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Thank you so much for playing Forte's Mission, and for making the video. It was great to see you playing, I watched it until the end! (I don't speak Japanese unfortunately...)
I'm so happy that a Japanese player has finished my short game and enjoyed it. You did great at solving the puzzles!
Regarding the final puzzle: ideally, the different objets (butterflies, clocks, stars...) had to be colored in black, as indicated in the clue book. As a result, the answer appears much better when superimposing the images and placing them in the light.
But you found the 4 digits nevertheless, well done :)
If you are curious, Forte's Mission is taking place in the world of one of my previous games, ASA: A Space Adventure (Steam,, that I created 10 years ago. Playing to ASA would give you many additional story pieces...
If you like puzzle adventure games, you can also try to play my new short game called Zly.ii: The Hacked Station (it's free on my account).

Glad you could finally install and it and that you enjoyed it!

Euler's Cube is definitely a beautiful little game made with love, in tribute to the Black Cube series, and it's obvious that the developer, struzzo, polished everything as much as possible. Of course this game won't please all players as it is made with an old game engine, and there's no frenetic action and killings, and it's much better to know the Black Cube series to understand everything. But it is a nice mystery to solve, by using very funny devices and a chess game. There's nothing very difficult, but it's not super easy either and you need to click here and there and use your brain a little bit! I found it well balanced, nicely done... elegant! And it's definetely a wonderful tribute to the Cubes! Thank you struzzo for your creation!

Not playing Euler's Cube cannot be accepted as it is so much an enjoyable game! Make sure you run it with Admin rights, and that you are allowed to play x86 programs (not only x64). Try running with a Windows XP or Windows 7 compatibility mode maybe? I didn't have any issue installing and playing in Windows 10, and didn't do anything special. Adventure Maker games are still compatible. I don't know with Windows 11 however... Might be the issue?

I need more time to complete the game, so I will post my final comment later, as I get Game Overs quite often for wrong answers/choices. However it's not an issue with the game, and I prefer to take my time to enjoy it, by reading the texts carefully and enjoying the world. The art is immersive and well chosen, with beautiful AI visuals and characters, and it's a pleasure to dive into this new visual novel by TreeDancer (who also created the nice Shadows of Osiris for Yaz Jam). I'll write more later after I reach the end!

I have finished playing your game. Wonderful atmosphere! The art/graphics and the world you have created are excellent, as expected, and look like they come from games like Cyberpunk 2077. Really cool scifi room. The small sculptures are intriguing. The game is unfortunately too short and too easy haha (I had to say it, sorry), however, when I found the Cube, I thought it was the end already, but there was still a great surprise! By the way, I love the texture on your Black Cube!

I enjoyed JG Field! It was very difficult for me to complete, and stayed stuck for a long long time (days). Almost gave up! I had to ask for help to the dev Yaz from the beginning in order to really "start" and get into it. However once I figured out the logic with the colors, I could finish the game quite fast. Everything is logical and can be guessed with the given clues, and there's no need to make maths or intricate things. I loved how Yaz used the symmetry with the letters in a clever way, how he used the names of the "pillars" of the Black Cube series, and how everything is linked together and makes sense. Before obtaining our final gift, we have to recreate a sentence in OT language (from game Catyph) and it's another great tribute to the series. Loved it!

What a joy to see the game with so many languages now! Thanks Yaz!

Nice story and neat graphics, the gameplay is working well and the music is immersive. There is a nice progressive challenge! The last part is  very difficult, I had a very hard time with it, but finally I had the chance to see the ending, and it was worth it. Another intricate but fascinating project by Yazorius :) Well done!

Hexpatria will be very different in the end, but I can't wait to show it!

I don't know for the sequel, there hasn't be a lot of requests ^^ We'll see! Glad you liked this episode however :)

Thank you Yaz, it's so great that you enjoyed the game so much!

Thanks a lot Yaz for the great comment!

The Shadows of Osiris was RogerCAKT's first attempt at creating a video game on his own, and I like it. Made in the context of Yaz Jam 4 where the purpose was to use AI tools, Roger did it brilliantly which resulted in the beautiful Egyptian/SciFi pictures and soundtrack. His game is not perfect but a lot of efforts and passion must have been put into this (and fun, hopefully?) and I find it very inspiring. Regarding the game itself it's a kind of short narrative/visual novel made with Renpy, but not the usual visual novel: you'll have to go through a succession of riddles and find the good answer everytime -sometimes obvious, sometimes not!- to try to repair a mysterious alien cube that broke when you touched it...

