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Amazing job! I can't wait to see more 👀

Yep, any game genre 😉

Hi! Sorry but this project is paused indefinitely.

It looks amazing... I love the atmosphere and the story... I look forward to the final game!

After playing the last demo we can say that this looks better and better, keep going! 👏

Thanks The Mook!

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Hi there!

We just want to announce our new development: Green Mirror.

Green Mirror Cover

Green Mirror is a 2D Horror point & click adventure which takes place in the depths of an old forest located in a natural reserve.

After the disappearance of some hikers, our protagonist, Dylan Riley, a Search and Rescue official, finds himself lost in an unexplored part of the woods after a strange accident that leaves him alone and injured in the middle of the night.

Is he really alone? No, something's been lurking in those forests for aeons, something that doesn't want him there.


  • Atmospheric exploration - Find your way through the isolated and hostile depths of an ancient forest that hides more than one infamous truth.
  • Puzzle Solving - There are lots of mysteries hidden in the dark corners of the wooden sea that surrounds you waiting to be unfold.
  • Survive! -Treat your wounds, stay warm and search for help as you try to avoid the dangers that lurk in the darkness that embraces you.


Green Mirror screenshot Green Mirror screenshot


The game is still in development in collaboration with Bad2TheBone Studio but we hope to launch this year (2017) and will be commercial. We are using Unity 5 and all the contents (environments, characters, UI...) are hand drawn by our incredible illustrator Carol Sanchez.

The game is in STEAM, GAME JOLT, INDIEDB and ITCH.IO if you want to know more.

Also you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more news and updates.

I hope you like the project and you can support it!

Stay tuned for updates!

Looks really nice, great work!

The black and white aesthetic is awesome and the music is very good.

The game was made for a Myst JAM and the development is not finished, but you're right maybe instead of alpha should be called demo.

Thanks for your interest!

New status report:

First off I want to be honest, "SHE" will not be finished for the deadline, mainly due to lack of time. An unforeseen matter has arisen, so the next days I can not do anything.

But this is not bad news, on the contrary I want to continue with the development of "SHE" and maybe this project could become in my side-project.

I want to thank you for the support received so quickly especially through social networks, has been amazing!

Also thanks to this JAM (Ludonaut, dom and Matt Sephton) because has been the promoter of this project.

Special thanks to Arkotype for his marvelous cover!

And good luck to all, I have seen a lot of good and original projects.

Stay tuned to my social networks for future news about "SHE".

My Twitter

My Facebook page

Thanks again for your support.

Another image of the strange facilities of the "Mankind Initiative":

Only some details for finish the level and starts the programming... very simple of course.

After a lot of problems... this is the first image of "SHE":

Do you like it?

The level design is almost finished, tonight I will continue with the environment and tomorrow I want to start programming... or I hope so.

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Ok, this is the second entry of this improvised "DevLog".

Finally I finished the design... Writing the plot I can see that the game has a great potential (in my opinion of course), it could be more big and complex but for this JAM I want to do something playable so this is some facts about the game (if it can be called game):


We belong to the "Mankind Initiative" a secret organization operating under the aegis of the most powerful governments on the planet. The activities of this organization focus on conducting scientific experiments, creation and invention of new weapons, intelligence services and even such unusual things as searches of ancient riches and treasures or paranormal investigations.

We are the head of one of the most ambitious projects of the organization and our mission is to ensure the proper development of this project. "SHE" is the greatest experiment in humans to increase our psychokinetic skills ever undertaken.

The operations center of the "SHE" project is in the depths of the Siberian steppe, inside a bunker from World War II, a perfect place not only to avoid prying eyes but also as a method of restraint in situations potentially dangerous.

After a small break, we woke to continue our work and what we found then we will freeze our blood...

What is "SHE" the game?

"SHE" is a first person game of mystery and investigation, very much like a walking simulator, is NOT a horror game but sometimes the atmosphere becomes dark and disturbing.

Throughout the game we discover what is the "SHE" project and what is its purpose. Read documents, explore carefully your surroundings and do not forget that you are in the middle of nowhere with no possibility of contact anyone... alone.

In "SHE" you can not die, there is no violence so you can move freely and go at your own pace.

Some considerations about AGBIC version:

Due to the short time for development and one person does everything (Juanjo Barceló), "SHE" will not have the options of a complete game (saving system, settings...) but this could change in future versions (if any).

This version is available only for Windows PC.

This version is offered as is, will not support, no help, no clues, no tips.

