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I'm sorry, I didn't have enough time to understand the game and post a comment earlier, but I've finally been able to spend a long moment on your project. It was hard to get into it for me, but then I really had a good time! The concept is nice and interesting. Imo it's a very good submission for a Jam and you can be proud of it!

Thank you! Yes SFX are planned in the final version of the game. I didn't have the time during the game jam :)

Well done Distant Dimensions! Area-41 is a very beautiful pixel art game. The art is really cool, with many details and sprites of quality, and some enemies that can remind of metroids and other similar games. It's nice that you keep making 2d games from time to time, the result is good. I like the addition of more modern effects, such as the general blue tint (required by the theme of course), particles, and the vignetting. Everything is polished, there is no big problem in the gameplay (the gravity thing is a good idea), and the audio serves the game well (when an enemy is near, for example). I don't know if the levels are created randomly or not, but they are very long. Digging seems endless, and as long as you don't find a key and a door, or a checkpoint (teleporter?), you will continue to dig more and more to the depths of this world. You gain treasures when you dig, and it gives you a final score when you open the door. Globally it's a cool project for something made in such a short time during a Game Jam. It's just a shame that there is not a more developed story, and more changes in the level design (new treasures, more traps, and a real objective ... I mean, an evolution in the gameplay). But it's cool, it's very well done! I find however that the mouse controls are a little bit complicated (for me - but I know it's related to the theme) and I would prefer to play this with keyboard or gamepad. I think that mouse would be more adapated for a point and click adventure than a kind of adventure game: when there's contact with an enemy, it's total panic, and then it's hard to know which button to press in order to flee! There is a bit of space for improvement but certainly space for a longer game eventually. Nice project!

Thank you videoreview2023 for the video!

Each YAZORIUS game is unique, both in its style and in its gameplay! I really liked this All for ONE! The atmosphere is very good, thanks to the blue of the ocean and the music. The aesthetics is also very well done, it's fine and pretty, everything fits perfectly. The difficulty is well balanced and will not put off too many players (except for the very first rotative obstacle, which killed me 4 times before I could finally get out of it ^^)

The gameplay idea is nice too. Attracting allied fish to make the group bigger is great. It makes the game cute, and it's also realistic. On the other hand it also reminds me of the game Pikmin.

Overall I really like it. In some aspects (including the visual rendering), this game reminds me of the marine levels of Donkey Kong Country on super nintendo, and it is still to this day for me the ultimate reference for 2d underwater levels! And it really means a lot.
Really great! I recommend it !

Thank you Yaz! So happy that you liked it!

Thank you Marco! Sorry for the late reply, I wasn't at home lately. Now I'm curious to discover your games too ;)

Thanks for your comment and kind words! Glad to read that you liked the mood of the game (reminding Elder Scrolls! <3)

Regarding the puzzles to solve and the diary: well I agree, and at the same time it's not supposed to be an easy game that takes the player by the hand. I know that it would make Shadow easier and more accessible to a vast majority of people, but I also wanted to keep the heritage of games like Myst. These games were atmospheric and beautiful but very challenging: you had to take notes on paper, visit the world, come back on your steps, think differently until you realise that you have the answer...

Well, I will think about it. Maybe I will add a menu with a list of objectives, and try to add the diary in the inventory to read it at any time. For the moment I try to focus on finishing the game (the story was developed at 50% during the Jam). 

I don't think anyone will make a walkthrough video, but I will write one in the devlog of the game. Take a look if you have the time!

Hi Steven, many thanks for all of your post, from the good vibes to the helpful feedback! Another update is planned in the future for a longer version of the game and as many issues fixed. I'll take a look at the move issue where you got stuck. Hopefully you'll be able to continue playing until the end of the story as it was initially planned, if you're still interested. Cheers!

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The screenshots show the game. The description of the game says that it's pre-rendered 3d, which means it's not full 3d. That's what we mean with 2d: 3d scenes turned into pictures. It's the same technology than what you see in theaters when you watch a Pixar movie for example. Talking of 2d here means 'still images and video', in opposition to full 3d where you interact with the world in real time in the game engine.

