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Day 3

I didn't do much today, but I spent the last hour deciding on things (every world is now fully fleshed out in my mind) + added a world that I'd forgotten + worked a bit more on the outline

which looks like this:

some more details I can reveal without spoiling the whole thing: the characters you're talking to are *drum roll* The Antler Guy, The Lady, The Conjurer, and The Child. the Conjurer is going to be a very charismatic attractive person & I already love them (in the non-platonic way, if that's even possible w/ your own OCs)

I also decided that I want to make every decision count, so if the player decides they want to react with curiosity instead of disinterest that's gonna open up a passage you won't get otherwise (just as an example)

I also started including random text elements so there's some variation every time you play the game (which I think will work out quite nicely)

tomorrow: finish the outline, start on the CSS (make it look really pretty)