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Ahah maybe later yes! It's also because I lack of time to play...

I've still not found the squares! :D

Great news :)

Thank you rahnaf13 for playing it, I'm looking forward to discover your videos on the complete game (I hope). Happy end of the year celebrations!

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Ok, we take note of it! Don't expect to read something specifically about your game, they already shared the short reviews from above. In fact if they write something new, it will probably be some more general feedback on all the projects at once, to encourage their followers to check the games (but the Judges are free to write what they want).

Some of the Judges already talked of your projects during and after the Jam on their twitter, facebook, etc (the best is to use the links to their sites to find their accounts). We have not recontacted them on that matter for the moment, but we will remind them to do it later. We can't force them on the other hand, they are not related to the Icehouse and they are free to write or not.

For the moment we're in the process of preparing the rewards but we have received very few emails to claim the Prizes. One thing at a time, we're a very small team :D

Update: I can at least say that Geoffroy (nova-box) posted this:
And I have contacted all the 8 other judges (Icehouse and external judges) so keep an eye on their pages ;)

Hi everyone!

A few days ago we have announced the very end of the Icehouse Jam 2019, and we revealed the results of the Judges' votes. We hope you took some time to take a look at them, and that you played these games!

The following will be a little longer than usual and you can take your time to read it. This will be one of our very last messages regarding this Jam, and then we will leave you at peace ;)

New Prizes for the top 10!

First of all, we are happy to announce that the Honorary Prizes will finally be given to the top 10 games! We had initially planned to give only 2 Prizes only in this category but what happened is that:

- the 2 winning games are Icehouse games (we can't give Prizes to ourselves!)

- the external Judges liked your games and decided to offer some rewards too!

As a result, the top 10 games will receive:

- A private exclusive demo of Neyyah (as initially planned), kindly offered by the author, Aaron Gwynaire

- A Steam key of a great Visual Novel, either Along the Edge or Seer's Isle, kindly offered by Geoffroy and Nico, Nova-box

- A Steam key of J.U.L.I.A., one of the best 1st-person sci-fi adventure games of the 2010s, kindly offered by Jan Kavan, CBE Software

And the top 3 winners will receive the Prizes that were written on the main page of the Jam.

We take this opportunity to remind that there is a Prize per game/team, not per individual.

In case you missed it, this is the list of top 10 games:

1 Ikarus

2 The Heart's Fallacy

3 Seclusion

4 Valhalla

5 The Greek Escape

6 Bright Origin

6 Road to Aztlan

8 Queen of the Underworld

9 Growing Up


Claim your Prize!

Please send us an email to: contact.theicehouse[at]

The sooner you claim your Prize, the more chances you have to get them for Christmas (if we don't receive news from you, we cannot send the Prizes!). We will prepare your rewards and gather the keys etc.

Regarding Prizes 2 & 3, please tell us quickly what games out of the "External game list" you would like to receive (please see main page).

Please do it asap everyone. Thanks!

Judges Feedback

During the voting process, the Judges have taken notes about your games. We have decided to share some of their comments about the 3 winners of our Jam. We chose to share their comments anonymously in  order to not create any issue in case you would disagree with them.

About Ikarus:

