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'Forgotten' has just been released!

A topic by Kira Zingmark created Mar 01, 2017 Views: 288 Replies: 1
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'Forgotten' is now available!

'Forgotten' is a short experimental art-game in which you find yourself alone in an Apocalyptic landscape, and must explore the environment around you, with only a beacon of light in the distance serving as a guide. The game's creation was inspired by an original painting by artist Peter Booth called 'Untitled', created in 2002 and exhibited at the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). An Oil on canvas piece, it depicts a non-descript landscape of an apocalyptic world, desolate and abandoned in tone. The objective of the game is exploration rather than combat.

The goal of 'Forgotten' was to create a short video-game that conveyed my own personal expression of what Booth's original piece means to me. The world of 'Forgotten' is bleak and depressing in appearance, combined with music that is equally so. Taking inspiration from Booth's own background, it depicts a fictional portrayal of Sheffield, England at the turn of the 19th century, at a time when heavy industry began to dominate much of the UK. It showcases the divide between the old world and the new, as well as the toxic and environmentally destructive atmosphere that came as a result of 'progress'.

'Forgotten' was created by Kira Zingmark, a Game Designer residing in Brisbane and currently studying at SAE QANTM. Built in Unity 5, it was created as a project piece for GDS220 Studio 2. Peter Booth's original piece can be seen here.

'Forgotten' can be played on Windows, MacOSX, and Linux (Ubuntu is preferred). It is best played at 1920x1080p with the lights turned off, and a good pair of headphones on hand. It is available free of charge, but if you do like the game, please consider leaving a donation. Every bit of income will go towards creating future games for you, the Players.

Play 'Forgotten' now!

Looks really nice, great work!

The black and white aesthetic is awesome and the music is very good.