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Day 1 Screenshots

Day 1. Spent most of the day coding and setting up the basics for player movement, but also got a little bit of art worked into it. Overall I'm excited and having fun. Doing something like this is keeping me motivated and wanting to do more.

Posted in Apollo Dev Log

I love the unique monster designs they're really full of character. It's cool to see the concept art and the pixel art that's coming out. Hoping to see some of the levels or gameplay. Overall nice work can't wait to see more.

Hey! I'm Bionicsonic and I'm brand new to game making and design.

Team: I plan on working by myself for this one to see what I can make.

Engine: The engine I'm using is Unity

Game Plan: Make a platforming game with the idea of having Icarus and Daedalus as main characters or objectives, as well as bring in a bit of the story.