"The best game of this jam in my opinion. The story fits the theme perfectly, the gameplay is effective. It's funny, well written, intelligent. Very good work. Too bad the music lacks of personality and it badly needs sound design to refine the atmosphere."
"We liked Ikarus, even if we would have liked to see more humour. There are some very good ideas that deserve to be explored. Visually it's also very successful: the characters are really beautiful, well animated, with great attitudes. The sets are sometimes a little empty and would like to be a little more worked on. But the game has a lot of charm!"
"Ikarus gripped me instantly with its beautifully hand-drawn style graphics. It took me back to when I would play Broken Sword and become whisked away on an adventure with the hilarious George Stobbart ... Dialogue scenes, character interaction - everything in between really drove this style of game. What I thought was lacking in this game was the voice acting. The characters actually making sounds would be amazing and would definitely increase the immersion factor. Graphically, the game world has a very simple yet attractive pallet. Perhaps a bit more detail here and there wouldn't go amiss, but overall, the style works really well. It gives the game that light, smooth, cruisey, easy-flowing experience, along with the comical elements conveyed by character interaction. The bouncy flow of the music also kept this vibe alive throughout the gameplay. Perhaps a slight change in the music would be great later down the track during the game! The story lends itself to educational resources for younger players which is always a bonus! I loved Greek Mythology as a young child - drawing Medusa, cyclops monsters, etc ... And I still find it all very inspirational today! So instantly, the story sounded great and I really find the light-hearted sketch-style graphical representation of the Minotair myth to be refreshing and engaging! Great work!"

About The Heart's Fallacy:

"Not my cup of tea but really well done. It takes quite some time to get down to business, but that's fine. Overall the realization is very good. The story lacks maturity but is in the theme of the Jam. The black spots for me are the graphics: pixel elements are fine, the portraits are ok but the general appearance (UI) is too generic, it lacks of soul. Still, to me, one of the best propositions for this jam."
"The Heart's Fallacy was ambitious and quite fun to play, with good ideas, but visually we didn't like it as much, the generic RPG graphics lacked a little of personality. (They were assets, right?)"
"I found this game very mesmerising and immersive. The artwork reminds me a lot of my step daughter's, very illustrative - and the game's game world graphics took me back to when I used to play my game boy colour. I was very glad I could play the game full screen too. What I found interesting was the slight 3D look to the objects in the scenes, seen from the top view perspective. What could be interesting to toy with is the technique of adding pre-rendered assets into the 2D space? This was used in games such as Firefly's Stronghold back in 2001, etc. This could enrich the game world more. However, I also love the anime / cartoon-style graphics too. With the help of the beautiful music, the game conveyed a strong sense of what was 'real' and what was 'dream' within the tone of the visuals. The intro was very intriguing and spooky, hooked me instantly. My favourite part of playing this game was entering the dream with Aurora's parents. The music here is so good. I would play the game just to listen to this piece of soundtrack. Very beautiful. Within the first moments of playing this game, the player has already experienced the dark vibe of the mysterious 'bad' dreams, the mundane mood of the miserable real world and the colourful prosperity of the 'good' dreams - but there's that feeling of when will it all shatter, and when will the spider-like create re-emmerge? Aurora's Dream scene with her parents gave me a mixed bag of feelings. There was the sense I was actually there within the dream, everything is beautiful and peaceful, happy, with the light twinkle of strings and piano fluttering around me ... yet is Aurora's dad in fact dead in the real world? If so, there was also a heavy sense of sadness in this scene too, a very interesting combination of emotion. And if so, how? Was it connected to the spider? The game made me ask questions which is fantastic. The dialogue sections are really well written, too. Voice overs would work wonders here, yet the music is also strong enough to convey the moods being generated by characters during such scenes. Overall, a very lovely experience which I would like to continue by diving deeper into the 'dream' with this gem 🙂 Well done guys!"

About Seclusion:

"The quality of this proposal is amazing. A great mastery of 3D and textures as well as an impressive attention to detail to achieve a version without major bugs (and we know that in this type of game, without the possibility of jumping, collisions can be tricky) AND such a story. My only regret is the hanging up on the jam theme, sometimes it seems artificial but this beautiful atmosphere makes up for it."
"We liked Seclusion. The game is well finished and you don't feel the short duration of creation (Jam time limit), unlike some other games. The environments are well worked out and each new place is full of surprises and wonder (the floating islands, the tree...)."
"I was very excited to play this game. It was the first game I played for the judging process. However, I soon realised how taxing it was on my current PC I am using in the UK (my main studio being based in Western Australia) and I had to set the graphics to lowest quality unfortunately. What I did see of the EPIC option was stunning! It's great to see how far real-time rendering has come and Unreal Engine always delivers great work. I didn't get very far in the game, mainly due to the struggling PC trying to keep up with the beautiful graphics, but I found the puzzle orientation slightly awkward. Perhaps, a-like the close ups of letters, the player can inspect a close up of the puzzle device in front of them, once clicking on it, so it's easier to interact with for more intricate buttons or levers, etc. Although slightly out of place and arbitory for a first puzzle in a game where the tone seems to lend itself more to 'environmental discovery', the code box kept me going for a while, even though it did seem to hinder my immersion. However, I think this game is full of mystery and intrigue, and if tweaked in certain areas - focussing on environment space, amount of area to explore straight away ... then this game will be amazing! The voice acting is great at the start. It really sets the mood, with amazing graphics to match up. One thing I noticed in the vocal recording was slight pops and muffled sounds. A pop shield on the mic during recording will easily fix this. I would really like to play this on a higher-end pc system once it's finished! Well done! i'm now going to write up for Eoin's Quest and Don't Eat The Girl 🙂"

And that is all for now! Honestly we still have a lot more comments from them about the other games that we could share with you, but it would be way too long for a single message! So let us know if you liked reading these lines and if you want to see more, and we will post the rest of them asap.

That was really smart from our Judges to give Steam keys and share these thoughts with us. We hope you like it too. Thanks to them!

See you soon! (or next year for another Jam? - please consider to follow us on a social network to encourage us and to keep track of our future updates and events) Bye!

- The Icehouse team

I loved this game, I hope it will be continued! Please consider the following additions: a map, secret item to show the direction of the boss, hidden character upgrades (to increase health etc - for example the lizard and fruit in Shadow of the Colossus), autosave points (at the stone autels).....

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Hello, everyone!

This time it is officially the end of the Icehouse Jam 2019!

As you now know, we had a lot of fun organizing it and monitoring your progress during the 3 weeks of creation. Following this, the public votes designated 3 winners, namely Seclusion, Eoin's Quest and Ikarus. It remained to be seen who would emerge as the winners, following the jury's votes. Icehouse judges had nominated 10 games, which were kept for the final votes. External judges then scored these games according to the 5 defined criteria.

Before publishing the results, if you are not in too much of a hurry, let's take 2 minutes to thank the external judges who have agreed to participate with us. For all of us (the Icehouse collective and the Jam participants) it was a chance and an honour to be able to have them. These external judges are people who are active on the independent gaming scene and no longer have to demonstrate their talent.  They are not related to the Icehouse collective and rated your games in a total independency. The judges all had very different tastes as gamers, and some of them have enjoyed some games that others didn't like as much. But don't forget that being able to present your games and demos to these creators, and then discover the ranking they have established, is an excellent way for everyone to progress and discover their strengths and weaknesses.

We would therefore like to remind you of the list of external judges and invite you to discover their work on their respective sites. The following studios/creators participated in the external votes:

- Cécile and Olivier from Atelier Sentô, illustrators, comics book authors inspired by traditional Japan, and developers of The Coral Cave (

- Nico and Geoffroy from nova-box, who have already released 2 beautiful Visual Novels called Along the Edge and Seer's Isle (

- Jan Kavan, from CBE Software, who has released the very good J.U.L.I.A. game in the past and is about to release Someday You'll Return, an impressive Unreal Engine game (

- Aaron Gwynaire, from DefyRealityEntertainment, passionate musician and creator, big fan of Myst and its sequel Riven, who is actively working on his game Neyyah (

Here is finally without any further delay the final ranking of our first Icehouse Jam!

1 Ikarus

2 The Heart's Fallacy

3 Seclusion

4 Valhalla

5 The Greek Escape

6 Bright Origin

6 Road to Aztlan

8 Queen of the Underworld

9 Growing Up


11 The Secret of the Mirow Castle

The Judges have tried to appreciate each of your games for their true value. And the fact that you are at the bottom of the ranking does not mean that you have no merit, quite the contrary! The judges told us that they enjoyed playing your games (all of them).

