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A member registered Jul 08, 2016

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last post!

due to the family staying over for a week + my involvement in other creative projects + job stress I won't be able to finish this game before the deadline but i'm definitely determined to finish it!

if you want to keep up with the development feel free to follow my creative blog C: I've got a lot of other exciting projects planned too

both of these sound so good!! can't wait to hear them in the game ^^

Day 3

I didn't do much today, but I spent the last hour deciding on things (every world is now fully fleshed out in my mind) + added a world that I'd forgotten + worked a bit more on the outline

which looks like this:

some more details I can reveal without spoiling the whole thing: the characters you're talking to are *drum roll* The Antler Guy, The Lady, The Conjurer, and The Child. the Conjurer is going to be a very charismatic attractive person & I already love them (in the non-platonic way, if that's even possible w/ your own OCs)

I also decided that I want to make every decision count, so if the player decides they want to react with curiosity instead of disinterest that's gonna open up a passage you won't get otherwise (just as an example)

I also started including random text elements so there's some variation every time you play the game (which I think will work out quite nicely)

tomorrow: finish the outline, start on the CSS (make it look really pretty)
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I finally got the hang of Sugarcube's CSS/HTML structure! this is a style prototype, of sorts - the background colour is going to change according to the part of the dream you're in

(also this is not the final colour scheme)


I got about half the game (outline) done... had a bit of a struggle with the code at times but it's ok now

it's an amazing game isn't it!! i played it at like 5 in the morning after a sleepless night and it was the most surreal experience °u°

v true! i think it's because with words you can relate the imagery to your own dreams/experiences, whereas visuals don't leave any room for imagination, and dreams are full of imagination after all

that sounds really good!!

so adorable!! I already love Jill

please let me date Circe :')

[this sounds really really cute you got all my support ovo]

I'm honestly pretty excited about this, I love dating sims and as everyone has already said your art style is super cute!!

ending day 1 with an understanding of what i want my game to do + first scenes mapped out <3

Thank you!! I really think this is gonna work out well, especially with all the motivation from this community C:

(fingers crossed that I'm not totally overdoing it for my first game haha)

mapping the dream locations

you can follow the progress on my creative blog, too!

Hello all! My name's Darcy, and this is the first ever game I'm creating, and the first ever Game Jam I'm participating in C:


For as long as I can think back I've had really "weird" dreams, and since I've started recording them I'm remembering them more and more often, and there's some really nice imagery in them. Rêve will be an exploration of some of my favourite images and scenes. I want to turn it into a semi-coherent narrative, and make everything more vivid by creating a soundscape and maybe even using some graphics. We'll see!

game engine + experience

I've decided to use Twine, since story telling is my forte (or rather what I like doing the most). I already know HTML and CSS + some Python and Javascript, so the coding itself will go pretty smoothly, I think. I really wanna make this a pretty game, something I can show off and be proud of.


ever since I've played porpentine's With Those We Love Alive and Their Angelic Understanding I've wanted to create my own surreal, interactive story. both of them have left me with a very peculiar feeling, and I honestly love them. they're definitely what I'm trying to (re)create. I've been meaning to write a bigger piece of prose for ages, and this medium just opens up so many possibilities - I'm very, very excited to get working!