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I made a mistake; my bad!

I thought that the submission window was open over Sunday, so I planned to finish up then. I've made a temporary one for now. The page will be updated!

I really like this game's visual style. Stellar work so far!

I'm not sure how to 100% put this into words, but I feel as though I "peer into" the environment of a first-person game more than a typical third-person one. The latter carries more of a "characters on a stage" feeling to me, and provokes a different sensation while playing.

For this jam, I'd like to really meditate on that sensation of "peering into" the environment. When the player encounters something in the game, I want them to feel like they're almost reaching out towards it. I want to capitalize on the sensations of playing in first-person, even though I tend to gravitate more to third-person ones.

This is really good.

This looks super cool! Any chance there could be a Linux build in the future?

In the meantime, I'll be sure to give it a try with Proton!

Thanks so much for the update!

hell yes

This is nice! I love the use of colour for the characters compared to the snowy environments.

darn it is stuuuuuuck

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Most N64 emulators simulate the operating system and default 3D code. I think this game uses more low-level stuff. You might need to use a lower-level emulator like CEN64 or a flashcart.

Hi, thanks for the interest! In order to run the game, you'll need a retail Nintendo 64 console and a flashcart.

Thanks! Making the game was a bit tricky at times, but worth it!

The N64 SDK has been "leaked" a few times over the internet, so I was able to find it with some googling. I installed it onto a Windows XP VM and played around with it. It's quite similar to programming with C and OpenGL, in some ways.

I really loved the tempo of this game, especially with the timing of striking. Good work!

I'd love to see this expanded out even more.

I really like the lowpoly look of this. Please keep doing things with three.js!

Hey, this is a nice idea! I think I got a handle on applying the moveset. I'm confused how to open doors though. I tried aiming and swinging the sword, alongside dashing in the direction of the door. Is there a different button I need to press?

This is a fun little game to run around in. I enjoyed the way little hallways had different visibility than the larger rooms. Also happy to see someone using Phaser as well. 

Part of the design of Nayr Odyssey was to let players allocate points into their ship. Feel free to discuss your favorite strategy here. I know a lot of the playtesters preferred ship speed to outrun the Yaralons or high attack damage to deplete battleship shields. Personally, my favourite is Shield Toggle Initiative as it lets you use shields really efficiently and never get hit. Fighting the autonomous machines is a good way to grind.

The points allocation screen.
Ship InitiativeIncreases the relative frequency at which you get opportunities to turn your ship. Good for making fast turns or escapes.
Shield PowerIncreases the amount of shields you have. Shields don't run out as quickly and will survive more attacks.
Shield Toggle InitiativeIncreases the relative frequency at which you get opportunities to enable or disable your shields. Good for beginners to stop enemy attacks on a dime.
Cannons StrengthIncreases the amount of damage your cannon attacks do. The best defence is a good offense!
Cannons RangeIncreases the range of your cannon attacks. 
Cannons InitiativeIncreases the relative frequency at which you get opportunities to fire your cannons. Effective for depleting enemy shields.
Engines InitiativeIncreases the relative frequency at which you get opportunities to set the engine speed. Works in tandem with ship initiative. 
Engines Max SpeedIncreases the maximum speed your ship can go. Useful for escapes or hurrying to planets for more supplies.

What are your favourites?

Hey! I wanted to thank you for taking the time to give such informative feedback. It's not uncommon to try a game on itch for a few minutes and move on, so I really appreciate your input. 😊

At the start of the jam I decided to myself that I wanted to have the style be a bit like a mid-90s game (eg: simple shading, lower resolution/polycount, etc.) I think think you're right about the Awake/Sleep icons being an accessibility issue and I should have prioritized that higher! Games like Metal Gear Solid did a better job with a lower PS1 resolution by sticking to white on black for smaller text:

I agree with you that a tutorial or some ramp-up would help a lot too. Sadly, I felt as though I was juggling a variety of factors (eg: programming, art, music, etc.) throughout the 7 days of the jam. Even a few dialogue boxes or popups explaining things would have helped a lot. Otherwise the player seems a bit aimless (but not in a good way like Star Control II!). The difficulty curve is a bit intentional though; the weaker enemies at the beginning are meant to help you get the basics of combat down. If I have time later, a "post-jam" update might be a good idea.

To help with the learning curve, I've updated the page description with an overview on how to play as well as a few tips. Please let me know if that makes a few things more clear, and thanks again!

This is a really astute way of describing things.

I love the atmosphere brought out by the pixel art and the music in this. It has a eerie feeling from something like H. R. Giger, but feels original in its own way. Great work! 

Oh, you! ♥️

This is really cool. I enjoyed managing the two activities!

This should be required playing before going to a game development-related event.

Fun! I enjoyed having an a-ha! moment when I got it right. 

Hey, I just wanted to say that this is super cool! I know Ink outputs JSON which works well for web games. Was Ink hard to use with Phaser?

This is a really lovely composition. I liked the feeling of putting a note on the pillars.

 👆🏼somber and a little fun 😜

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I really like the little tune that plays at the beginning, along with the little effects as you play the game. PICO-8 games usually have a pretty contemporary chiptune style, but this really felt like something that would have been on the 2600 or a similar system back in the day. Your effort towards the craft really paid off here!

I really like the little hopping animations of the characters, and they looks so cute! Awesome work! 👍🏽

Working on enemy animations at the moment.

Also the GIF is very long lol

Phaser and three.js. The player’s movement was a skeleton rig in Blender, but it’s populated by cubes rather than weighted joints.

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Haha, I just saw the trailer for Ape Out and surprisingly not! The grey walls and the top-down perspective match on point though.

I'm looking to hopefully have the sense of windup and timing for attacks that a twitchy action game might have.

We should really have some sort of SkiFree homage jam on itch here, lol.

This is a really cool idea. I love the non-orthogonal shape of the corridors and the bouncing from striking around.

I've got moving and dodging in, which is exciting. The values need to be tuned, but we're starting to see the core foundations of striking and being struck.

Still kind of figuring out the twitchiness.

Really looking forward to language-specific project page text! At the moment other languages are simply on the same page, and it’d be great to simplify this for visitors

Such a great style with the sprites, and I love the aesthetic of the art!

This is really cute. Does the growth use something like an L-system?