Now starts the real development... I hope to show images very soon.

WOW! A lot of talent here...

Very useful!

Great work Pyrofoux!

Hi there!

I'm Juanjo from Luminy Studios, this is a small DevLog for my entry to this JAM where I'll try to share the progress of the project.

First off I want to say that I'm doing this project alone, I'm lead artist of Luminy Studios but this game it's a personal challenge.

I have discovered this JAM too late but I love the big challenges and this is a very interesting challenge. So I'll try to do something simple but funny, there is no much time and for this I want to apologize for bugs, grammatical errors (I'm Spanish and my English is not very good) and any problems that may arise during development.

Current Status:

My principal skill is the level design and graphics and my big handicap is the programming (my level is very poor), so don't expect a complex mechanics or great puzzles.

My intention is to do a first person story-driven adventure with real-time 3D graphics, I repeat is my intention... I'm still working to put the final touches to the plot and the next step is start the development (today, I hope).

Due to lack of time (I have a real job) surely I will use some assets ready-made (graphics, sounds, scripts...) so I hope to come in time to the deadline.

I chose this cover for inspiration: SHE from Arkotype.

Very interesting design... has captivated me.


As I said I will use assets ready-made but others will be entirely created. For this elements I use 3dsmax, Quixel Suite, Photoshop among others. And the engine will be Unity 5 Personal edition.

And this is all for the moment, I can't show images yet but I will try to share my progress on a daily basis. I hope you liked this presentation and that you are curious about the game. Good luck everyone!

Amazing video!

Thanks Jonboy ;-)

Amazing work!

Interesting story, gorgeous graphics and a mysterious forest... the perfect combination, I love it!

Good luck with the project!

Thanks for your words!

Stay tuned, soon there will be exciting news...


There has been a small problem with the installer of Iborea, it was not working in Windows 7. The problem has been fixed and now it works perfectly.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Thanks Simon your entry is also wonderful!

Thanks Icehouse for your encouragement!

Well, Iborea demo v1.1 is finished. As you can see it is very very simple, basically it's a walking simulator. I haven't had time to add puzzles but there are some interactive elements but I'll continue working on Iborea to implement more interactivity in the future, now it's just a demo.

You can download from the Myst JAM page, I hope you like it... enjoy!!

Thanks to Shopie to create this amazing JAM, I've had a lot of fun!

Come on Andrea, you can do it! ;-)

Finally I'm not going to finish everything on time, but I want to submit something tomorrow.


Truly is a great effort make it all alone, but the result it's impressive, I love it!

Good luck!

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Thanks Icehouse!!

After working too hard and many problems with the programming (remember I'm not a programmer) I think tomorrow I could have some to submit... I still have work to do, but I think I'll have it.

Meanwhile here new images:

It's true, you're right :-(

More projects, yuhuu!

Nice pixel graphics Oliver, good luck!

Thanks Similia for your kind words!

Your work in Anamedia is very interesting, seems that the old-school games are rising again.

Maybe Anamedia could be your entry for the JAM... ;-)

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Hi there!

I'm Juanjo from Luminy Studios, this is a small DevLog for my entry to this JAM where I try to share the progress of the project.

First off I want to say that I'm doing this project alone, I'm lead artist of Luminy Studios but this game it's a personal challenge.

The plot:

The player is sent to the island by his tribe to retrieve an artifact that will help prevent a war between the various tribes inhabiting Iborea and avoid self-destruction. During the exploration, the player will find books, diaries and notes where part of the history of Iborea and the artifact is explained.

The game will be very simple and the mechanics also. It's likely to be unable to finish the game in time so I'll try to submit a demo (I hope).

Here some images in-game of the first level of the game:

I hope you like it, tomorrow I'll try to share more images!

The final images looks great and fog adds a mysterious touch...

The sketch looks great and the idea of creating procedural worlds is very interesting.

I love the idea Andrea, I hope to see sketches or images soon.

Wow! It's amazing, you are doing a great work.

The story seems intriguing, thanks for sharing and good luck!

It's a great idea, but I'm very busy with this side-project and our main project Bloodwood Reload (we're developing a patch to fix some bugs), anyway I'll try to share my progress.

On the other hand, you're doing a great work, the images look amazing.

Very interesting game, thanks for share the progress!

This JAM is very exciting, I can't wait to see the others entries...

Good luck to all!

Thanks Icehouse for your encourage, also I can't wait to see your entry ;-)