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[Devlog] Giving It Up

A topic by Stitchdoc created Jan 05, 2018 Views: 606 Replies: 22
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Hey everyone, Im taking a bit from Devlogs that I read from the summer and doing a Quick Intro.

1) Who am I?

  •  I'm CJ, most of you know me as the man with the protagonist life. However I'm also a programmer with very little 3D modeling experience. You can find me on Twitter as @Rollinskun !

2) Have you ever made a game?

  • Yes actually this account is the one that my close friends and I used to share our 3 month assignment Apocablocalypse. Im hijacking the account a bit but I would be great to have all my projects in one place. Apocablocalypse was a 3 month project that we made for a class and it was the closest any of us had ever been to finishing a game. Apart from it we had TONS of abandoned and forgotten projects. It just happens you know?

3) What Engine do you use?

  • I primarily use Unity because C# is a language I know extremely well and Ive been using Unity for over I believe 3 years, since High School ended anyway.

4) What are your goals this game jam?

  • Well for my last project I mostly did design work and little programming honestly. This time around I'm hoping to get more practice and show what I can do with limited time. I also hope to grow my resume a bit as my goal is to become a Programmer at a Game Company some day! (but who doesnt have a goal like that?)

Alright! Thank you guys for realing the info about me. Coming up next will be the Devlog from my first days work! Hope you all like it!


Day 1(January 5th)

Ok, so the game I'm working on is called Giving It Up. Whats it about? Ahhh ok lets get into it:

The theme here is Memories, and I have a damn lot of them from the past few months actually. I went through a change in my life that made me realize one thing cant be your answer to everything. That realization has changed a whole hell of a lot over the past few months so here I am to express that in GAME MODE. Your goal as the player is to take a Box thats special to your character to a place to get rid of it. Thats the simplified version anyway. Along the way you will have to either hide from demons, fight them off and explore a good sized building to get to your goal. 

Its basic but I like where its going! Im in no way an artist so I spent most of today making big chunks of code!

The Bedroom

Well I did a little bit of work on some texturing and basic models to make the starting area slightly bearable to look at. Overall the graphics were the last thing I did for the day. However the movement code and interaction with objects was done really early on as I felt the movement wouldnt be do bad.


So if you ignore the awful animations you notice that Im working on a blocking system and player damage. I also got it so that the enemy will die if hit by the player. (Only after watching this 100 times do i realize how jaring the damage pop is, gona fix that!)


 On the AI I made this enemy walk between locations at random, almost like a guard in most games except this on has a completely unique patern to it. Which I felt would add more suspense to not knowing where the actual enemy would be going. The hiding system has almost been finished where if you hide in designated areas the enemy cant see you, unless the enemy saw you go into the location then they chase you there and try to kill you anyway. When the enemy spots the player it gives chase but when it looses sight of the player it still makes chase at its last known location of the player until it pauses to do one last sweap and returns to its patrol. 

Day 1 Thoughts

I was pretty happy with my progress today, Im not sure how much work ill get every day but im hoping I can get the same amound as I did this time around. If thats the case then I know I can make this game in 15 days! Thanks for reading everyone. BYE!~

This game is probably going to be super scary for me, ee! I love hide mechanics, that'll be really fun to experience.


Im excited to work on it. Its been my first time working on stuff like this and Im digging it so far!


Day 2 (January 6th)

Hello everyone, I spent most of today sick so I didnt get as much finished as I would have liked but I'll give you a nice update!

Level Design

From this image you can see the first area the player will be able to explore. This is going to be one of three. The game isnt going to be massive but I wanted it to have a few interesting designs because I have hardly any experience in Level Design. I wont be showing the other 2 levels until they get more detail added to them. For now they are about as bare as this one. However I did successfully get multiple enemies to interact properly and explore their own pathing in the environment!

Hiding Mechanics

I managed to get a partial version of the hiding finished where if you hide in designated closets enemies cannot see you. I hope to make it that if an enemy sees you enter a closet while chasing that they will rip open the closet and continue attacking you. Despite that they still wander around the closets if they are hunting you addidng a bit of nice tension to the situation!

Fixed Combat

Combat was a bit wonky where the enemy would almost never get hit when you swung at them. So I went back to the drawing board and rescripted combat and found a much better system based on the weapon in your hands and if IT actually makes contact with the player instead of if the enemy is in range to be hit. I also got the Blocking function working so now the enemy will get stunned if they attack while you block. 

Day 2 Thoughts

Well I didnt work as much as I wanted but my game still has a basic start and finish now which is nice. Once I finish fa few last things I'll be able to play from start to finish with Demo Graphics! Oh also tomorrow Im going to be showing the next enemy that is getting added. It wont be its final model but the mechanics behind it will be awesome I hope! Thanks all! See you tomorrow!


oh wow it's really cool to see you've got an AI + hiding mechanics already! if you get the chance to take a video of it i'd love to see that in action :9 !!


Ya sure! I was sick all of yesterday So ill try to get a video ready for you guys to see today. AI was my specialty on prior projects. And after MANY MANY bad AI its getting a bit easier to make 'Ok' AI!


