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The title for this game alone is worthy of praise. RIP to the greatest.

Very good start! You should finish this

thanks! :)

Could you elaborate on what would need to be improved?

thanks !

for sure !!

Welcome to Littlefoot's world. Join him on his travels to find the rest of his kind while avoiding sight of humans and other creatures.

Hi, i know its a little late to begin a devlog but i just wanted to get this game out there. Della and I have been working hard this past week on trying to finalize the everything and make it look nice. I can't thank Della enough for the beautiful art she has contributed to the project so far. The game features a lot of bright vibrant colors and shapes that really fit the tone of the game. On my end, I worked with a lot of the programming, development, and level design. The procedurally generated levels of the game were at first difficult to implement, but after a couple of days I was able to get something working. The next couple of days I'm dedicating to tying up the last few loose end and composing the music for the game (as quick as I can!). So far it's been a blast to join My First Game Jam, and I'm already looking forward to future jams :)

What kind of game is this?

Littlefoot is a procedurally generated stealth platformer. The player must hide and avoid being sighted by the humans, while also being mindful of the obstacles.

Who is Littlefoot?

Littlefoot is a small, self conscious, sasquatch creature with an acute fear for humankind. He wakes up from his cave one morning to find that his parents are missing. Worried and confused, Littlefoot goes out into the unknown world in search of his kind.

its no biggie man im pretty sure most people here are new to jams (as am i). have fun and dont worry!

The soundtrack for Apollo has been coming along nicely so far. Happy to lend a hand and create a few sounds for the project. More to come!

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The year is 2099. A breed of super-wolves have been bred to fight for the US armed forces. You and your wolven comrades are being held captive by North Korea. Your mission is to escape captivity and demolish the enemy base from within.


This should probably be in the "Need a Team?" topic

I have compiled a set of plugins, vsts and other useful tools for use creating soundscapes, sound effects, and music for the game jam!

TWEAKBENCH: Plenty of vst instruments and sound manipulators here. Wide variety of different sounds and effects.

Piano One: A great piano with a few reverb and delay effects built in.

Earthbound Soundfont Pack: Huge soundpack with plenty of synths, basses, leads, and percussion from Earthbound. Great if you want to make a retro sounding track!

LazySnake: Electric piano with a rhodes sound.

Feel free to add your own tools to the list!


Hello, I'm Adrian and I'm pretty excited to be doing a game jam as it's my first! I'm anxious to see what I'll be able to come up with and I hope to see what others are able to make as well. If you don't know me, I'm a shy teen with a passion for art of all mediums (especially music and video games). My tastes are pretty all over the place in terms of music genres (hiphop/rap, electronic, jazz, metal) and I like wayyy to many different kinds of games (Binding of Isaac, Pokemon, Earthbound, Dark Souls, Xenoblade X, etc. etc.). I love meeting new people and making friends, although I'm kind of an introvert, and I hope to meet other artists and developers throughout the jam!

I've been using Gamemaker to design some very small platformers for almost a year now and have been working with FL Studio for over two years making electronic music.I have a decent grip on GML (Gamemaker language) and I'm hoping to make something cool using the engine. At my highschool we got to work on making a game for one of the final grades and I developed a little stealth platform game in Gamemaker with a couple of my friends and in the process I had a lot of fun, even though i did most of the work lol. At the moment I am working on a open-world action platformer game:

Overall I'm can't wait to participate in the jam!

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I am a developer/coder looking for an artist/animator! :D

1. Introduction:

Hey, my name is Adrian and I love all kinds and genres of video games! I'm very much looking forward to this game jam (it's my first!) and I'm hoping to get in collaborate with others to create a game, make friends and have a good time in the process. While I'm not bad at drawing characters and creating assets for games, I would like to find a more talented artist to work with. I believe presentation and art direction is very important to the core of games in general, and being able to work cooperatively with an artist would be beneficial to the project.

2. Skills:

+ Coding (Javascript,GML)

+ Decent pixel art/animating

+ Music production(FL Studio and Audacity)

3. Programs/Languages:

+ Gamemaker Studio

+ FL Studio 11

+ Audacity

4. Portfolio:

+ I've developed a few very small games in Gamemaker Studio and am currently working on an open world platformer!

+ I have a lot of experience in music production (2 years) and can make many different genres of music in FL. (my soundcloud page is

5. Contact:

If you wanna get in touch, hit me up on twitter (@hi_im_adrian_),or gmail (