Not very surprisingly, just like in the public votes, we find Ikarus and Seclusion in the top three. The little surprise is the arrival of The Heart's Fallacy, which had already seduced us at The Icehouse. Of course, you could regret that a certain game is not better placed, and you could disagree with the Judges, but all projects had qualities. The final ranking is based on the total of the Judges' scores, and the individual rankings per Judge is quite different! Some Judges didn't have the 3 winners in their top 3 and would have chosen other games. Valhalla was very well done and could have won, so we hope that the project will continue. The Greek Escape has suffered from minor issues but had a very good potential.... Every game deserved to win! But hey, there could only be three winners. Congratulations to Ikarus, the big winner of this Icehouse Jam 2019, to The Heart's Fallacy who receives the silver medal, and to Seclusion for its bronze medal!

Honorary Prizes

In addition, the judges had to choose 2 games to give them a special mention. Unlike the votes of the 3 big winners above, they could name any game created during the Jam. We are delighted to learn that Eoin's Quest received the most votes, closely followed by Don't Eat the Girl. These two games therefore receive the 2019 Honorary Prizes! Congrats to their creators!

Winners of the Honorary Prizes:

- Eoin's Quest

- Don't Eat the Girl

The two winners of these Honorary Prizes were out of competition for the main Prizes, as they were created by teams including one or several members of our collective. We happily accept the Judges' decision here, but necessarily we cannot accept the rewards that were planned in this category. Therefore, we will offer these rewards to the other participants of the Game Jam. Thus each of the above 11 nominees will receive a small honorary reward soon.

A next message will come back more precisely on the judges' opinions, with some more detailed comments on some of your games. We need some time to sort it out, but the judges have taken notes during the voting process and we will be happy to share some of these notes with you if it can help you as creators. In this same message, we will summarize the different Prizes, and we will tell you how to contact us to receive them, including the honorary rewards. The 3 main winners (the creators of Ikarus, The Heart's Fallacy and Seclusion) are invited to write us already by email at contact.theicehouse gmail for the congratulations and the upcoming awards ceremony. This will take place around Christmas.

Please keep an eye on your messages for the last stage of our Jam, congratulations to all of you, and don't forget to follow us! All the links, projects and information of our collective are on Anyone can join at any time on Discord too.

See you soon!

- The Jam organizers

Thank you for making a video! We are glad you liked the game. Thanks for playing!

Hello everyone!

Most of you must have forgotten already about the Icehouse Jam and moved to something else, but for us it is still not finished! We have to choose the 3 winners who will receive the rewards that were announced.

In case you're interested, our Icehouse Internal Jury composed of 4 Judges have finished voting. They sent us their list of 10 nominees who remain in competition for the 3 Prizes (actually there are 11 of them because there was a tie).

By alphabetical order:

  • Bright Origin
  • (The) Greek Escape - Which Way Out?
  • Growing Up
  • (The) Heart's Fallacy
  • Ikarus
  • Queen of the Underworld
  • Road To Aztlan
  • Seclusion
  • (The) Secret of The Mirow Castle
  • Valhalla

Congrats to you if you are in the list: you still have a chance to win a Prize!

The games that are not listed were not nominated, or they involved people related to our collective (member, judge, etc) and so they were out of competition.

It has already been difficult to choose only 10 (11) games over 22! We can't imagine the challenge that awaits the External Judges now!

The External Jury has received this list of games and they will have 1 to 2 weeks to vote, depending on the time they need. We hope to announce the final results by December 16~22, in order to send the Prizes to the winners for Christmas.

In addition to these 3 great winners, we will also reveal the games selected for the 2 Honorary Prizes. In this category all the games can be nominated (there's no game out of competition here). The winner will receive one of the rewards announced on the page.