Day 4 (January 8th)

Hey guys! Yesterday I was stuck in bed so I spent the time working on character concepts and ideas for how to make the new enemy work and I did it thankfully! So here is a quick wrap up on the work I did today.

Hiding Mechanic

Here you can see the players view of an enemy patrol! The player doesnt get spotted because they are hiding inside of a closet. The closet activated a State Machine on the player that returns to enemies that the Player is actually in hiding and cannot be found... unless some conditions are met. However I dont want to give away every bit of my game even here! Just know Hiding may not always be the safest option!

Here you can see an In editor view where the enemy clearly has sight of the player but since they are in a designated hiding location the enemy cant see them. This is a bit of an over simplification but its basicly showing that some places are safer than others. 

Enemy 2

Look at that orb! SO the orb is just a temporary concept but this enemy actaully has its own pulling force like a black hole. If the player gets in range they get a force pulling them in. However the players run is JUST fast enough to escape adding tention to the encounter. However... is the player dieing? Well.... no actually they are being teleported somewhere but I cant imagine where... Such mystery! And these enemyies have different actions on hunting and detecting the player. Sometimes you need just a little variety in your enemies!

Well thats been most of the work for today apart from level design and a few test runs. Hope you guys are interested and making good progress on your own!

Till tomorrow, Peace!


"However I dont want to give away every bit of my game even here!"

I think that's kind of the point since this is a dev log? it's meant to document your process so other people can learn from it. At least that's when i think it has the most value. I guess you can use it as just a diary but holding things back for the sake of enjoying the  game is a bit misguided I think. There will be plenty of people who play it that don't read the devlog, so you won't be depriving anyone of anything, while simultaneously providing a lot of value to the people who do want to know.

Awesome work so far and I'm interested to see where this goes. Wormhole enemies, what next :o


My plan is to make a full detailing of how code works at the end once everything is polished that way anyone interested can get the true detail behind everything. The parts that im not giving away are more story based than gameplay based. Maybe its a part of me wanting some of the game to be hidden but either way thanks for your input!


the hiding mechanic looks awesome! i'm curious to see how you might make hiding less safe--maybe enemies could randomly test when they approach a hiding place to see if a player is hiding? the wormhole enemies are also pretty neat. it's really cool to see your enemy prototypes and thought process!


I really like the Axe, did you make it yourself? And the hiding mechanic was kinda nice, feels like I'm in a good horror movie :)


No the axe is just a placeholder, once I finish mechanics then im going to do more model making and graphics! Ya I like the hiding Mechanics a lot!


Day 5 (January 9th)

Hey Everyone! Today I didnt get much done as I went to find my mom a birthday present and was planning college stuff!

Pause Functions

I added a pause functions with options so you can quit the game or keep playing.

Game Over Function

I added a Game Over instance where after getting hit so many times you get a game over screen.

Win State

And finally, the game is beatable! Not obvious but very beatable. Next few steps are balancing and giving the graphics a bump in general!

Hope to get more work done the next few days but im celebrating my Moms birthday and ALSO moving back to college so its gona be busy. Good luck to everyone!


Sounds like it's really shaping into a playable game. Looks like fun!


Funny you say that. I just finished up the build. It officially is playable from start to end. It might not be perfect but its actually Got a beginning and end! More in todays update!


wow, always wanted to see what it's like to work in Unity.


I really love Unity. It gets annoying at times but the documentation helps me with almost every problem ive ever had. Its great and there are so many people who use it I can always ask for help when I'm stumped!


Day 6 (January 10th)

Been a good day of work! Mostly testing out the game and making plans for balancing later. 

The Beginning and the End.

Its official! The game has a start with dialog, and an end with dialog! Still in need of a bit of work but you can actually finish the game! Pretty cool IMO and im excited to see what I can do now that the core of the game is finished.

Artist Alley

Ive begun work on the art for the hallways of the game and such but this is going to take me a while. So if the updates over the next week are rather slow thats why! Sorry for the lack of screenshots also but once the graphics get updated you will be seeing much much more!

Thanks guys! See you again tomorrow evening!


I'm looking at the screenshots and I like the stealth aspect of the game like the hiding mechanic and the layout of the level. It looks like is gonna be a lot of fun when finished.


Heres hoping! Im just happy everything is basically working so in the end, even if it doesnt look stylish it will  be playable.


Day 7 (January 11th)

Hey everyone! I spent the greater part of today searching for an artist as I spent... maybe 7 hours trying to make a bed model and it was AWFUL. So from there I decided to find an art asset pack. Honestly making models isnt an interest of mine as making gameplay is much more fun to me. So I found an asset pack and am designing the floors and level of the game. Attached you can see the bedroom which is mostly complete! Stay tuned for more!


Day 8 (January 12th)

Sup peeps? Today has been ALLLL level design and art. Cant wait to work programming again but for now heres some clips of area. Keep in mind Lighting hasnt been set up yet, so some rooms will look a bit meh. 

There is a nice looking community kitchen!
And a cool community area. Ignore the prototype closets!

Hope this was a bit interesting and cant wait to work more!