocks by finger I think. But maybe I’m wrong, need to try.

Good luck with the development!

Well, I collected all the trees :)

Nice graphics! I remember on the gifs you had to push the logs, have the plans changed?

I see that there are a lot of mechanics and things going on in the game, but I still haven’t found the controls. Do I need a gamepad here?

When I jumped between staircases in the dark, it reminded me of childhood nightmares about the lack of stairs in the Soviet entrance :)

Definitely an atmospheric piece! But what happens after the fall, I did’n find a solution or is it the end?

Handbrake with drifting, of course! :)

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I like the absurdity of a cab in a flapper delivering worms :) Thumbs up for getting out of patterns!

Also, moving from one end of the screen to the other end of the screen works great. The idea mentioned below about changing the camera zoom during the game progress is quite a good one with this seamless movement.

Great visuals and soundtrack! Сould have been a good release on mobile.

The jumps definitely reminded me of the pedestrians flying from the explosion in GTA2 :D

Btw, What kind of cosmic magic was planned here?

Nice ball shooter! Finished with a score of 409. I think it should be cool to implement on mobile.

I like the astronaut graphics! Too hard to shoot enemies, but somehow got the hang of it :)

Looks like it’s not Defold, but it’s still funny ) Unfortunately, can’t get the sound back after buying earplugs :D

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Congratulations on the successful implementation of the scary atmosphere! It really works, although I immediately disabled the scary jumps :D

Great visual result, really! Didn’t experience any tech problems, on macOS with M1 everything works ok. Also, nice to see the use of familiar extensions!

But how many notes do I have to collect? My counter went into negative number :)

Great, love the drive and attention to details like particle effects! Especially the explosion of the player’s ship. It’s a little sad to lose, I’d add a “Continue” button for coins after losing :D

Keep up the good work, this could be a full game with a release!

Funny robot sprouting seeds! I was able to achieve the second type of sprouts, but have not yet figured out how to sell the second type and open the next. Here are my seedbeds :)

Honestly, this is a very good result if you haven’t used Defold and Lua before, really! Physics, upgrades, stats, interface, was it seriously possible to do this in a week being unfamiliar with the engine? Awesome!

Didn’t find the store right away, since I have it overlapped with buttons. But I realize it was hardly obvious before submitting.

Btw, what is Pachinko? :)

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These suggestions definitely make a difference, since not many tiles fit in the viewport yet. A nice feedback, think to continue this idea of tiling as the next game after current one ) Thanks!

Thank you! Now I think that it really can become a some game. Looks like infinite builders are on trend now :)

This is the board game I’ve played probably the most times. If even a collection of additions :) Thanks!

It’s good to hear that it succeeded, I’ve never tried drawing tiles before :D