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Green Mirror - 2D horror point & Click adventure game by Luminy Studios

A topic by LuminyStudios created Mar 01, 2017 Views: 679
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Hi there!

We just want to announce our new development: Green Mirror.

Green Mirror Cover

Green Mirror is a 2D Horror point & click adventure which takes place in the depths of an old forest located in a natural reserve.

After the disappearance of some hikers, our protagonist, Dylan Riley, a Search and Rescue official, finds himself lost in an unexplored part of the woods after a strange accident that leaves him alone and injured in the middle of the night.

Is he really alone? No, something's been lurking in those forests for aeons, something that doesn't want him there.


  • Atmospheric exploration - Find your way through the isolated and hostile depths of an ancient forest that hides more than one infamous truth.
  • Puzzle Solving - There are lots of mysteries hidden in the dark corners of the wooden sea that surrounds you waiting to be unfold.
  • Survive! -Treat your wounds, stay warm and search for help as you try to avoid the dangers that lurk in the darkness that embraces you.


Green Mirror screenshot Green Mirror screenshot


The game is still in development in collaboration with Bad2TheBone Studio but we hope to launch this year (2017) and will be commercial. We are using Unity 5 and all the contents (environments, characters, UI...) are hand drawn by our incredible illustrator Carol Sanchez.

The game is in STEAM, GAME JOLT, INDIEDB and ITCH.IO if you want to know more.

Also you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more news and updates.

I hope you like the project and you can support it!

Stay tuned for updates!