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Wrong post?

Sorry, this is just a little tool for the game Forager

Deleted my previous reply

Didn't realize you couldn't change it DURING the submission period (I thought it had already ended)

Can you double check for me? Can you not upload a new version of the game?

I'm confused. Hasn't this been around for years already?

Cool! I went and downloaded all of them with a batch downloader so people can browse them more easily: (2mb .rar)

As long as it's made within the time limit of the two. You can't submit for GBJam if you started before GBJam begun

That sounds ok to me. You're not going over the limitations or trying to exploit the rules or anything, and it's not like it's an unfair advantage

The entire game has to be made exclusively during the duration of the jam

I've updated the front page just to make it more clear that you can use anything to make it, it's just "gameboy inspired" games

It just means that your game should look like a GameBoy game. First and foremost this is called "GBJam" so you're not fooling anyone by making an FPS and slapping a 4 color palette on it. It's about working within the limitations of the hardware, or whatever approximation you can achieve with your skillset

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Come chat! ;)

Rule 2: "Keep the original GameBoy screen resolution of 160px x 144px. You are allowed to scale to viewport, but must keep the aspect ratio."

So yes

There are 2 scythes in the axe group. If you look in the preview image you can barely see it in the very top left (the purple one)

Do it guys! At least 1$ patreon goooo

Tem opções de 1 tile também, da pra ver nas fotos

Pois é. Andei rondando uns fórums de RPG Maker e eles ainda tem uma userbase enorme, mas existem poucas opões de tileset e ninguém aguenta mais o estilo do RTP. Tomara que seja um bom negócio, pq ficar exportando e testando tudo no formato deles é um saco u.u

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Suporte para RPG Maker VXA já está em andamento: e MV virá logo depois

To até percebendo que esqueci algumas coisas, tipo cachoeiras e objetos animados na agua (tipo plantas or pedras)

Yes. It might take a while but that's the plan

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I usually check the website a lot of times so the ~2 seconds to load each image gets really annoying, so here's a .rar download of all 2017 images: (27mb)

Nicely done. The mechanics are quite good. Having more imps means you live longer but it's also harder to dodge. You need to keep your eyes on the ghosts but also glance at the top very quickly to see the arrow. My only problem is that it all starts to blur because of the bright sprites moving very fast against the black background. An addicting game but I can't play for more than 1 minute before my eyes start to hurt >_<

Cool concept, just maybe a bit too slow. At first it all sounded too complicated for some reason, but when you start throwing spells it gets interesting, although I couldn't 100% tell what was going on and how much of an impact each throw had on the final outcome of my turn

Aiming is very easy so there isn't much challenge, and there doesn't seem like there's any strategy other than aiming for the weakness or the center

Anyway nice take on the box art, I'd have never thought of something like that

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No. The goal is to remake your oldest game. Could be a game you released, a jam game, a school project, whatever

The Game Boy Color can have 3 palettes of 4 colors (1 for background and 2 for sprites) for a total of 12 colors. For this jam the restriction follows the original Game Boy

Bump ;)

Black is a color. If you choose to use black, that's 1 of your 4 colors

Here's examples of games with 4 colors

You can only have absolutely 4 colors at any time

Will probably use this one but I might still change it a bit

If you are familiar with photoshop I can give you a few tips (I've used it for pixel art for years)

First go into every tool (eraser, selection, fill, etc) and make sure every anti-alias option is disabled. For the eraser change the mode from "brush" to "pencil"

Go into Properties (ctrl+K) > General and set Image Interpolation to Nearest Neighbor. In Units and Rulers change both units to Pixel

Go into Window > Arrange > New Window for (file name). Set it to the side at 2x zoom as a preview for your main window, which you usually zoom in a lot closer


Alpha is not allowed as it creates more colors unintentionally

The "green background" in the GB is the lighter color of the palette. Other than that one it has another 3 colors

The Game Boy Color could display 4 different colors (there was an awful red and yellow palette...)

4 Colors, what's so hard to understand? Look at the pixels, if there's more than 4 color values you're doing it wrong


The first ever shoot'em-beat'em-up! Shoot enemies and then beat'em to keep your cool. If you get angry, it's a mad dash! Calm yourself down otherwise it's game over!

Doing all graphical NES limitations (number of colors, palette number, 16x16 pallete restriction, 128 tile limit). There are 4 BG palettes (red, blue, yellow, green) and the HUD uses the red one. Haven't made any sprites yet

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I picked one via

Now all I need is to make something... I'm thinking somethine like Super Crate Box but with more breaking stuff and being angry