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Too abstract for my english :) but comments below are impressive!

I updated my game, now it works - Luminous Cactus.

Well, I'm stuck in these tools. This is a truly mystical music.

It's really nice, man! Neat clear game. I now even want to buy pocketCHIP for things like this )

The game is very addictive. I like it!

Unfortunately it just blinks black and white on Windows 10 :(

Really nice music and art! ^_^

In addition to graphics, I want to say that the game is perfectly optimized for the Mac, unlike most of the others! I enjoyed it!

Very meditative. I tried to do something with the help of mouse movement, but did not understand on what did it affected :)

Wow! I like this game! There were some difficulties with the microphone setup at first. The art is very cool, and the idea of voice acting makes this game really funny:)

I really loved this dark visual style. Under this atmosphere was a good idea to realization of stories like Lifeline.

Very intense and atmospheric, Really a bit scared. It would be even harder if strangers attack in the shadow of the player!

Funny! :)

It looks beautiful, but I can't do anything with bonfires in OS X build. When I press Enter nothing happens :(

This game is definitely worth playing. Fascinating atmosphere, nice visual style!

Wow, it sounds very psychedelic! :)

Woohoo! The game is updated, now it works.

Yes, unfortunately it is not working now. It's my first game jam: I spent too much time on the renders, and too little on programming / sound. Then I sent not stable version :(

Today I will try to close the gaps and update the game!

It will be a mystical story in a mystical forest. Really atmospheric!