Nicely manufactured game where you have to open a door locked with a digicode. There are several things in the environment that look like necessary clues, but you have to find through them the only few important ones that will be truly useful. In the end you'll get a sequence of numbers. Can you do it?

Oh thank you so much struzzo ♥ 

I first posted this on our Icehouse Dirscord but then thought it could be nice to make a copy here!

Immersive graphics and gameplay as usual! We are evolving in a small maze building, where we have to open a locked door. I'm still stuck and haven't finished the game yet. However I really appreciate the efforts made by the developer and I can see that the game is good. I really want to play it more on a day where I'm not too tired and where as a result I will suffer less of nausea because of motion sickness -personal problem with 1st person full 3d games.

This is a first feedback, I need to play more. I will of course write a more complete comment on itchio asap!

I first posted this on our Icehouse Dirscord but then thought it could be nice to make a copy here!

I enjoyed playing through the narrative story. The AI art is nice and goes along very well with the story. There are a few issues that we can forgive for a very first game created by Roger! It was fun trying to find the answers to the riddles.

This is a first feedback, I need to play more. I will of course write a more complete comment on itchio asap!

I first posted this on our Icehouse Dirscord but then thought it could be nice to make a copy here!

Nice story and neat graphics, the gameplay is working well and the music is immersive. There is a nice progressive challenge! I can't tell more however because I'm still stuck at the test with the 6-faces cube 😏 If humanity relies on my results to survive, there is no future 😂

This is a first feedback, I need to play more. I will of course write a more complete comment on itchio asap!

Took me a bit of time to be able to play it, been quite busy, but finally finished it in about an hour. As expected it's a new gem created by "Team Esmeralda" and it was really cool! The hand illustrated art is neat and fits perfectly with the undersea atmosphere. The environment to visit is quite small, which is logical with the station story, anyway there are many interactions and items to pick up to keep us busy. The masterpiece of this short game is certainly the puzzle of translation where we have to decypher the Dr's diary. The ending was nice, even though I wasn't very surprised to see "it" :) But it's a good idea ^^ Overall it's a very nice point and click adventure and I will never say enough to the fans of the genre to play all of the other games of The Argonauts and Esmeralda!

Oh indeed, from your screenshot it should be Mha, not Mhe! That's something I need to fix asap when I get to work on this project again. It's surprising that other people could finish the game despite this error, I don't know how they found out the correct words to enter...

It's true that the font doesn't make it clear which is a R and which is a N. That's something someone else noticed before, I'll try to fix it too. 

Thanks for playing KaosKahn, and for the feedback!

Thanks. Well I would prefer to be able to hide the answers with a spoiler banner if it was possible (same thing with the correct order that you are giving in your message). 

I'm glad you liked the game however!

It's in my plans to continue to develop this project a little more as soon as I have the time. Many of the ideas have already been written, so... I hope it will be this year! But it will remain a small free game, there's no plan to make it a full and ambitious project.

Hey, sorry for taking so long to reply, I don't connect here every day. Thanks for trying out this short game!
The magical words that are the same are 2nd and 3rd. How did you get to the solution that it is 2nd and 4th?
Honestly I made this game quite long ago now, so it's hard to remember the good answer to try to help you.

However I have written in my notebook:

sign 1 SuaMhe
sign 2 SuaIar
sign 3 SuaIar
sign 4 NatCosIar
sign 5 CosNat

However I don't remember the correct order. I hope it can still help you resolve it! Good luck!

Thanks :)

Thanks BlurredGames, your games look really nice too!

Thanks ;)

I'm sorry, I didn't have enough time to understand the game and post a comment earlier, but I've finally been able to spend a long moment on your project. It was hard to get into it for me, but then I really had a good time! The concept is nice and interesting. Imo it's a very good submission for a Jam and you can be proud of it!

Thank you! Yes SFX are planned in the final version of the game. I didn't have the time during the game jam :)

Well done Distant Dimensions! Area-41 is a very beautiful pixel art game. The art is really cool, with many details and sprites of quality, and some enemies that can remind of metroids and other similar games. It's nice that you keep making 2d games from time to time, the result is good. I like the addition of more modern effects, such as the general blue tint (required by the theme of course), particles, and the vignetting. Everything is polished, there is no big problem in the gameplay (the gravity thing is a good idea), and the audio serves the game well (when an enemy is near, for example). I don't know if the levels are created randomly or not, but they are very long. Digging seems endless, and as long as you don't find a key and a door, or a checkpoint (teleporter?), you will continue to dig more and more to the depths of this world. You gain treasures when you dig, and it gives you a final score when you open the door. Globally it's a cool project for something made in such a short time during a Game Jam. It's just a shame that there is not a more developed story, and more changes in the level design (new treasures, more traps, and a real objective ... I mean, an evolution in the gameplay). But it's cool, it's very well done! I find however that the mouse controls are a little bit complicated (for me - but I know it's related to the theme) and I would prefer to play this with keyboard or gamepad. I think that mouse would be more adapated for a point and click adventure than a kind of adventure game: when there's contact with an enemy, it's total panic, and then it's hard to know which button to press in order to flee! There is a bit of space for improvement but certainly space for a longer game eventually. Nice project!

