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I was told they love you too.

Really nice game, had some fun with it but it became a click-fest really fast once you reveal more chunks of the map. Overall it's a great game, but I don't know if it counts as relevant to the image given. Good luck.

Hey Local, glad you made this great game. Still curse you every night about the damn trademarks ;)
You made an excellent  twist to the Bomb Shelters (TM). Overall a very nice game.
Good luck ^-^

Very nice work w84! I love how it turned out. Hope you get a nice placement. My only complaint is the choice of platform. I guess most people don't have access to an OUYA or an emulator so play it on. Still a very nice game. Loved watching you make it.  Good luck ^-^

If you had died, you would have been sent to the entrance of a new dungeon. The ending is working as intended.

The scanner is used to reveal invisible walls and enemies, as it is the main tool for navigating the dungeon.

Enemy AI and pathfinding are definitely on the list of things I want to fix in time.

The Fallen ending is one of them. There are a few more currently in-game and a few more are planned in the future. Not going to spoil the fun though.

Added in one of the main features. I think that's enough for today.

I'm generating procedural levels by using an algorithm I found on an encoding and error correction document, translated from japanese, which featured a fairly complex explanation on how to practise the dark arts. This morning I got the green light from the graphic designer, who made the famicart, so I guess I'll be continuing to work on this tomorrow. I'm planing for a top-down dungeon crawler, where you gradually reveal the map through the magic of scanlines and have to defeat three bosses in order to save your friends. I think that's explanatory enough...