Have a good weekend!

- The Icehouse Jam organizers

This is really great, thanks! It's fun to watch other people play our game. If it becomes too hard don't hesitate to ask me for a tip! contact.theicehouse @ gmail
But you've done well so far, and I think it's more rewarding to end if without help, right? Looking forward to watch part 3!

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Hi everyone!

So the Public Votes have ended and we can now discover your results for The Icehouse Jam. Thank you for your votes! These are the results YOU have chosen, but don't forget there will be 3 winners chosen by our Judges later, and they will receive real prizes ;)

Please take a look at the current results here if you haven't already:

Rank 1

Congrats to the winner, CP-Dimensions, who ranked 1st! He did a fantastic job with his game Seclusion. Please everyone download and play at least his game if you don't have a lot of free time and if you are not too reluctant to the Myst-like genre.

Ranks 2, 3, 4

Some of the following games involved Icehouse Members, Friends or Judges. They will be out of competition for the upcoming Judges' Votes, but it was great for us to discover your opinion through the Public Votes.

- On the 2nd place is our game involving comics artist John Carvajal. It was really fun to create, we are happy that you liked it so much!

- On the 3rd place is Ikarus, the game of Esmeralda, a very good classical point and click adventure in a nice 2D. Please try it too!

- And don't miss Don't Eat That Girl (4th), made by our friend Nico Fouqué (working at Nova-box who makes delicious Visual Novels), and his great team, involving Melanie Ertaud at the environment designs.

All ranks

There would be something nice to say about all the games, but this message would just be too long.

Congrats to EVERYONE and thank you for your participation, your votes and everything.


A few more words from Icehouse guys freshly gathered on Discord this morning, in reaction to these results:

- Simon_ASA: We hope that you're not too disappointed if your game is not ranked high, but don't forget that the Judges might vote totally differently. We will see! [...] Thanks to all of you for your votes, the public votes process is over! I have to say that I am surprised (and very honored) to see my game Eoin's Quest in 2nd position. I thought that Don't Eat that Girl would be the first. Ikarus was very good, I am not surprised. Seclusion was excellent, I loved it, I am not surprised too ^^ (but didn't think it would end up first! Very happy to see a Myst-like in first position)

- Yazorius: Congratulations to all participants ! This gamejam was exciting. I regret a little what I did with my game and I'm surprised it did not finish last, seen what I proposed. On the other hand, I am not surprised by the prodium of the first 6 games, because there is no doubt that they had a little something that set them apart from the other games that are still very well done. And with a big smile, I discover that I'm "saved" by my music creation in my own game and in Eoin's Quest, which finally is really rewarding for me, as I am first a music composer ^_^ Thanks to everyone for having made all these titles, having taken the time to play the creations of others, to have voted and left comments ! It is with such a state of mind that we always get the best during a gamejam. So again, congratulations to everybody !

- Vairon: Oh yeah !! I think it has been super exciting... to be the first jam we organize is not bad at all! There are a lot of games with an impressive quality and I have learned a lot, as always. So for me it has been an incredible journey! Now it's the judges' turn, hehehe, they won't have it easy...

- Roger_RKT: Thank you all so so much for spending time and effort to contribute to what was our first ever Game Jam. The submissions are all (in their own way) phenomenal. Judging is a largely personal thing, and I am totally crap at playing games (great with ideas, concepts, proofreading, etc.!), so I have not done any voting or rating. I have played as far as I can with most games, and truly appreciate all the skills and the efforts made. I hope all of you continue to stay around TheIcehouse, and don't just run away when the results are released and the prizes given. You all seem to be a really nice crowd.

And we're about sure we've not finished to talk of your games and play them!

See you soon!

- The Icehouse organizers

Thank you! Ahah yes I think the laugh is quite funny, I should try to add more of these voice sound effects on the other characters too.

