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Apollo Dev Log

A topic by Slyarch created Jul 09, 2016 Views: 1,037 Replies: 30
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Apollo Dev Log

Hello everyone! My name is Slyarch and I will participating in the game jam. For the Jam I am working with a team.

Team: Slyarch/Lead Dev/Level Design | Apbuggy/Scripting and Eventing | Fluffybunny/Pixel art| Karidyas/Art and Concept Art| Adrian/Music|

Engine: Rpg Maker XP by Enterbrain

We are working on a game called Apollo. Which is a rpg with a live battle system. The game is based off of Greek Mythology which has a fun touch to it.

Plot: Gonna keep it a secret for now!


Log #1

Date: 7/8/2016

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Apollo Dev Long

Log #2

Team Member: Slyarch

Date: 7/9/2016

I have completed mapping level 1 the forest and finish testing it and most of it looks good to me. Which took some time because it's the first level and I wanted to decide how easy should I make it. Scripts and all are going good. We might have some concept art too show soon which an artist might post. Now I shall reveal the plot line to this game...

Plot: The evil food monsters have taken over Mt, Olympus from the Gods. You (Apollo) must stop them and take back what was the Gods!

Edit: Added check points for level 1. The first track has been done. It is the level 1 theme.

Thanks, that is all for now.

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Hello I'm doing pixelart for this! I made a whole bunch of tiles for the first area which is a forest.

If anyone out there needs help making pixel trees this process gif is super helpful and what I used to remind myself how to shade trees.


these tilesets are looking incredible so far! i'm excited to see how they'll look ingame ''u'' !! ahh also sandy gordon's pixels are so goals i love his work...


Me too! Fara is so beautiful looking!


Hello! A fellow RPG Maker user here. :) Your idea sounds really cool, plus Apollo is my favorite of the Greek Gods. I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes. Good luck!


Yeah Apollo is my favorite God as well. Yeah I love rpg maker cause it is awesome! You can actually make a game in a day with this thing.


Loving the pixel art. I like Greek mythology or just folklore in general so I look forward to this.


Thanks :D

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Apollo Dev Log

Log #3

Team Member: Slyarch

Date: 7/10/2016

Well today we made some good progress. We have level 2 done. I have tested everything and all the collisions and stuff are looking great. Fluffy has made a awesome tileset which looks really awesome. Apollo concept art is done. So we can get the sprite done as well. The reason I haven't been able to get any screen shots is cause we need the apollo sprite. So progress is fine.Screenshots will probably be shown tomorrow when I get the next dev log up.

Edit: I also added a intro scene into the game.


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Hi I'm doing the concept art. Here is some Stuff that I did

Main character concepts and pose warmup/feeling board. Shades of Conan and Gladiator.

Character turnaround and colour concepts for conversion to sprites.

Enemy concepts. Evil food. Tried to make them a bit gritty or off to sort of fit with the non-cartoony world tileset and character we're using.


lovin the mint chocolate color but that definately might be my love for mint chocolate chip ice cream...


I love the unique monster designs they're really full of character. It's cool to see the concept art and the pixel art that's coming out. Hoping to see some of the levels or gameplay. Overall nice work can't wait to see more.

Thanks :D


Here are some screen shots from the game it self. Overall today all we did was add the player sprite. But tomorrow is going to be more productive now that we have this done.



whoa those concepts and sprites are looking really nice!

i know it might be late to change it, but i wanted to add a suggestion for the tiles. the detail + contrast in the water and ground tiles is a bit high and it's very overwhelming to look at all at once on the screen (almost overpowering the character/taking some time for you to notice them). maybe making the contrast more gentle would help?


The soundtrack for Apollo has been coming along nicely so far. Happy to lend a hand and create a few sounds for the project. More to come!


both of these sound so good!! can't wait to hear them in the game ^^

Thanks :D


More concept art :0 That makes all enemy concepts done. Was a lot more fun than I expected working on a zany concept like this.

oh man im VERY interested in playing the game now since im so curious as to what these enemies will mean for the game :O looking forward to it!


I finished working on the 3rd level. All the music and sprites and concept art is coming along nicely which is cool.


WHAT A GOOD BANANA KNIGHT.... please use all of these concepts


Thanks J, appreciate it :) Don't want to put too much strain on our production artist fluffybunny though, I feel like they have the most work on top of trying to make their own game, poor guy


Speaking of me, here I am. First let me show you Apollo's first enemy enjoying a nice walk with him.

Also here is a peek at the third level.

I think this will be the last bit of art I show in here, because it will be more fun to see stuff in the game for the first time.

I made some progress today. Tiles are looking good. Live battle system and stuff is almost done. Got 1 week to spare almost.

visual design is looking really good!!

thanks :D

I finished level 4 and attack animations are done. So some more enemies boss battle tileset and stuff are still left and a few events. So we might be done a little early :D Who knows.

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Oh and here is a new screen shot :D

The game should be done tomorrow! GET HYPED!