I think it might be the save system then, I might have forgotten to add a script or something. I'll take a look for the next update! Thanks for your help.

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Uh weird, this is not supposed to happen. There is no setting in the weather effect to make the world become dark. This never happened to me or to anyone else that I know. I think it could be related to your pc maybe? Are you sure your GPU is not overheating, which could explain that kind of trouble? 

Well I don't know. I'm taking your screenshots very seriously, so thanks for sharing them. I'll check everything in the game to try to discover if something's wrong. But it's really weird that it never happened to me or to anyone else who played. 

Could you please edit your comment and delete the 2nd screenshot, as it gives the answer to the puzzle? Thanks.

Thanks for taking more time to play and for the detailed feedback. 

re: getting dark

What do you mean? Like it's the night suddenly? The lighting or darkness are not changing in the game, there's no weather or night cycles, so I don't get it.

Thank you! Sorry for the game breaking bug in the jam release. It's full of bugs and it's impossible to finish the game in version 0.1... 

There are various gameplay issues anyway. Not sure what I will do for the final version (point and click, teleport, walk with keyboard...). It would seem that most people usually prefer to play with mouse+keyboard, that's why I included it in v0.5 instead of the failing point and click gameplay. But on the other hand I am one of these people who suffer of motion sickness so my preference would go  to the teleportation system. I just tried to do something "for everyone", but it's not possible. 

Anyway that was fun to work on this project, I learned many things! 

Congrats to you for the release of Oh My God! I love the work of Esmeralda and together you've created a very nice game that I finished with delight.

Hey! So good to read that the atmosphere was great! 

The Jam version is full of bugs. I spent a lot of time on the point and click gameplay but it doesn't work well. And I didn't participate during the 14 days unfortunately... As a result you can't finish the game in this version.

Version 0.6 doesn't seem to have a game breaking bug (at least nobody told me), but it is indeed difficult to kill the crow because the hotspot on it is too far and hard to reach. I will fix that later. You can however get rid of him, it's possible (in case you were wondering). You need to combine the bow and another item in your inventory (so find a bow if you don't have it). Use the minimap and search around the areas with a magnifying glass.

Thanks a lot for playing and leaving a comment!

Hi George, thanks for the feedback!

Got rid of crow and got his feather (this cost some time because it’s a small area to actually target the crow to get the scene to shoot it!)

Ah yes, I know, I will try to fix it. It's because the hotspot is too far.

I could only access 3 of the signposts

The 2 last ones can be accessed as soon as you break The Morrigan's magical bareer at the end of the misty path (where you found the bow).

I could not lower the bridge or get across the river to reach the other two?

You can't lower it from the side of the river where you start the game. You have to break the magical bareer to access to the Dolmen and the other side of the river.

When it got dark, the game becomes very not fun and unplayable.

Sorry. It is meant to be like this, just like the game series I used as a reference (Myst). More recently in the genre you had Quern or Call of the Sea. You have to be careful to the details around you because there are clues hidden in the environment, that is useful to progress in the game. I'm quite aware that this kind of game is not very popular nowadays and that, as a Jam project, I probably failed to create the kind of experience that I wanted to, but I'm sure you could beat it easily with a bit of help.

For example: The Morrigan's magical bareer must have a device or something to be disabled. If you search around the bareer, have you found the red hand painted on a stone, with numbers? You should go find it, then try to find where you can use this information. Isn't there another place in the mountains with "fingers" that you could use?

I still do not know how to “say” or recite one of the 5 words properly

I'm pretty sure that you'll find out after breaking the magical bareer. It's one of the first stages in the game, after finding and using the bow (both can be done in any order: first use the bow, or first break the bareer. You have used the bow, very good!).

Once you find the 2 last signposts, use the diary to see how to compose each word, then use the full incantation made of 5 words.

Design is likely too involved/hard for a jam game.