Thanks to the controller update, I have been able to play it properly. Indeed it is a little bit difficult with keyboard+mouse but it gives a good idea of what it can be with a gamepad. I have adjusted my rating in consequence and increased the number of stars. I liked your game, it looks a bit like a Shadow of the Colossus in 2D: the long empty levels are a bit like the vast world of SotC to explore, and the character is very lonely in there, which gives a peculiar atmosphere. The ending boss (well it killed me, I didn't find the attacks with mouse button at that time) looked also like a colosse and that's interesting. I will continue to play this game after the Jam, I'm curious and would like to try to beat the boss. When things are more peaceful here, I'll try to use my ps4 gamepad. The graphics are very good, thumbs up for the environments. The gameplay has a few bugs (the one I found the most frustrating is the collision with a wall: when you walk and try to jump in a direction, the character stays stuck against the wall). Anyway I think it's a good game, the graphics are nice, the audio is good, the attacks allow many different things, etc. Good job!

Thank you Naps! You also did an excellent job on your game and the graphics ;)

Thanks I'm downloading it asap! I'll let you know ;) I'm sure the Judges will like the effort.

Oh great I will give it another try with this gameplay then ;)

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Thank you! I hope we will continue it! A series I don't think so, we will focus on trying to finish this one story first ;)

Cool! I saved the game there, I hope it will work :)

Hello guys!

I just wanted to say thanks again to all of you for your participation, and let you know that I have played all of the submissions to The Icehouse Jam 2019 seriously, and tried to finish them all. It took me 2 full days and I have rated your games one after another. I saw a lot of great ideas everywhere and you can be proud! Some projects have really impressed me.

I have written a comment in the name of The Icehouse on each of your games. Other Icehouse members did the same and have also written you a little something with their individual itchio accounts. We hope you will apreciate a little feedback ;) It seemed important to us that each of your creations had at least one constructive comment. We hope we succeeded in this, even if we couldn't write a long detailed review for each of the 22 games submitted. Please comment the games of the others too if you have the time!

Also please don't take our feedback too seriously, they are just a way to interact with you and share our thoughts, so don't take bad what we wrote. Personally I tried to be honest in my comments because I think it's the best way to help you to learn and improve your skills... And just like everyone else, I feel more attracted by some projects than others: it's just a matter of tastes, so don't worry too much about my opinion if you think I have been unfair with you and your game!

That being said I wanted to conclude with an important point, by letting you know that I wrote these comments in the name of The Icehouse account, but that my opinion doesn't reflect at all the one of the Judges. Their voting process will begin at the end of the public votes, and the results could be very surprising (for me and for you!).

Our internal Icehouse Judges will try to select the 10 best games (it will be difficult!), which ones will be submitted later to our jury of external Judges. At the end of this process we will be happy to announce the winners!

Please continue to vote and interact with the different creators until the end of the period. This Jam has been great!


- Simon, joined by the rest of the collective to congratulate the participants ;)

Yes I hope too it's the first of a long list!

Ah yes that was hard to understand regarding the legend, but now that I know it I think it's cool. by the way I didn't mention the fact that I liked the setting at the beginning (discovering the ruins, etc). It can be disorienting in the fog if the player takes another direction to begin with, and so the temple/pyramid can become very hard to find maybe? But the idea is excellent and the egyptian world was well rendered.

I hope you didn't take it bad, I was just trying to give an honest feedback to help you... Anyway I'm not a Judge in our Jam so my feedback involves only me ^^

Yes of course you can update it, I was going to ask if you can post a new update with keyboard controls (it would be convenient for the Judges of the Jam). I would love to try it too! Please post a new build, you can also keep the first build visible and rename it as "Jam release" for example.

Thanks ;) Indeed it was fun to work on it! But it's also thanks to all the enthusiasm of everyone involved in our game jam ;) Congrats to all the participants who will read this.

