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Leaving a comment here to see if it helps get this listed!

I swear I did that A press change, I’ll have to check. And I’ll try to add some sounds and stuff soon. Why not, right?

Ah! So it still exists outside of UK but not in UK. Indeed that is messy.

This black and white version would look stunning on the Playdate.

ps: VATMOSS ended July 2021.

Please do let me know!

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Me too. But at least you’d have the money rather than itch sitting on it.

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Thank you! Black and white (1-bit) is such fun to draw for. Like the original Macintosh.

We include Traditional Chinese mahjong tiles, and also Japanese, USA an European variations of the pattern. Plus new tile sets for players that are not so familiar with the traditional tiles.

Thanks for asking! First draft to be released by end of the month :)

I’m looking to get work in progress text up on GitHub ASAP and will send an email out about it.

Validation is only requested when you start your first itch payout. But, it’s likely to fail for unknown reasons (see rest of this thread). Good luck.

I would advise using PayPal/Stripe payouts.

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You misunderstand.

My 9 real days is for a complaint to the tax identity interview provider.

My oldest payout is currently at 26 days.

The complaint process was started when my payout was 12 days, and escalated with the tax interview company the following day.

Hundreds of dollars of my earnings from the period during which I used itch payouts are in limbo due to this issue.

Since this came to light, I’ve stopped using itch payouts and am being paid direct through PayPal (immediately) and Stripe (7 days wait, but automatic) so at least I can pay my rent.

I published a devlog about tile design.

Yes, it’s a wider problem. Only itch knows the details.

both myself and itch have contacted the tax interview third party to find out why the interview that has no problems online is later flagged as not verified. That company stated 5 working days response time, but warned about it being longer due to COVID. Currently it’s 9 working days (13 real days) with no signs of life.

If I had to guess I would say this problem affects everybody outside of USA, but not everybody affected is bothered by it (they are happy to give a portion of their money away when they shouldn’t have to). I may be wrong about this.

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Thanks for the kind words! It is deceptive when you look at this game, or any game really. We could have taken a few shortcuts to do things the way they were done at the time of the Game Boy, NES, SNES but we really wanted to take advantage of the Playdate hardware. So we pushed to do more, making it more complicated in the process.

Argent font would have required licensing for app/game use, so we used the personal version for a while until we realised we couldn’t fit what we needed on screen. Would have been great to use it, and thankful we did not pay and then realise it was not right for us. Phew!

Thanks so much! I’d love to know your high score.

What are your other favourite Playdate games?

When you say “clone the cloud every 4th screen” I thought of drawing it with the x position using % modulo, which should let you draw only one at the correct location depending on the scroll position?

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This is a really interesting concept. I am assuming the levels are random? I would prefer it if there was some puzzle aspect to levels. Figuring out the best path, how to make use of your hose length. This would be tough to plan, but well worth it! I’d be happy if the game contained, say, 20 puzzles of increasing difficulty.

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Thanks so much for the kind words! I spent lots of time in the early days making sure the tiles and layout could be represented well on the screen. That effort really paid off and was the foundation for everything else. Enjoy the game and look forward to all the updates!

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An update…

  • 20 days ago my tax withholding was set to 0%. Great!
  • 7 days wait and then I could clicked on some payouts.
  • 12 days wait and I received an email today to say that “Our system has been unable to verify your tax information” but because of privacy laws with the third party provider they cannot tell me why this might be.
  • I redid the tax interview as suggested in the email and the tax interview showed 0% (same as the images shared above)
  • …but my itch tax page has now reverted to displaying tax withholding rate of 30%.

What is going on here? I have replied by email to itch support.

I cannot remember the last time I encountered such an arcane system. It blows my mind that you are recommending this process over a simple PayPal/Stripe payment.

Still, you have ~$$$s of my money so I have to see this through!

That’s a good point.

They could keep the cost of one unit of each game “in the bank” in case of any refunds. If a refund happens, then they would hold back another unit of game from the next sale. Kind of “just in time refunds”.

What I mean by all this is that there are countless ways to make this a better experience than it is currently. Maybe it’s because I’m operating outside of the USD, as I have heard from you and others that the experience is good on USD. For me in the UK on GBP the experience is …not great.

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Just to clear things up a little, once a payment is made, it will be held by for 7 days, in case of a refund. After than, you can request a payout of that payment, and then it will go into review by the admins, which is where the fraud prevention review takes place. I have no visibility on how that review is handled behind the scenes, but I believe every payout is being approved manually by a person.

Yes, that’s the official line of how and what. But I would argue that both of those steps can be avoided, as I mentioned in the OP (refund by subtracting from future payouts, fraud seems to be duplicated by Payoneer?)

I’d like to know if itch has any plans to streamline the payout process.

Also not entirely sure what you mean by biased on

Exactly what I mentioned in the OP:

it makes it sound like going with “Direct to you” is a complicated process fraught with danger, which is a bit of FUD as it actually just takes a few clicks (one to choose it, and one each for PayPal/Stripe)

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I’ve read all I can about the two payment methods. However, I am struggling to find compelling reasons to let itch collect payments on my behalf.

