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I used this pack for the demo level of TrenchBroom extension for Defold. Thank you so much!

You can play the level with your textures online here.

Great tiles! I don't know exactly how I'm going to use it yet, but I really want to do something with it.

Don't worry, it looks like whoever wrote this also used Google Translator :D

Thank you!

Спасибо! Добавил музыку и звук в игру, должно быть получше.

My score is 714!
And I'm not sure that the slowdown bonus really slows down the flow :)

It looks nice, but does it have an actual mac build?

Because my score always is 1986 and there is only one apple on the map. When I picked it up nothing extra happens.

Спасибо! Опечаток уйму нашел конечно смешных, уже поправил )

Thanks! The next step is a interesting story :)

Beep beep.

Thank you:)

Так он и организовал поджог чтобы замести следы крупнейшего за историю лаборатории ограбления на складе спектральных эхолокаторов )

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Hey! Thank you for the playing. Yeap, it's not so easy. Too much time was spent on the graphic and a little bit to the narrative part. The guy in blue jeans and a white t-shirt is the main character.

Scene 1. Childhood. Shoot the three bottles on the fixed right, left and center positions.

  • Shoot the bottles -> You'll be in the gang in scene 2.
  • Miss the bottles -> You'll be a lonely man at the bar table in scene 2.

Scene 2. Conflict about the lady. Just click on the [opponent / your gang] to make a conflict or leave the salon.

  • Shoot the bottles and make a conflict-> You'll become a gangster.
  • Shoot the bottles and leave the salon -> You'll become a sheriff.
  • Miss the bottles and make a conflict -> You'll become a passenger
  • Miss the bottles and leave the salon -> You'll become a train driver

Scene 3. The train. There is the timer to make an action and just two options: will the main character die or not.

  • Gangster: step away from the TNT -> Go to the empty bar
  • Sherif: shoot the gangster -> Go to the empty bar
  • Passenger: leave the train through the window -> Go to the empty bar
  • Train driver: stop the train -> Go to the empty bar
  • No actions -> Die and wake up near at the cave entrance

Scene 4.1. The cave entrance. Talk with cactus or just enter to the cave.

Scene 4.2. The empty bar. Play at the piano and go to the basement.

Scene 5. The cave. Listen the tones and play music fragments in the right order. One part is the start/end of another part.

Scene 6. Happy end. I don't know what is it :D

Too abstract for my english :) but comments below are impressive!

I updated my game, now it works - Luminous Cactus.

Well, I'm stuck in these tools. This is a truly mystical music.

It's really nice, man! Neat clear game. I now even want to buy pocketCHIP for things like this )

The game is very addictive. I like it!

Unfortunately it just blinks black and white on Windows 10 :(

Really nice music and art! ^_^

In addition to graphics, I want to say that the game is perfectly optimized for the Mac, unlike most of the others! I enjoyed it!

Very meditative. I tried to do something with the help of mouse movement, but did not understand on what did it affected :)

Wow! I like this game! There were some difficulties with the microphone setup at first. The art is very cool, and the idea of voice acting makes this game really funny:)

I really loved this dark visual style. Under this atmosphere was a good idea to realization of stories like Lifeline.

Very intense and atmospheric, Really a bit scared. It would be even harder if strangers attack in the shadow of the player!

Funny! :)

It looks beautiful, but I can't do anything with bonfires in OS X build. When I press Enter nothing happens :(

This game is definitely worth playing. Fascinating atmosphere, nice visual style!

Wow, it sounds very psychedelic! :)

Woohoo! The game is updated, now it works.

Yes, unfortunately it is not working now. It's my first game jam: I spent too much time on the renders, and too little on programming / sound. Then I sent not stable version :(

Today I will try to close the gaps and update the game!

It will be a mystical story in a mystical forest. Really atmospheric!