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Things are going pretty well so far. Had some trouble installing a plugin I wanted, so that'll have to wait for a different demo release. I have finished the town and all the buildings in it, the first dungeon, and the events / script that go with that dungeon. Now to work on events / script for the three different town sections. Things could get ... interesting. ;

This looks adorable. Good luck!

This sounds great! Good luck!

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Hey, everybody! My name is Kat. Welcome to my DevLog. :) My goal for this Game Jam is to release a playable demo of my first RPG, Bride of the Lich King. The game is going to be a turn based jrpg with player choices that will effect the story, the relationships between the characters, what skills and quests you get, and even how certain aspects of battle will play out. Think Final Fantasy IV meets Dragon Age. I am making my game in RPG Maker MV.


Marik, a powerful necromancer, was granted immortality by a God long ago. However, he sacrifices that gift to try and save his dying friend, Ivan. His spell goes wrong and ends up turning Ivan into a Lich. Ivan, a Paladin, is horrified and wants to die, but he is afraid of what could happen if he leaves Marik alone. So he devises a plan to find Marik a suitable wife. He will soon find out that is not going to be easy.


MARIK -- A necromancer with a conscience (sometimes...) and the game's eligible "bachelor". He learned the art of necromancy from his parents but has never felt overly compelled to put his powers to any great use. He can be a bit of a trickster, like the time he won a bet with a God and was awarded immortality. He can seem distant and cold toward strangers, but he would do anything for a friend.

IVAN -- A former Paladin who initially met Marik when his Order sent him to invest the so-called "Lich King". Ivan ended up deeming Marik safe and the two became friends. Someone higher up in the Paladin Order did not like this, though, and they sent Ivan on a mission they were certain would end in his death. A lot of times Ivan acts as Marik's conscience since Marik has lived a long time and his view on things can be rather warped.

POPPY -- A cleric from the local church who has been tasked with presenting herself as a potential bride. The church is aware that Marik has lived for hundreds of years and is powerless to "do" anything about him. They figure it might be in their best interests to ally with him. Poppy is a bit naive and initially very committed to her faith and the ideas she learned living at the Church, but as the game continues and she learns from her new friends, her perspective may shift.

VIOLET -- A sorceress-in-training who is the medieval version of a "Marik fan". She has wanted to travel to his fortress for years to see if he would take her on as an apprentice, and now that he is inviting guests her father can no longer stop her. She is much more comfortable with books and spells than she is with people.

IVY -- A young demon hunter who has lost family members from three separate generations trying to destroy Ivan and Marik. She sees Marik's wife search as the perfect opportunity to avenge her family. Her plan goes wrong--she's nowhere near strong enough--but she finds out that Marik promised her older brother, Thorne, that he would not kill her. He and Ivan add the term that she must remain as one of the three potential brides so they can convince her that her family's vendetta is unnecessary, and with no other option she reluctantly agrees.


  • MULTIPLE ENDINGS: Your choices will decide the fate of the world.
  • THREE ROMANCEABLE HEROINES: Marik can end up with Poppy, Violet or Ivy--or he can reject Ivan's plan.
  • BURST ATTACKS -- When allies are harmed, other characters' burst meters will go up. Once full, these will allow them to do special attacks or skills.
  • QUEST SYSTEM -- Marik can do quests for / with Ivan and the ladies, or for the townspeople, which result in a variety of rewards.
  • MULTI-VIEW POINT-OF-VIEW -- Throughout the game, you will get to experience things from various main characters' perspectives so that each character can be fully understood.
  • BONDED SKILLS -- As the characters grow closer, they can learn abilities from each other that they normally wouldn't get on their own. This can work between Marik or Ivan and the ladies, or the ladies can learn from each other.
  • CHOICE DRIVEN DIALOGUE SYSTEM -- Your choices will define how each party member--not just Marik--will grow and change.


 photo town04_zpsxsq1ttvt.png

 photo town01_zpsm4be0odo.png

 photo town02_zpssppneotv.png

 photo town03_zpsqxduovz2.png

Thanks for taking a look at my DevLog for days 1 and 2! Please feel free to let me know what you think. :)

"...a greek mythology spin on a dating sim." <-- I am so sold. I look forward to finding out more about this.

This sounds totally adorable, plus you're including a turtle. I look forward to hearing / seeing more.

Hello! A fellow RPG Maker user here. :) Your idea sounds really cool, plus Apollo is my favorite of the Greek Gods. I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes. Good luck!