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I felt really involved in this story, wanting to discover more and more of it. Honestly I started aprenhensive: these games with rpgmaker are not my cup of tea anymore, I have seen too many that were unfinished or too fancy or with a bad level design... But this time I fell under the charm. The artwork on the characters was different than usual (nice effort here), the story was nice and appealing, with no battle. I saw here something more like To the Moon, somehow. It's a potentially good narrative adventure. The game ended (for me at least) after solving the squares puzzle: I succeeded to recreate the picture but nothing happened, so I guess it is unfinished because of a lack of time during the game jam. I hope you will continue to tell this story! I just hope it doesn't go too much into fantasy (the spider) or worst: horror (you tagged it horror - it can be ok if it's psychological horror such as nightmares, it really depends how you make it), and will more focus instead on the real characters, the familly links, and how they all relate with each others through the dreams of the hero. Good job anyway!

I too stayed stuck after the jigsaw puzzle, too bad, I liked the story! (I wasn't too bothered by the other character - Morpheus - it depends how he is being used later)

I am not good at all in these games, I kind of lost... everytime I played! But it's quite impressive to have built this in 3 weeks. We can collect resouces (wood etc), build things, use inventory items... in order to survive to waves of enemies. The graphics are simple but ok, and the gameplay seems to be exactly what to expect in that kind of game. Good job!

Unfortunately the God didn't notice me (in reference to the game), but I noticed that many efforts have been put in this project. It's a little bit like Quake, Unreal Tournament or Serious Sam: you are in an arena with waves of enemies to kill and you must survive. Each new wave is harder than the previous one. I'm not very good at these games but there are many interesting features. I liked the retro graphics, lowpoly with simple textures, that can remind of some games of an era. Each wave gives you the right to choose a new reward (weapon, health, skills), and you become stronger while the enemies are more dangerous. So it becomes more and more difficult but you also have more and more changes to succeed. At some time I did the mistake to choose new skills instead of healing me and I lost, but I have no doubt that the fans of the genre will have fun for hours. I'm not sure what is the link with our Jam theme Myths and Legends except that it takes place in Egypt? But it doesn't matter, you did a nice project. Well done!

This is quite unique, I had never played such a RPG before. It's like a rpg book, but in a dos window. It takes time to get used to choosing the commands, so the gameplay is not one of the easiest, but it does the job. I am surprised by the result in a good way!

(1 edit)

Can't play it, I don't have a xbox or ps4 controller right now on my pc. I rated it nevertheless and have put an average score orverall, and a good one on the graphics and affinity with the theme. I will update the rate if I can put a controller before the end of the votes.

It was fun, I liked the world and animations. The hero is well done, he has a nice style. I was not very at ease with the gameplay, I would have prefered the keyboard to attack rather than the mouse left button. The fact that the hero is pushed back when he attacks an ennemy makes it even more difficult (but it's not a bad point). The music was dynamic and made the game more immersive, well done. The backgrounds/environments could benefit of a bit more details, but with a bit more work this project could become a very ambitious game!

I played it for quite a long time. I think the gameplay lacks of accuracy, the character is often sliding a little bit, the keys are not well chosen imho, etc. But it's ok, it was good enough to enjoy the game. The main problem is just that I was stuck because of a bug: one of the grass items to make me jump had disapeared and I couldn't jump over a magma area. After that I was respawned infinitely in a hole. It's a shame, I wanted to know what the key could open! 

