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Oh yeah chimes could be fun. I agree that regular gun noises are pretty grating, especially free ones, so that might be a good alternative. 

You don't need to add an option to take away the menus, just make it so that key presses place the turrets without having the menu open. It's better to have the player discover the faster way of operation rather than have to load the game with a setting enabled to see if they like it. It's like Photoshop, at first you use the GUI  for everything, but then over time you start to take notice of the shortcuts written next to the things you do a lot and start to use those instead.

Managed to pass both the second and third levels, putting towers in their way is the way to go haha.

That's excellent to hear, because the concept is all we have close to finished 😅. Still aside from some timing stuff it's all just adding More Content. Well, unless we end up moving to Unity which looks likely. Still, the art and music are all transferrable so no effort wasted on that front :)

Great little tower defence. Nice style, very clean.

I'm terrible at tower defence games so I'm a little lost as to the strategy on the 2nd level, but that gives me something to work towards (I assume it's possible ;^^)

Couple of little things:

  • The bullet sounds are a little muffled, I had headphones on and I thought someone was hammering something a few rooms away. I realised what it was when the "hammering" got a bit too vigorous. 
  • Placing towers is a little clunky in the beginning. There's only one option so it feels like there's more steps than necessary. Makes sense when there's more options later. Suggestion: make the keyboard shortcuts place turrets without having the menu open.
  • Needs feedback for when you try and place a tower with not enough resources. It just disappeared without doing anything and I was a little confused.

"However I dont want to give away every bit of my game even here!"

I think that's kind of the point since this is a dev log? it's meant to document your process so other people can learn from it. At least that's when i think it has the most value. I guess you can use it as just a diary but holding things back for the sake of enjoying the  game is a bit misguided I think. There will be plenty of people who play it that don't read the devlog, so you won't be depriving anyone of anything, while simultaneously providing a lot of value to the people who do want to know.

Awesome work so far and I'm interested to see where this goes. Wormhole enemies, what next :o

Thanks J, appreciate it :) Don't want to put too much strain on our production artist fluffybunny though, I feel like they have the most work on top of trying to make their own game, poor guy

Dang every single one of those hoodie colours are great :o and the overall aesthetic too. Excited to see where this goes!

Lorem Ipsum texture skirt? Nice haha. Very cute art and expressive too!

More concept art :0 That makes all enemy concepts done. Was a lot more fun than I expected working on a zany concept like this.

Well you can use dithering to give the illusion of a larger range, not sure if whatever you used to capture it would have the option to do so, or how good it would look if you do. Unknowns! Best of luck trying to fix it but don't spend too long, they're fine as-is for showing development :)

Dood your fairies are so cute! And the character walking around also very good. Agree with you on removing white lines. Also cool how keeping a set colour palette for your backgrounds means when you break it with your characters they really stand out, while still being pastelly. Nice Technique!

Your gifs have that banding because they can only display 256 colours. Limitation of the format unfortunately. Don't worry, it doesn't affect the experience of the gif much :)

Same, this sounds like something I would like to experience. Good luck!

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Hi I'm doing the concept art. Here is some Stuff that I did

Main character concepts and pose warmup/feeling board. Shades of Conan and Gladiator.

Character turnaround and colour concepts for conversion to sprites.

Enemy concepts. Evil food. Tried to make them a bit gritty or off to sort of fit with the non-cartoony world tileset and character we're using.

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I am a graphic designer/illustrator looking for a team to join!

1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Jonathan. Timezone NZST (GMT+12). I don't really have any game ideas myself, but I would love to participate and collaborate with someone who needs an artist and someone to talk to. Probably best suited to visual novel style games due to focus on static-ish visuals, but am willing to try other sorts as well! Probably more for me to learn in those too (a good thing) so whatever you've got, I'm down. Just checked out some Ren'py tutorials and that seems like something I could do too.

2. Skills:
Stuff I know how to do:

  • graphic design
  • user interface design
  • characters
  • props/objects/vehicles(?) etc.
  • listen and give constructive feedback. Whatever you need to work out I'm here for you buddy

Stuff I kind of know how to do:

  • playtesting
  • environments
  • basic programming (if you need some help with busywork)

Things I'm willing to try:

  • Ren'py coding
  • 3D modelling
  • level building
  • 2D animation

3. Programs/Languages:

Know well:

  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/After Effects
  • Paint Tool Sai

Know a little:

  • Javascript
  • Maya

Willing to try: Anything else required!

4. Portfolio: www.jonathancaridia.com/illustration/ and other categories are there, less relevant but maybe interesting.

5. Contact: I have email (jonathancaridia/ /at/ /gmail/ /com) and skype, and I'm on the Discord server under the same username.