I don't think so, I make difficult games all the time. Being a Jam game or not doesn't matter in my opinion. It's an experience and an experiment, for both the dev and the player. You like the game or not :) But I'm glad that you appreciate the effort I put into it! Thanks!

Some of the play is a little obtuse to figure out

Well this is probably because you've not played a Myst game before. Or maybe my interpretation of Myst game has been wrong all the time ahah (I've released several commercial Myst-like games and the amateurs of the genre seem to like them in general?)

Don’t take any of this poorly and it’s just meant to be constructive.

Ah no, don't worry, it's great. I like to read feedback to progress. It's not easy to please everyone when you make a game (including myself ahah). What you said is interesting. I thought that Shadow of The Morrigan was quite easy (compared to what I did in the past), but there are actually several issues that came to my mind through all the comments:

1 - the island is vast and it's easy to get lost, and to miss an important clue

2 - some people like the current gameplay with keyboard, others would prefer a point and click gameplay

3 - players nowadays don't seem to like too much a challenging puzzle game ahah. 

4 - if I want to make the game more modern (with the use of full 3d), then I need to make also the gameplay and game design more modern, and not just do it in the old way like I always did. For this I would need to play more of the modern puzzle/adventure games in 1st person view, and see how they are done.

Or you were new to Adventure Creator?

Yes and no. I have never done a polished commercial game with it but I have already created several Jam games. However it was the first time that I was using Adventure Creator for a 1st person experience, and it was quite different of what I did in the past.

I would at least spend a few days wrapping it up and polishing it so more people can finish and enjoy it.

Absolutely! I will continue to work on it in the future until it is more "finished". Cheers!

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Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked the work on the environment so much! Ok well maybe I will take a look into the key issue today then... I wanted to wait for the end of the Jam votes before I post a new update, but I'll see what I can do. It's true that it could really help several players to enjoy the experience more. Sorry for that!

It's a 2d game, you don't need a very powerful system.
You can check on Steam:

    • OS: Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8 (10 too, 11 I don't know but probably yes)
    • Processor: Duo Core @ 1.8Ghz+ (approx)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Non-Dedicated (shared) video card with at least 512MB Shared VRAM & openGL 2.0 support
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: openAL compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: Mouse (and keyboard)

Funny style, like a 3d Gameboy game! Good idea. I liked the game!

You should post some screenshots of your games to engage people to play them. The graphics are cool and there is no reason to hide them. Nice world, nice graphics, interesting story. I played the first episode before as recommended, everything makes sense. 

Visually it's really cool. The art is quite simple with a quite empty room and just some characters in the middle, but it makes sense and is very polished. It's great, everything is put together geniusly to serve the game and story. It has a very unique atmosphere!

This is a nice game with some interesting ideas. Moving in the camp was quite unique. I really like the visuals, a bit like some Photoshop speed painting, it's cool. The color palette is well chosen. Well done in 2 weeks!

The fisheye distorsion of the CRT filter is a bit too strong, but overall this game is awesome. The gamepla works well and has fantastic ideas. The world is varied, the graphis are stunning and very polished. I love it! It is so reminicent of Zelda on Famicom, but with such better visuals! I can see why some people would compare it with Undertale too. You are very talented, I hope you continue to make such good games!

The art is so great! This funny world is very expressive and has a lot of ideas, with funny characters. Nice atmosphere with a prefect choice of colors, and sometimes so weird ahah! You have a lot of imagination. Very good adventure game, I recommend to try it!

(2 edits)

The world is completely weird (in a good way). I like scifi adventures, so that was fun to play your project. I am familiar with old games like Monkey Island, but I found the gameplay a little clumsy. It's hard to know what to do and when. Sometimes, moving to the edge of the screen will take to a new scene, sometimes not (after the green sick alien, if I move to the right I'm stuck). It is still possible to have fun walking around and talking to the characters however, but I didn't understand how to use the items, even with the Use button. Also walking is very slow, it could have been a little faster when you have to wander between scenes. Well those are normal issues in a Jam, I'm not saying it's bad! There are good ideas!