The graphics were very nice, the intro was excellent. The music was good too but maybe too repetitive, it would have been nice to change it after a while when the challenge increases. There are a lot of good ideas in this game: the plants objects, the fountains to regain health, etc. The main biggest issue finally is the lack of explanation on the gameplay: I had to die a few times until I found that Space was to jump and X to interact with the surroundings. After the intro you're suddenly fighting a golem without any info about your character abilities! ahah

Long things short: good! Polish it a little bit and it will be great :)

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I'm sorry I didn't play it for a very long time, I didn't understand the controls and got stuck soon (please consider to include a small gameplay tuto, even if it's just 1 picture with the list of controls). In addition the mouse sensitivity was way too high for me, a short move was turning the camera too much (I suffer of motion sickness, so I couldn't stand it here).  It could be due to the fact that I chose a low resolution (1280x960): in Unity the mouse moves are sometimes impacted by that. Also I found that the texts in the intro were scrolling too fast, I didn't have the time to read and translate in my head (I'm not English) and to finally understand. I read the most important words (about the Graal etc), so I got it globally. Well I think it was all too fast for me, maybe you're drinking too much coffee and are under adrenaline all day? lol

In the end you could think I didn't like your game, but you would be mistaken. I actually could see a lot of positive sides, and there is a lot of potential. First of all it is inspired by some other games that I love, such as Shadow of the Colossus, and Zelda (with the fairy following us). I also think the gameplay could work well with some improvement, and overall it looks quite cool with this cell-shaded style! Thanks for making it, you can be proud of the result. I'm curious to see what you're going to create next!

So many thanks for making this video! I'll be looking forward for the second part :) It seems you had a good time and didn't get stuck with the password, well done!

This game is incredible! Made in 3 weeks? Impressive, really... I have worked on several First-Person adventures inspired by Myst, and always tried to give them that kind of feeling, which is hard to describe and to create (you know, the "mysterious" feeling!). And Seclusion has done it very well! I loved it at every second. There are a few issues of course (can't change options settings anymore once you start to play, no save menu, etc... but it couldn't be perfect during a Jam). The rest of the game is just truly amazing.

The graphics powered with Unreal Engine are enchanting, mysterious and beautiful, with the nice atmosphere effects that improve even more the quality (mist, fog, colors...). I know that the creator has used existing assets from the internet (which is understandable in a Jam), but using assets doesn't make the success of a game, they have to be assembled in a clever way (level design): here he has been able to put them together very well in order to create a nice coherent floating island with several possible paths.

The audio too was great (I have not found if there was a music composer or if they were free musics from the internet, but they are well chosen!), and the sound design is efficient.

And most important: the challenge and puzzles is very nice: not too difficult for most players, not too easy for the others. The whole challenge still remains quite "easy" globally compared to other games of the genre, what I mean here is that I didn't need to rely on taking notes on a sheet of paper, and didn't have to ask for help (even if at a moment I thought I was stuck). I had to search well and think on my own, and it was always rewarding to find the solution of a puzzle. At no time I was frustrated. Of course there is place to improvement (the puzzle with the pipes didn't seem to me very logical from a realistic point of view: I mean, why would there be several branches in the same pipe to lead the steam to one sigle place? But it's not the point of this puzzle so it was still ok).

I noticed several references to Riven (the door in the dark, which in addition hides a secret passage behind). Really excellent, I had a great moment playing Seclusion.

The story is simple but well told through the papers to be found here and there. It took me about 30 minutes to finish the game. It will probably take an hour or two if you are not very good at solving these puzzles, but try, just try! Don't give up at the first obstacle in the first room: observe and think, try to find the possible interactions, and you will feel the joy of making progress in that kind of game/world.

A true gem that deserves some attention in my opinion, if you are not too reluctant to that kind of game! Looking forward to see more from the same creator. Keep up the good work!

Thank you BlurredGames! We did our best. John can be proud of his graphics, Roger of his Druidic project, Yaz of the music... Together that's what gave me the motivation and ideas to develop it as much.

Knowing the troubles you went into (affinity with the theme, free time, Bordeaux Jam just before...), and the fact that you made all on your own (music, graphics, story), evne if it is not finished there is a huge work behind and you can be proud. You know that I found your project of interest and the game engine you have developed is promising.  Keep up the good work Yaz, I really like what you are doing with your unique worlds, retro 90s graphics, beautiful musics... You have to stay motivated, you are a solid member of our collective ;)