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A topic by Pyrofoux created Jun 01, 2016 Views: 1,346 Replies: 5
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The RAND↻M FAMICASE is updated to the year 2016 A.D.

It's the perfect tool to help you decide on which awesome game cover you're going to make your even more awesome real game !


  • Generating random game over art
  • Translating the author description to english
  • A cool name
Jam Host

Cool! Nice work.

Love it! Can't wait to dive into this!

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This is awesome! Looks like a great way to get inspired. 😍

Edit: I've made a little script that will refresh the image every 10 seconds. If you copy/paste and enter it into the JavaScript console in Chrome or Firefox, it should work.

(function (seconds){setInterval( function () { document.getElementById('title').click(); } , seconds * 1000)})(10);

Changing the "10" at the end can change the interval too. It's fun to have the image rotating while you work.

Very useful!

Great work Pyrofoux!

Hmm, attempting to access it now results in the page being downloaded, instead of it being loaded as a webpage. Let me know if you need a web host, by the way!