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You can convert your .jar into an .exe. Then you have the problem no longer that opens the file itself :)

f.e. a Converter (.jar in .exe) is launch4j.exe

Have fun! ;)

Thank you :)

But, what do you mean with something else? Do you have other ideas?

A funny game, with cool animations and sounds.

But, I am surprised that there is a .jar file and not .exe?

But the game is very funny :)

A funny game

The game reminds me a little of the game "Stardew valley" ^^

Very nice game. I play this until lv 25 and i have to say, it makes really fun.

Have you ever thought about opponents in your game? :)

Very nice game. I played all levels and love the ideas behind the game.
I would be happy about more levels !!

For example with bowman's or other opponents. :)

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The game is pretty cool.

Unfortunately, lost the game once in level 7, because the opponent round was not finished. Maybe a solution is a maximum life time in rounds by opponents?

I'm looking forward of more level :)

if could talk the game, it would say: Don't drive a car anymore. ^^

Hello Bison

My team and I developes games for more than 1 year and we are looking for a graphic designer and sound specialist in anytime.

I love your examples and i hope you contact us on

greeting X20000 :)

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The Dominations

I work with my team on a lab - to - lab game, which is a game similar to what we have done ( But here we want to bring more opportunities to defeat the possibilities. Also we want to made a Campaign - and a Player - Mode.

On the way you have to collect food and gold and tried as quickly as possible to build up his small town aaand to rise in the time of the periods. With your quickness you try to defeat your opponent. (CPU or Player) :)

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A very cool game.

I have had a lot of fun to the game and would recommend it to anyone.

greeting X20000 :)

It takes some time to understand the game properly, but it's very good .. and HARD. The introduction is very helpful and easy to understand :)

greeting X20000 :)

The idea is not bad, i like them really.

But i miss the music?

I would put a few more items that can be used to heal you?

The game reminds me a bit of an old Nintendo DS game :D

greeting X20000 :)

Hello EbuGame,

you have arouse my interest and I wonder what you have just befor.

Do you want the games post on your facebook - page?, or you want to play games?

Or you want to hear only what the developers works?

greeting X20000 :)

Haha yes, I agree with you :)

Well, you are welcome. Oh really? thank you :)


I Love this Game

I played it more than 2 hours and I think, it is very good.
but ... I'm not on the best list :(

greeting X20000 :)

I've played all levels and thought it was cool,
let you create even more levels :)