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very materials, so much that i have materials, niiiiiice

how darling <3

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Oh my gosh I clearly need to get more sleep. I just realized you've included the code with STM. And that second answer - of course it's as simple as that!

Jeez, you're a saint. Thank you so much! I'll come back when I have actually tricky questions.

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Hey Kai - I've loved what other people have done with your tool, but I've never given it a proper dive-in until now - and I might have bitten off more than I can chew.

The setup I'm currently trying to get up and running is using Super Text Mesh for dialogue UI, using  Yarn Spinner to feed Yarn-file-based dialogue text to STM, and finally, using Wwise for audio black magik. The most immediate thing I've noticed is that while STM offers a variety of audio options, they seem to rely on Unity's built-in audio system. I'm not sure how to bridge the gap outside of STM -- any thoughts on being able to call Wwise events from STM? For reference, the code for that is essentially: AkSoundEngine.PostEvent("NAME_OF_THE_EVENT", this.gameObject).

Additionally, I've been messing around with text wrap settings, but STM keeps wanting to wrap partially-completed words, rather than giving them a new line to live on. I'm sure there's a setting for this, but I don't know where I'm not finding it.

Thanks in advance for your help, and a belated thanks for making such a rad tool.


Hmm, attempting to access it now results in the page being downloaded, instead of it being loaded as a webpage. Let me know if you need a web host, by the way!