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Daniel Savage

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I am okay with this. 👍💯

I enjoyed having to figure out which key I had to move where with regards to the block. Fun stuff!

How did your generate the rooms? I feel as though I saw some sorts of patterns, but I wasn't entirely sure.

I love seeing that you're still using dice, like your Strawberry Jam 2 submission! 

I'll have to get some friends together to try this. 😊

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As a composition, it's a great element and appealing to the player. "best" is subjective in a scope like this!

I really liked the artwork of the character, as well as the horizontal scrolling shooter vibe. R-Type is fun to play, and I think you're trying to channel this, which is awesome.

If I were to give some suggestions, I'd look at changing the shape of the other moving objects. Relative to the size of the player, they're quite small! I wasn't sure if they were bullets or enemies. I bet adjusting those would help with tuning other things if you decide to as well.

Keep up the good work!

Works great! I was able to play on macOS. 👍 Thanks for taking a look into it.

The concept was neat! I liked being able to get into a good rhythm and shooting the objects in series. I was playing with a gamepad and the feeling of pressing the d-pad left and right helped a lot. Good work!

Should be fixed and working a lot better now!

I loved the look of the colour trail in this one. Was that done in a post process shader? Looked very good.

Sometimes squeezing through the walls was a bit tricky, but overall it was great that this had a solid beginning/middle/end.

Works great on macOS!

I loved the title screen music. The attack/dodge moves reminded me a lot of a From Software or Platinum game.

Hey, just a quick note, the macOS version is having some issues on High Seirra. The included game file didn't have it's file permissions set to run, so I ran

chmod a+x RGBBlaster

but it still wouldn't run!

I get the error message indicated above.

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We're flattered you gave the game a try fuzzmonkey! You wouldn't mind being able to tell me which browser you were using, would you? I've been able to get things running with Chrome 66 and Firefox 60, but I think Safari doesn't have certain web features that LÖVE's player needs. I'm looking into figuring out a good fix on that one.

Thanks for taking the time to play! 🕹💯❤️

Love the bright aesthetic!

I hadn't seen this before, but this was really raw and engaging. Some of the dialogue about being in a relationship felt very visceral.

I think people have mentioned it before, but I love the simple ocean waves for the background of this game page:


Where did you get those Japanese school sounds from?

Part of me thinks the author used a lot of CSS animations? I know you can specify a pattern of points and their durations. I'm not sure how complicated it is to compose though!

I love the use of Phaser's tweening with this! Nicely done!

Hey there! My votes accidentally got submitted twice! I had picked War as the theme I didn't want around 8:45pm PST, if that helps.

Would it be easy for you to rescind the extra vote?

Thanks for taking the time to play it! I appreciate the effort you put into it, finishing all the levels. There are some rough points and I think you covered it really well.

This looks awesome, but I only have access to a Linux and macOS laptop atm. Any chance you could do a Mac build?

Hey team!

I've recently finished working on a stealth game called Spectres of the Cold. It was a two-month project where I had to make a game using a 256x256 sprite sheet from a friend.

You can take a look here! The game runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The game was initially written in English, but you can also play in Korean and Spanish.

Please let me know if you try it! I haven't made something this personal or emotional before, so any feedback would be wonderful to hear.


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I really like the mashup you've done here! 👍💯 The soundtrack is enjoyable and multitasking between turning and the rhythm is a fun challenge. The difficulty is in a good zone and it runs nicely on my MacBook Pro.

Perhaps I had to practice more, but I felt as though I wasn't 100% sure where to focus my eyes at times. I found I kind of alternated between looking at the beat timer and the minimap.

Is the minimap a separate render texture? How did you find making the beat timer in Godot? Did you use a particular language or framework?

At one workplace we'd frequently stream interesting indie games, and a shared collection was a great way of saving promising ones. Everyone can curate itch.io and add to the pile quickly.

This is wonderful.  I love that games here have more options for localization.  😊

Are vertex locations clamped? The shaping reminds me of the integer-based rendering on the PlayStation 1.

I really liked the blending between space shooter and roguelike mechanics in this.

The mechanics might be easier-learned if they were more spaced out, but that kind of stuff can be challenging for a jam submission.

Nicely done!

This is good to know there's demand for 32-bit versions. I'll look into that for my next release.

This is such a cool idea! Goona need to order some anaglyphic glasses now.

I remember playing this a while ago, and I think it might have been with Game Maker, as the keyboard shortcuts for fullscreen seemed to match a usual GM game.

I know a few of their other games, like this one used GM.

If you're familiar with MIDI but not necessarily chiptune trackers, GXSCC is a really nice tool for Windows. It'll take an input MIDI file and output it as a WAV that sounds more akin to a retro game.


Feels great now! Thanks for fixing it so promptly. 😁

I really like this game idea. It's a cool take on two-player snake with a tug-of-war twist.

One thing I found a bit tricky was that pressing the up/down arrow keys scrolls the web page wrapping it. Would it be possible to update it with a call to Phaser.Keyboard.addKeyCapture in Doggo.Game.prototype.create? That would prevent the page from scrolling, I think.

Otherwise, this is so cool! Great job!

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I'm really enjoying the mechanic of this game. It's a really fun puzzle that tickles my brain!

Is it possible to go around the board without making a bad move? Sometimes I feel like I put myself into no-win situations, and I'm still figuring out how to avoid stepping into them.

This looks awesome! I hope to grab a group of friends to give it a try soon.

Hey there! There are instructions on how to play on the page. Let me know if you have any questions!

You're absolutely right! It doesn't match at all. Thank you for letting me know about that.

I won't be able to fix the issue within the next few days, but I hope to put out a patch this August. I'll let you know when that happens. Thanks for letting me know!

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That's awesome that you're doing a card game! Sempaï romance sounds 🔥🔥🔥 as well. Be sure to post updates!

I'm trying to make something like a mix between a visual novel and a tactical role-playing game, but with flirting instead of combat. The programming is almost done, but I don't know if I can make enough characters/art/UI by the end of the month!


(work in progress, lol)