I’m also concerned that I cannot find reasonable justification for the two delays itch imposes on payouts: 1) 7 days before payout button appears, and 2) (even larger delays) reviewing payouts.

Collected by, paid later


  • allows co-op bundles
  • takes care of tax
  • simplify payments between multiple creators (by letting Payoneer take care of it)


  • 7 day wait for payout button
  • 10 to 75+ days wait for payout to complete
  • Tax treaty interview
  • Tax withholding discrepancies
  • Payoneer fee
  • Tax identity fee (one-off)

Direct to you


  • Money paid instantly via PayPal/Stripe


  • Tax done separately
  • Currency conversion done at payment processor

In terms of fees it’s pretty equal. Fees for transaction and currency conversion are taken at some point in both methods. Tax is arguably easier with itch, but there is a big barrier to entry with the tax interview and the following confusion when tax withholding percentage is incorrectly displayed.

I found an old thread that described multiple reasons for payouts being in review for long, unexpected amounts of time. TL;DR initially it says the delay is for fraud prevention, and then changes to say that the delay is to allow for refunds; neither very convincing).

To offer alternatives for both of those:

The cynic in me can come up with many financial reasons that itch might want to hold on to this money for as long as possible, but I’m hoping those thoughts are unfounded.

The phrasing on the itch page contrasting these two payment methods seems very biased towards itch, and makes it sound like going with “Direct to you” is a complicated process fraught with danger, which is a bit of FUD as it actually just takes a few clicks (one to choose it, and one each for PayPal/Stripe)

So, my questions:

  • what on earth is going on here?
  • are there plans to speed up payouts and remove payout reviews?
  • am i missing something obvious?
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Actually, same for me. I’d used a Spectrum and Acorn Electron but the ST was where it all clicked.

I remember seeing the desktop for the first time: in my mind a red carpet rolled out into the stars. I will never forget that feeling that this was it.

Of course, at that time I had no idea what it was, but everything seemed within reach.

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No further changes made by me, but now I see 0% withholding rate on my tax information page. Hurrah!

Thanks to the itch tax elves for sorting this out. May we all prosper.

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No worries, I didn’t realise it wasn’t a public link as it is the same as a link that is on my tax information page.

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It’s been like this since 2018 because I competed the form correctly (it confirmed 0% withholding matched to USA/GB tax treaty) but the itch page still said 30% so I didn’t see any reason to start using itch payments.

Retaking the tax interview twice this week changed nothing, not even the date of the tax interview (still says 2018).

I’ve now been told by support that I should start using it regardless of the 30% warning, and upon my first pay out it will show 0% …somewhere.

I hope you can see what a poor user experience this is?

0% treaty

0% treaty

30% how?

You press A and that’s it!

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You may be correct. I need to wait a week for my first pay out to be available.

Itch got back to me saying the same thing, I think.


Thanks for reaching out. We recently made a change which defers the tax validation process which may detect the final withholding rate.

You final withholding rate will be available by the time you are requesting a payout.

If the issue persists and you need to retake the tax interview, you can do so through the following link:

Removed link

Thank you, let us know if you need further assistance.

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Mine has been like this since …2018!

For four years I wasn’t selling much at all, so I just used PayPal since they only take 25% rather than 30%.

But since April 2022 I’ve begun to sell many games so I really need to sort this out. I’m losing a lot of money.

I sent an email to support with screenshots. I’ve had confirmation that the issue has been received and reviewed, but so far there’s been no reply or resolution.

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I’m also getting this, as a United Kingdom resident.

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This is cool! Really polished. Nice work!

My only gripe is with the interaction required for the colour change mechanic. Given it is not animated I find it very difficult to do, often do it the wrong way, and find that it often happens by accident as my old developer unit has a very loose crank that doesn’t stay still. Would be great if there was a button combo to do that interaction?

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It’s not so much the const (very small gains there) but the single local definition that removes repeat lookups to a global function (big gains).

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You can speed this up quite noticeably by creating local aliases to math functions at the top of your code and using them further down. This means only one lookup per function, compared to the many there are now.

local atan2 <const> = math.atan2
local cos <const> = math.cos
local deg <const> = math.deg
local rad <const> = math.rad
local random <const> = math.random
local sin <const> = math.sin

This and many more tricks in my forthcoming book

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Yes, open publishing is when the book can be read as it’s being written. In my situation with the niche market of Playdate I have had to put it behind the paywall so I can afford to spend the time writing it. The first release should be this coming weekend, or early next week, as I’m moving into a new studio this week. I could also release periodic versions here, I’ll give that some thought.

I fixed a similar problem in Circular recently. I’ll release an update to this very soon. I’m moving office this week but will try to squeeze it in.

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The majority of the topics will be agnostic, no specific language required. But the code samples are all Lua at this point. I’m a Lua-only dev.

Stretch goal!

You joke, but it should be possible! There are a few text readers already available for Playdate.

Circular is out now! Priced for maximum joy. Have fun!