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[DevLog] Iborea - The Acheron's Journey

A topic by LuminyStudios created Jan 13, 2016 Views: 1,409 Replies: 11
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Hi there!

I'm Juanjo from Luminy Studios, this is a small DevLog for my entry to this JAM where I try to share the progress of the project.

First off I want to say that I'm doing this project alone, I'm lead artist of Luminy Studios but this game it's a personal challenge.

The plot:

The player is sent to the island by his tribe to retrieve an artifact that will help prevent a war between the various tribes inhabiting Iborea and avoid self-destruction. During the exploration, the player will find books, diaries and notes where part of the history of Iborea and the artifact is explained.

The game will be very simple and the mechanics also. It's likely to be unable to finish the game in time so I'll try to submit a demo (I hope).

Here some images in-game of the first level of the game:

I hope you like it, tomorrow I'll try to share more images!


Wonderful work! I love the images :D Seems we have lot of games to play!


Thanks Similia for your kind words!

Your work in Anamedia is very interesting, seems that the old-school games are rising again.

Maybe Anamedia could be your entry for the JAM... ;-)


Thank you so much Luminy!

It would be nice submit ANAMEDIA, but I don't think we can do it. The development of the game is started before the jam and we would break the rules. Should hear what thinks Sophie about that :D


It's true, you're right :-(


Incredible graphics! What else could I say? :) I must have written this already 10 times and it's not enough. Probably the most beautiful game of this Jam, and without a doubt an interesting one to follow. Can't wait to play the final version!

Submitted (2 edits)

Thanks Icehouse!!

After working too hard and many problems with the programming (remember I'm not a programmer) I think tomorrow I could have some to submit... I still have work to do, but I think I'll have it.

Meanwhile here new images:


What a nice ambiance! Definetely the best graphics I've seen so far for this jam... and for an indie game created alone!!

Don't forget to share a demo before the end of the countdown :)


Thanks Icehouse for your encouragement!

Well, Iborea demo v1.1 is finished. As you can see it is very very simple, basically it's a walking simulator. I haven't had time to add puzzles but there are some interactive elements but I'll continue working on Iborea to implement more interactivity in the future, now it's just a demo.

You can download from the Myst JAM page, I hope you like it... enjoy!!

Thanks to Shopie to create this amazing JAM, I've had a lot of fun!


Very good demo! Iborea is a solid entry!


Thanks Simon your entry is also wonderful!



There has been a small problem with the installer of Iborea, it was not working in Windows 7. The problem has been fixed and now it works perfectly.

Sorry for the inconveniences.