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I really liked this! Or, while I’m not a big horror person, I liked how you’ve made a fresh experience that runs on the Nintendo 64.

Keep up the good work!

Big props for posting the source code! 

I really liked the way this played out. The effort in pressing the button repeatedly for an uninspiring catch really worked for me. Or, as a player, I felt guided into the game’s realization through its structure.

Great work!

#502は難しいでした! でも、好きでした!



anything for someone running a ThinkPad X-series; they’re super cute!

This has really good pop to it. I especially like how the snake has a little "bump" where it ate an apple.

I love how confidently this wears its influences on its sleeve. Polished work!

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I've just sent an e-mail to the address featured on your itch page. I think I've compiled a version that should play better on your computer. Be sure to check your spam folder!

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to reach out! I think I have a hunch with what’s going on, but I’d love to learn a little more about your setup if possible. There might be something I’ve missed that’s affecting players in your situation.

I really like the way I can revisit each verse before continuing on by interacting again. The placement and ordering contributes nicely as well.

I'm glad to hear that you have the energy to stand up in the shower too! Please be kind to yourself when you can, as you deserve it.

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I started making personal games a decade a go while on a lonely internship, far away from home.

There was a bookstore next to the cafe where I worked, and they had Vertical's translations of Tezuka's gekiga like AyakoThe Book of Human Insects, and Dororo. The style and drama of those would be a bit of a comfort food when I was tired from debugging.

I had a lot of fun with this, and you all did a lovely job of capturing the energy of those works!

I liked the placement of the tiles for the last stage. Well done!

27 was incredibly therapeutic coming off 26. 👏 

Stage 20 was really rewarding to figure out!

Just playing this through right now, and I really enjoy the flow with setting up the gameplay. I just finished level 8, and I felt clever applying the skills I learned in order to get the coin.

Lovely work!


I really liked this! Or, at first I had this impression that I'd kind of be at the mercy of the physics engine.

I was able to strategically land a swing into the corner of a truck, and I was charmed!

Oh, pleeeease! <<INVESTIGATOR_LASTNAME>>, is my father! Call me Daniel. 😘

This worked very well on PopOS for my Godot project. Thanks for putting it up!

I love the aesthetic of this; incredible work!

Hey, this font looks very lovely! I was curious if it had a license (eg: SIL?) or not. Thanks again for taking the time to make it!

The sound effects for the monsters are lovely. They really capture a feeling I haven't had since getting lost in Mt. Moon on a Game Boy emulator when I was a child.

I really like the jump and death sounds for this one. Or, I normally have a lot of trouble with reverb for effects, but these are so nice!

first oh wait

Happy Birthday Dave! 🎉 🎂 🥳

You’re doing great!

The structure of this worked well! Or, I feel like once you gain a sense of understanding, it feels good to apply it and complete all the goals. I got into a groove with knowing when to spend and save money, or when someone was in the right place for a certain level of quest.

I think this could be built out to something bigger, especially with added tension and release.

I made a mistake; my bad!

I thought that the submission window was open over Sunday, so I planned to finish up then. I've made a temporary one for now. The page will be updated!

I really like this game's visual style. Stellar work so far!

I'm not sure how to 100% put this into words, but I feel as though I "peer into" the environment of a first-person game more than a typical third-person one. The latter carries more of a "characters on a stage" feeling to me, and provokes a different sensation while playing.

For this jam, I'd like to really meditate on that sensation of "peering into" the environment. When the player encounters something in the game, I want them to feel like they're almost reaching out towards it. I want to capitalize on the sensations of playing in first-person, even though I tend to gravitate more to third-person ones.

This is really good.

This looks super cool! Any chance there could be a Linux build in the future?

In the meantime, I'll be sure to give it a try with Proton!

Thanks so much for the update!

hell yes

This is nice! I love the use of colour for the characters compared to the snowy environments.

darn it is stuuuuuuck

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Most N64 emulators simulate the operating system and default 3D code. I think this game uses more low-level stuff. You might need to use a lower-level emulator like CEN64 or a flashcart.

Hi, thanks for the interest! In order to run the game, you'll need a retail Nintendo 64 console and a flashcart.

Thanks! Making the game was a bit tricky at times, but worth it!

The N64 SDK has been "leaked" a few times over the internet, so I was able to find it with some googling. I installed it onto a Windows XP VM and played around with it. It's quite similar to programming with C and OpenGL, in some ways.