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Yeah, I guess the first days are a bit boring when you run out of things to do, but that's what a workday sometimes feels like! So I guess it's a weird success in a way.

Ah, right, options don't work. I'll add that to the game's description, thanks!

At first that was the case, but I realized that the game is impossible that way and designing levels where you can always keep everyone alive would be much much more time-consuming.

Many thanks! I feel that it's less of a puzzle game than it could've been, and it's more on the platformer side, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, the beginning is a bit of a slog. I tried to improve it by halving the goblin spawn rate, among other things, but it's true that the initial intro/death loading is a bit pointless and could be done with it.

Yeah, I suppose the dart throws are both too slow and too easy to do at the same time. Some enemies do move the trajectory of your darts, but not enough of them, probably. Maybe all of them should?

While it's true that shooting for the center might net you more runes than any other play, I've found that after a while you do need to cast certain spells - healing mostly - in order to keep on going. But you're right that you can just toss at the center and hope for the best.

Thanks for the comments :)

Thanks for the feedback everyone! :)

That's nice of you! But I would have to change all the art assets and music if I were to make an android version, so I don't think that'll happen :)

My goal is to make a game based on http://famicase.com/16/softs/9.jpg (Item Connect), I got strong puzzle/match-3 vibes from that concept, but I think that 'connecting' the items together will add a nice spin on that genre!

Thanks! I see your points, they're pretty valid. Agreed that some more polish could've been given to make it a more complete game, but I'm happy that you like the core concept :)