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Here’s a recent interview with the developer, including prototype footage and the story of the game’s development. Plus, a glimpse of new levels and puzzles!

You can use Wine.

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This is exceptionally good. Well done. The progression of puzzles and difficulty is perfect. I enjoyed hunting for the secret chips. I paid for this version and I’ll be happy to pay for the full game. Good luck!

I managed to get stuck under the large lift platform (I was trying to do so). Also, I took the large platform to go high and then used the warp point, after walking back to the large lift platform it was in a strange state and it killed me when I touched it.

rad = radical

All very good ideas. The real challenge would be to create a progression of puzzles around each of these mechanics.

Use PortingKit

Will download this soon! Hopefully it will run on my emulation/media mini PC (Win 10 64-bit with integrated graphics).

You have to deal the Macintosh ROM and then game image onto Mini vMac.

sweet - thanks! only bug i've noticed is vsync setting does not save.

Any chance of an updated Mac build? We are on v1 and PC/Linux on V4?

Just a black screen in Safari on iOS 13.6

Just a black screen in Safari on iOS 13.6

This is so ridiculously good! I am uncovering more gameplay tricks and depth each time I play. Seriously well done! Gives me that classic Taito/MTJ vibe, too, which is the cherry on the cake. Love it! Release it on Switch.

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Good luck finding your issue! I use a wired Xbox 360 controller and wired Apple Mighty Mouse and have no problems.

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Really tight, 1-bit roguelike. I've avoided roguelikes for the past while due to overuse of the term and my aversion to RPGs. But this is a lovley little game. Managed level 4 on my frst go, will defiitely get further on my next game now I know how it works!

Reminds me of Hunter (1991, ST/Amiga). Land/sea/air vehicle based exploration game with collecting and races. Really chilled out game. Vehicles are a bit loose control but it’s a good few hours of pleasant, non-violent fun.

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Calibrate your controller, or unplug your mouse.

Here is one RAMP. The cheat codes are words like flowers in the grass. When you get a hint to look for one, it is nearby!

Extreme jet-powered car stunt platform game. Each wheel has a thruster, which makes for interesting controls when airborne. Jump and boost through the air, pass through gates and aim for the end of level target. Skills required. A lot of fun!

Really nice little game! I'm about half way. I play on a 4:3 monitor (at 640x480 or 1280x960) and I don't think I am seeing the edges of the map? Otherwise - much fun! Thanks

Finally, maybe look into using a reader that can reformat PDFs to make it more comfortable to read (I use a Sony Reader PRS650 as my physical ebook reader, and Foxit PDF on Windows)

I found  a photo of the printed book - it's the same.

The book is very old at this point, I would not expect any changes.

Cmd+Z (Mac) or Control-Z (Windows) is the standard "Undo" key combo shortcut.

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It appears to be a PDF of the EPUB version. I have no idea what the Printed book version is like, but if it's like this then that is crazy.

You should check out the "Can I submit multiple things?" section of the OP. 

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Hi, thanks for the great initiative. Well done leaf &

Please add my game Wire Hang Redux

I really like your tool. My comments are not criticism.

Perhaps you've misunderstood this thread of conversation? My initial comment was a reply to the OP's question "I wonder if we can get it to let you draw the  fonts directly in the boxes" offering many other apps they can use right now to do that, rather than waiting for you to implement (or not) their request. That was all.

With regards to FontForge, I frequently use the Bitmap Strikes Available to generate bitmap fonts from outline fonts. That may be useful, or not, for readers of this thread. But I felt it important to correct your statement that FontForge was only good for hand-drawing bitmap fonts - which is definitely not the case.

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In FontForge use Element > Bitmap Strikes Available to generate bitmap data ready for export. Instant, with perfect output.

There are other tools already for drawing bitmap fonts and exporting as TTF/etc. Check out:

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I'm also unable to install on macOS X. On the game page I was able to get the .dmg and install it manually.

Cool! Nice work.