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I'm not super sure how MV works, you'll probably need some graphics program to build the appropriate image format from the pieces in this. And everything in it is scaled to 16x16 pieces, so if MV works with 48x48 you'll also have to resize it

They're the same

Yeah this game was made in two days 5 years ago, I probably didn't even know other keyboard layouts existed back then. And I'll be honest I don't intend on making any changes to it (the game isn't even fully complete), it's only here because the previous upload died and someone somehow found me and asked about the game

Thank you for stopping by though

Thanks for the support, but not planning anything at the moment unfortunately :/

It's supposed to be a Flail, something like this or this. Since the sprite is so small I couldn't draw a whole chain and ball so instead it's just the chain

Yes that's fine

From my icon pack:


Your game currently has 4 ratings, and there are around 80 entries with the same or lower number of ratings of your game currently

The current average is 7.8 ratings per game, so you're even slightly above average!

That's totally valid, learning to scope is part of the stuff you learn during gamejams!

Whatever you define as the main version in the game upload section is what is "the official one"

Yes. Game-breaking bugs can be fixed too (like if the game doesn't run)

The prize is having fun, learning and engaging with the community :)

The anti-alias on text breaks the 4 color rule, please fix before the deadline

Please read the jam rules before submitting and fix your game before the deadline or it'll be removed

The game still uses anti-alias, and touch controls are against the rules

(1 edit)

1. Create your project
2. Go into the project settings Dashboard > (Find project) Edit
3. Click More > Admins
4. Type the username of your team member then click "Add admin"
5. Your team member will receive a link to accept joining the project
6. Toggle the "Contributor" option


This breaks the 4 colors rule. Please fix before the deadline

In that case it's ok. You can change the background back too. I was a bit confused about it because from the screenshots it looked like it altered the game screen resolution. Sorry for any trouble, it's the first time people asked to do borders so I'm not used to it

Your game is 2 pixels smaller in both directions for some reason

The presentation around the game screen breaks the jam rules

Please don't spam random games to the GBJam page

I already answered in the Discord but to put it here too: No, check the FAQ

You shouldn't use fade out effects, as it results in more than 4 colors on screen

"invisible" is not a color as far as the jam rules is concerned, so you can have 4 colors plus alpha

There's no size restriction on GameBoy other than having up to 40 sprites (8x8 or 8x16), but there's no size or number restriction for the jam

Keep them as not part of the main gameplay elements, like a game boy game would

You are the chosen one

As said above, this can't be used. I'll be locking this post

I went and downloaded all the images and put it in a zip file for your convenience (and their server's): (17mb .zip, includes html pages with the text)

I had to resize and optimize a bit, for some reason this year the images are much heavier at a 150mb total! The images were reduced to 75% size and saved as mid quality JPEG

* Make it short first. If your idea is to have a whole set of levels, like a world in Mario 3, cut it down. Aim to make one level first. Most people won't play your jam game for more than 2 minutes

* Focus on the important tasks first. I remember back when I did my first game jam I spent a whole day making a shadow system, and by the end I had to rush the combat system which was the most important part

* Plan out your game. Write down your ideas and mechanics in a way that seem doable

* Make your game easy to finish. For example, put checkpoints and avoid giving game overs

As long as it doesn't interfere with the game