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Ok, this is the second entry of this improvised "DevLog".

Finally I finished the design... Writing the plot I can see that the game has a great potential (in my opinion of course), it could be more big and complex but for this JAM I want to do something playable so this is some facts about the game (if it can be called game):


We belong to the "Mankind Initiative" a secret organization operating under the aegis of the most powerful governments on the planet. The activities of this organization focus on conducting scientific experiments, creation and invention of new weapons, intelligence services and even such unusual things as searches of ancient riches and treasures or paranormal investigations.

We are the head of one of the most ambitious projects of the organization and our mission is to ensure the proper development of this project. "SHE" is the greatest experiment in humans to increase our psychokinetic skills ever undertaken.

The operations center of the "SHE" project is in the depths of the Siberian steppe, inside a bunker from World War II, a perfect place not only to avoid prying eyes but also as a method of restraint in situations potentially dangerous.

After a small break, we woke to continue our work and what we found then we will freeze our blood...

What is "SHE" the game?

"SHE" is a first person game of mystery and investigation, very much like a walking simulator, is NOT a horror game but sometimes the atmosphere becomes dark and disturbing.

Throughout the game we discover what is the "SHE" project and what is its purpose. Read documents, explore carefully your surroundings and do not forget that you are in the middle of nowhere with no possibility of contact anyone... alone.

In "SHE" you can not die, there is no violence so you can move freely and go at your own pace.

Some considerations about AGBIC version:

Due to the short time for development and one person does everything (Juanjo Barceló), "SHE" will not have the options of a complete game (saving system, settings...) but this could change in future versions (if any).

This version is available only for Windows PC.

This version is offered as is, will not support, no help, no clues, no tips.

Now starts the real development... I hope to show images very soon.