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I don't think that's the problem. I can usually force it to open an app by right-clicking and choosing Open. The icon for little-world has a big 'no' symbol over it, which I've previously only seen with old apps that are no longer supported by the OS.

Looks cool! Won't run for me on macOS Sierra 10.12.6...

You can't open the application "little-world" because it may be damaged or incomplete.


Wow, very nice! Super polished. I was hoping at the end you would discover what was causing that sound. Anyway, liked it a lot.

nicely done!

Congrats on 1st! :

I dug it, but I was not able to find my friend. :'[ Art and animations were great. Agree some more variety could go a long way, and an animation for traveling up/down. Maybe some aural cues for getting close to lights (before it's too late) and/or your companion. Anyway, nice work! :D Thanks for the heads up on the Mac version.

cool game! very tough :P

neat game! gets hard fast

nice haha

Cool game!

Yay HTML5 version!

Adam: Thanks! Team mode is a great idea

ZappedCow: I guess I had MonoGame installed, but not the runtime... Works now, thanks!

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far! A.I. bots may be added at some point, and once the jam is over I'm going to experiment with making the platforms a little less slippery and adjusting other aspects of the physics.

Amazing! I think this is my favorite game in the jam.

Very cool!

Very nice! Feels really polished and full. Would love for there to be some more sound effects for different events!

The art and animations look fantastic! Any chance for a Mac version?

Really like this concept! Will have to grab a friend and play for real!

Nice art!

Nice cutscenes, and lots of variety. I also like the world map!

Had some trouble with the combat system -- not sure if it was due to bugs or a lack of understanding on my part. Seems like this could be a really cool game though. Really like the art and UI design a lot!

Nice! Lovely and simple idea, well executed!

Very well done! Super impressive! Would give the Game Feel 6 stars if I could...

I really like the art and animation! Hope you finish this game!

Lovely art and sound, excellent controls. Highly playable game. One of my favorites so far!

Really like the graphics and the concept! Hope you can finish it!


I feel so loved.

Love the art and the concept! Great idea using the chirping sounds to help guide the player.

Oh my goodness do I love the art! The music was a little weird -- sounded like it couldn't decide what key it was in. Will definitely want to come spend some more time with this game. Nice work!

I dig it! Really like the art style and the design of the main character. Also into the infinite looping. Nice work. Dang that binary file is huge, though!

I enjoyed this! Like Simon, only better

Animal stealth game! Love it! The doors were a little tricky to navigate... but then again real foxes aren't very good at doors, either.

Looks neat!

Very cool! Loved the posters in Bob's room lol. And the... onion? enemies.

Looks pretty rad!

This looks pretty legit :D Let me know if there's ever a Mac version!