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Daniel Savage

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Are vertex locations clamped? The shaping reminds me of the integer-based rendering on the PlayStation 1.

I really liked the blending between space shooter and roguelike mechanics in this.

The mechanics might be easier-learned if they were more spaced out, but that kind of stuff can be challenging for a jam submission.

Nicely done!

This is good to know there's demand for 32-bit versions. I'll look into that for my next release.

This is such a cool idea! Goona need to order some anaglyphic glasses now.

I remember playing this a while ago, and I think it might have been with Game Maker, as the keyboard shortcuts for fullscreen seemed to match a usual GM game.

I know a few of their other games, like this one used GM.

If you're familiar with MIDI but not necessarily chiptune trackers, GXSCC is a really nice tool for Windows. It'll take an input MIDI file and output it as a WAV that sounds more akin to a retro game.


Feels great now! Thanks for fixing it so promptly. ðŸ˜

I really like this game idea. It's a cool take on two-player snake with a tug-of-war twist.

One thing I found a bit tricky was that pressing the up/down arrow keys scrolls the web page wrapping it. Would it be possible to update it with a call to Phaser.Keyboard.addKeyCapture in Doggo.Game.prototype.create? That would prevent the page from scrolling, I think.

Otherwise, this is so cool! Great job!

Created a new topic Do I have to make bad moves?
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I'm really enjoying the mechanic of this game. It's a really fun puzzle that tickles my brain!

Is it possible to go around the board without making a bad move? Sometimes I feel like I put myself into no-win situations, and I'm still figuring out how to avoid stepping into them.

This looks awesome! I hope to grab a group of friends to give it a try soon.

Hey there! There are instructions on how to play on the page. Let me know if you have any questions!

You're absolutely right! It doesn't match at all. Thank you for letting me know about that.

I won't be able to fix the issue within the next few days, but I hope to put out a patch this August. I'll let you know when that happens. Thanks for letting me know!

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That's awesome that you're doing a card game! Sempaï romance sounds ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ as well. Be sure to post updates!

I'm trying to make something like a mix between a visual novel and a tactical role-playing game, but with flirting instead of combat. The programming is almost done, but I don't know if I can make enough characters/art/UI by the end of the month!


(work in progress, lol)

Loving the endearing support for jams on itch.io. The interface and functionality is really clean, and it's always nice to browse around and see something cool you might want to join. Keep it up! ðŸ’–🕹💻

Cool submission! It's a bit tough to progress, which is kind of annoying, but overall it's got a good flappy-bird vibe going.

This looks great! I'd love to see a SNATCHER font for the Sega CD version.

This feels like the sort of Game Boy Color game that would occupy my brain as a child. Really fun! I liked the choice of colours and style of the pixel art. Well done!

These planet faces are adorable!

DawnBringer's palettes are awesome. Keep up the good work! I like the textured style from the dithering.

Love the usage of the Wilhelm Scream.


10/10 best plant game #GOTY

Developer. This site is great for showcasing a hobby portfolio.


I have no valid justification for the colonel's lip balm attitude. 😋

Did anyone end up jamming over the weekend anyway? I made this since I had booked the time off. If you made anything, I'd love to see your game.

Thank you! 😊

I really wanted to show my childhood influences in a way that would be accessible to little kids, so your comment means a lot. Cheers!

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Understandable. If there's the possibility of a solo/compo distinction, I'd be all for it.

Created a new topic Compo/Jam Distinction?
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I'm really fond of the community itch.io has been producing, and I'm excited about this jam!

Ludum Dare typically has had a Compo (solo, original assets) category and a Jam one. Compo has always been a little intimidating, but it's exciting to produce something and test your skills. Will there be any way of indicating that a submission is one or the other, or are things a little more free?

Either way I'm game, but I'd be curious to know how others are approaching this.

Cool stuff! The dark air of the game really matched Shin Megami Tensei, which was neat.

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Hey team!

The past few months I've been working on a little PC/Mac game called Super Radish Witch. It's been a bit of a passion project, and I've had a lot of fun making it. I've never made game artwork like this before, so I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions too.

You can check it out here! Thanks!

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This is awesome! Looks like a great way to get inspired. 😍

Edit: I've made a little script that will refresh the image every 10 seconds. If you copy/paste and enter it into the JavaScript console in Chrome or Firefox, it should work.

(function (seconds){setInterval( function () { document.getElementById('title').click(); } , seconds * 1000)})(10);

Changing the "10" at the end can change the interval too. It's fun to have the image rotating while you work.

I did a maze game too, and I like your touching mechanic a lot more than my passive patterns. It rewards the player for doing things a lot more eloquently.

Created a new topic Having a lot of fun!

Man, this theme is really making me work at it!

Tuning the feedback to the player's actions is a lot more challenging than I expected. This has been a really cool exercise.

Hope your hand is okay! I'm looking forward to playing it. :)

That looks super adorable! Will you be uploading it to itch.io?

Huzzah! Zelda-style shapeshifting!

Hey Voia! I'll be sure to subscribe to your channel!

The past six months I've been doing Super Radish Witch as a passion project. It's not a horror game, but if you'd be interested in making a video on it, I'd love to see it get more exposure. If not, that's cool too!


Still needs some graphics! Most of the core gameplay is done though, thankfully!

I was looking at AFB's guidelines on making content for the visually impaired, and I was curious if anyone had any suggestions on making things easier to understand.

For instance, would having "W, A, S, and D keys" instead of "WASD" in a manual be better for screen readers? Do PDF documents work better than web pages?

Any insights or discussion would be great!