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I had to remove this as a GBJam entry because it's not a game and it breaks the original content rule

This art rework is looking good so far. I'm a pixel artist so I can tell you're not just editing it and you're making your own stuff. Good luck

This uses more than 4 colors (plus there's alpha opacity in the first screen), please fix these or I'll have to remove this entry from the jam

All assets have to be created during the jam. It's not a copyright issue, it's a jam rule. So if a game isn't within the jam's rules it'll be removed from the jam. After the jam is over you can re-add the music

Yes, it's allowed. There's an FAQ in the main page so you can check that first if you have any more questions

(I'm an admin from the GBJam) You can't submit a game that was made before the jam, in any jam, so I removed your entry

No mouse allowed

I'm assuming those are placeholders but I should remind you not to use assets not made for the jam, as it's in the rules: "All assets must be created in the duration of the jam."


GBJam has always been pretty casual. It's not as much a competition, but a gathering of people who want to try making a game based on the GB

That's why I asked the community for their input on this question and the response was overwhelmingly positive. But this is still a specific exception. If someone makes their game 64x64 (like LOWREZ Jam) or they use 5 colors or pure mouse controls, we will remove that entry

There are other GB jams out there (there were like 3 just between this month and July!) some more strict than others, I'm pretty sure there was even one where you needed to use ASM programming, so there's something for everyone

Sorry for taking this long to reply. I was checking with the other hosts and with the community (over at the discord) and everyone agrees to open an exception for PICO-8 games! The engine is still very retro looking and you have no option to increase the resolution. The important part is that the game feel like it's a GB game

As far as I'm aware, the person that uploads the game has to go into the "Admins" tab of the game (after it gets submitted) and add the other users

They don't have a background, what are you talking about?

I'm using Chrome and Win 10 too so idk what could be the problem :/

Can you tell me how you're running it (OS/Browser)? I'm not getting this bug on my end

Wrong post?

Sorry, this is just a little tool for the game Forager

Deleted my previous reply

Didn't realize you couldn't change it DURING the submission period (I thought it had already ended)

Can you double check for me? Can you not upload a new version of the game?

I'm confused. Hasn't this been around for years already?

Cool! I went and downloaded all of them with a batch downloader so people can browse them more easily: (2mb .rar)

As long as it's made within the time limit of the two. You can't submit for GBJam if you started before GBJam begun

That sounds ok to me. You're not going over the limitations or trying to exploit the rules or anything, and it's not like it's an unfair advantage

The entire game has to be made exclusively during the duration of the jam

I've updated the front page just to make it more clear that you can use anything to make it, it's just "gameboy inspired" games

It just means that your game should look like a GameBoy game. First and foremost this is called "GBJam" so you're not fooling anyone by making an FPS and slapping a 4 color palette on it. It's about working within the limitations of the hardware, or whatever approximation you can achieve with your skillset

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Come chat! ;)

Rule 2: "Keep the original GameBoy screen resolution of 160px x 144px. You are allowed to scale to viewport, but must keep the aspect ratio."

So yes

There are 2 scythes in the axe group. If you look in the preview image you can barely see it in the very top left (the purple one)

Do it guys! At least 1$ patreon goooo

Tem opções de 1 tile também, da pra ver nas fotos

Pois é. Andei rondando uns fórums de RPG Maker e eles ainda tem uma userbase enorme, mas existem poucas opões de tileset e ninguém aguenta mais o estilo do RTP. Tomara que seja um bom negócio, pq ficar exportando e testando tudo no formato deles é um saco u.u

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Suporte para RPG Maker VXA já está em andamento: e MV virá logo depois

To até percebendo que esqueci algumas coisas, tipo cachoeiras e objetos animados na agua (tipo plantas or pedras)

Yes. It might take a while but that's the plan