I felt like I was in Zelda The Wind Waker, and it's really a good point! Stunning visuals and very peaceful world.

Huh I don't like horror stories, sorry... But the art is cool and overall it looks interesting with solide puzzles and story. I'm pretty sure it's a great game for the fans of the genre!

This is certainly a cute visual novel. The art is for sure the most impressive part, very well illustrated and so colorful! Morphi is such an enthusiastic character!

Very interesting world and story, very touching. Neat graphics, I felt at some point that I was in a Harvest Moon game, but with a serious story. Planting and growing trees is so important, particulary to get fruit and eat, and to save life on the planet and fight global warming. I plant seeds and trees every Autumn in my garden and I find it great to talk about it to as many people as possible through a video game. And the whole context/story of Arbor is clear about the challenges of being resilient/self-sufficient, in addition in a context of war and bombings.... Overall this is very emotional and you narrated it in a great way. Thanks for making this game! I wish there could be more like that.

Personally I see a strong Nintendo vibe in this game! From the Mario platformer style with funny mushrooms, to the green hero and the HP hearts that remind of Zelda, everything makes me think of Nintendo everytime. And I grew up with Nintendo games and love them, so of course I was interested in your game! Well done in 2 weeks!

As other comments said, it is indeed creepy, but in a good way. A good murder mystery to solve. Well done!

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Very nice! I like the fact that the game was made of pre-rendered 3d environements, like in Syberia, The Longest Journey or even Final Fantasy on PS1. That was one of my favorite era for video games, even if nowadays people don't seem to really understand why, ahah :P 

I worked on many games with prerendered 3d worlds and I'm quite nostalgic of this era, so anytime I can play a new game that uses this technique, I'm always happy to see that it still survives through developers. I'm looking forward to see what you will do in the future, there is a lot of potential in what I could see here! 

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the feedback! Ah yes other people told me about the A and W reversed... No it's not on purpose, I did a mistake here :(

I think I will try to change back to the point and click gameplay, but in a different way. I still need to learn and try various techniques to find what works best.

For the moment I'm not posting any new update before the end of the voting period of Adventure Jam. And to be honest I don't have any free time to spend on this project right now unfortunately   D:

Anyway I'm glad you liked the world of the game and found that it is indeed an "Adventure" game!

Thanks for your comment! We're glad that you liked the game and the world we created!

Well, its always complicated. I see that Brian Victor above is complaining about the low resolution textures in another comment, so as most often, it is a matter of taste. I would personally choose to go for a retro N64 style on purpose, but I played these games in their time, so I have a kind of nostalgia feeling that others will not have. I just think that whatever direction you choose (retro or hd), you have to take it completely and accept that some people will not like it. Add your own touch!

Thanks for the feedback! Interesting. I don't know if there's so much text? It's an adventure game so for me there has to be a story and some narrative elements, but I enjoy reading, and I love games with long stories. I agree about the invisible walls, but I didn't have the time to do more in the Jam :( It's not an opened-world, but isn't there enough exploration already? It is true that everything is thought to force the player to follow the paths that exist, but on the other, even with the invisible walls the island is vast and there's a lot to explore, and it's still easy to get a little lost. The purpose is more to focus on solving the puzzles, which are not so easy if you're not used to that kind of game. I don't know, it's just my opinion. I've tried to make a kind of mix between recent narrative games like Dear Esther and old puzzle adventures like Myst, but maybe I failed, or maybe you just don't like that? :D (which I totally respect)

Thanks! Will keep it in mind for the VR. Interesting... I need to find a headset and learn how to use it in development. That was also one of the ideas behind the point and click gameplay that I first tried to do during the Jam. So why not! I'm just not ready for it right now :)

Thanks for your reply! Oh you remember My Magical Village O_O 
I hope you like this new game, even if it's very different!

Yes, it's true, but I can't do VR :D I don't have a headset and I think I would be nauseous haha
Thanks for your comment! Very appreciated.