Thank you videoreview2023 for the video!

Each YAZORIUS game is unique, both in its style and in its gameplay! I really liked this All for ONE! The atmosphere is very good, thanks to the blue of the ocean and the music. The aesthetics is also very well done, it's fine and pretty, everything fits perfectly. The difficulty is well balanced and will not put off too many players (except for the very first rotative obstacle, which killed me 4 times before I could finally get out of it ^^)

The gameplay idea is nice too. Attracting allied fish to make the group bigger is great. It makes the game cute, and it's also realistic. On the other hand it also reminds me of the game Pikmin.

Overall I really like it. In some aspects (including the visual rendering), this game reminds me of the marine levels of Donkey Kong Country on super nintendo, and it is still to this day for me the ultimate reference for 2d underwater levels! And it really means a lot.
Really great! I recommend it !

Thank you Yaz! So happy that you liked it!

Thank you Marco! Sorry for the late reply, I wasn't at home lately. Now I'm curious to discover your games too ;)

Thanks for your comment and kind words! Glad to read that you liked the mood of the game (reminding Elder Scrolls! <3)

Regarding the puzzles to solve and the diary: well I agree, and at the same time it's not supposed to be an easy game that takes the player by the hand. I know that it would make Shadow easier and more accessible to a vast majority of people, but I also wanted to keep the heritage of games like Myst. These games were atmospheric and beautiful but very challenging: you had to take notes on paper, visit the world, come back on your steps, think differently until you realise that you have the answer...

Well, I will think about it. Maybe I will add a menu with a list of objectives, and try to add the diary in the inventory to read it at any time. For the moment I try to focus on finishing the game (the story was developed at 50% during the Jam). 

I don't think anyone will make a walkthrough video, but I will write one in the devlog of the game. Take a look if you have the time!

Hi Steven, many thanks for all of your post, from the good vibes to the helpful feedback! Another update is planned in the future for a longer version of the game and as many issues fixed. I'll take a look at the move issue where you got stuck. Hopefully you'll be able to continue playing until the end of the story as it was initially planned, if you're still interested. Cheers!

(2 edits)

The screenshots show the game. The description of the game says that it's pre-rendered 3d, which means it's not full 3d. That's what we mean with 2d: 3d scenes turned into pictures. It's the same technology than what you see in theaters when you watch a Pixar movie for example. Talking of 2d here means 'still images and video', in opposition to full 3d where you interact with the world in real time in the game engine.

I think it might be the save system then, I might have forgotten to add a script or something. I'll take a look for the next update! Thanks for your help.

(1 edit)

Uh weird, this is not supposed to happen. There is no setting in the weather effect to make the world become dark. This never happened to me or to anyone else that I know. I think it could be related to your pc maybe? Are you sure your GPU is not overheating, which could explain that kind of trouble? 

Well I don't know. I'm taking your screenshots very seriously, so thanks for sharing them. I'll check everything in the game to try to discover if something's wrong. But it's really weird that it never happened to me or to anyone else who played. 

Could you please edit your comment and delete the 2nd screenshot, as it gives the answer to the puzzle? Thanks.

Thanks for taking more time to play and for the detailed feedback. 

re: getting dark

What do you mean? Like it's the night suddenly? The lighting or darkness are not changing in the game, there's no weather or night cycles, so I don't get it.

Thank you! Sorry for the game breaking bug in the jam release. It's full of bugs and it's impossible to finish the game in version 0.1... 

There are various gameplay issues anyway. Not sure what I will do for the final version (point and click, teleport, walk with keyboard...). It would seem that most people usually prefer to play with mouse+keyboard, that's why I included it in v0.5 instead of the failing point and click gameplay. But on the other hand I am one of these people who suffer of motion sickness so my preference would go  to the teleportation system. I just tried to do something "for everyone", but it's not possible. 

Anyway that was fun to work on this project, I learned many things! 

Congrats to you for the release of Oh My God! I love the work of Esmeralda and together you've created a very nice game that I finished with delight.