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Fun! I enjoyed having an a-ha! moment when I got it right. 

Hey, I just wanted to say that this is super cool! I know Ink outputs JSON which works well for web games. Was Ink hard to use with Phaser?

This is a really lovely composition. I liked the feeling of putting a note on the pillars.

 👆🏼somber and a little fun 😜

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I really like the little tune that plays at the beginning, along with the little effects as you play the game. PICO-8 games usually have a pretty contemporary chiptune style, but this really felt like something that would have been on the 2600 or a similar system back in the day. Your effort towards the craft really paid off here!

I really like the little hopping animations of the characters, and they looks so cute! Awesome work! 👍🏽

Working on enemy animations at the moment.

Also the GIF is very long lol

Phaser and three.js. The player’s movement was a skeleton rig in Blender, but it’s populated by cubes rather than weighted joints.

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Haha, I just saw the trailer for Ape Out and surprisingly not! The grey walls and the top-down perspective match on point though.

I'm looking to hopefully have the sense of windup and timing for attacks that a twitchy action game might have.

We should really have some sort of SkiFree homage jam on itch here, lol.

This is a really cool idea. I love the non-orthogonal shape of the corridors and the bouncing from striking around.

I've got moving and dodging in, which is exciting. The values need to be tuned, but we're starting to see the core foundations of striking and being struck.

Still kind of figuring out the twitchiness.

Really looking forward to language-specific project page text! At the moment other languages are simply on the same page, and it’d be great to simplify this for visitors

Sorry, I don't think it should be free. I think the game's author(s) deserve money for the game if they want it.

Such a great style with the sprites, and I love the aesthetic of the art!

This is really cute. Does the growth use something like an L-system?

I loved the work put into making this seem like it's own product and not necessarily a default Unity game. Does the player direct a RigidBody2D? Were there particular things you found that worked well for tuning?

Awesome! I'm glad you were to make something so cool from this!

Hey famjam. Since the theme of this jam is computing the square root each frame, lets talk about some fun, computer-y, math-y, ways to get that square root happenin.

Real talk: we're going to assume we're taking the square root of a positive number.

Using the system library functions

The quick and quick and tried and true stuff.





C and C++

#include <math.h>
#include <cmath> // for C++ sqrt(490.0);

GameMaker Language





 ❗️ 🚴 ➡️ 🔢

Outsourcing the computations to a third party

Quick! Check if the domain is available and apply to Y Combinator!

Other options!

Feel free to respond with your preferred square root-computing method! Make sure a computer will run it each frame! 

Having been 16-years-old in 2007 this was very relatable. Well-done! The Shins was basically pretentious me and I approve.

Love the acoustic guitar track, especially in LD entries. Awesome work! 

Very cute! I  love how tall the hitbox gets after a while.

This is super cool.✨✨


It can be fun to do, especially working within the NES palette, but it's not strictly required! Up to you. 😜

I really enjoyed the puzzles for this one. :) Especially the one where you had to arrange the colour trails.

I love the effect on the birds. How did you go about that? 

This game is a joy to play. :)

Ahhh! I didn't mean it that way! I'm sorry if it came across as insensitive!

I know that Coeliac's disease involves the immune system attacking the villi in the small intestine when exposed to gluten. Interacting with the little wiggly things on the surfaces reminds me of that.

I hope your friend felt a little better after playing this!

I am okay with this. 👍💯

I enjoyed having to figure out which key I had to move where with regards to the block. Fun stuff!

How did your generate the rooms? I feel as though I saw some sorts of patterns, but I wasn't entirely sure.

I love seeing that you're still using dice, like your Strawberry Jam 2 submission! 

I'll have to get some friends together to try this. 😊

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As a composition, it's a great element and appealing to the player. "best" is subjective in a scope like this!

I really liked the artwork of the character, as well as the horizontal scrolling shooter vibe. R-Type is fun to play, and I think you're trying to channel this, which is awesome.

If I were to give some suggestions, I'd look at changing the shape of the other moving objects. Relative to the size of the player, they're quite small! I wasn't sure if they were bullets or enemies. I bet adjusting those would help with tuning other things if you decide to as well.

Keep up the good work!

Works great! I was able to play on macOS. 👍 Thanks for taking a look into it.

The concept was neat! I liked being able to get into a good rhythm and shooting the objects in series. I was playing with a gamepad and the feeling of pressing the d-pad left and right helped a lot. Good work!

Should be fixed and working a lot better now!

I loved the look of the colour trail in this one. Was that done in a post process shader? Looked very good.

Sometimes squeezing through the walls was a bit tricky, but overall it was great that this had a solid beginning/middle/end.

Works great on macOS!

I loved the title screen music. The attack/dodge moves reminded me a lot of a From Software or Platinum game.