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You can use the free Pico-8 Education Edition, link here:


Is a Linux version in the works?

Also, I don't see the downloads for the first two in my library. :/

Fun little game. Reminds me a lot of VVVVVV. Refreshing gameplay! Good work 👏 

I noticed you use Unity. Is there any hope for Linux ports in the future??

For real, this guy cranks them out! It's like episodes of a really good horror anthology!

Bro, your artwork is ALWAYS amazing! Great game as always. :)

Thanks! These will come in handy! :D

Seriously, that sucks! I hate people that steal projects... :(

Thank you so much. I'll certainly check out these titles! This is a very valuable resource.

Can't wait to work on my project  for this jam and see what brilliant creations everyone comes up with!  :)

Hi, I'm interested in this game jam. I don't really have much experience with horror RPG development, so I've been looking for some interesting horror RPGs to play to get a good feel for the genre. I have looked into the three mentioned in the jam info (Ib, Witch's House, and Mad Father) so far, I've purchased Mad Father on the Switch. I also have played Corpse Party on PC.

Are there any games that anyone reading this think I should try out? I have a PC and a Nintendo Switch.

What a great little Christmas surprise. I'm puzzled though, how did you get the stretched pixel effect in Pico-8? And the resolution? I thought Pico-8 only allowed 128x128, and 64x64 with a special POKE command.

Anyways, great game. I love the look and feel of a classic Atari game. Kind of reminds me of a Rankin/Bass Christmas film in video game form. Fun stuff!

WOW! Hands down the best platformer I've seen for Pico-8. This game has lots of polish and is immensely entertaining!

I love it. Great job. The artwork suits the game extremely well. I haven't beaten it yet, but am enjoying the puzzles, story, and atmosphere so far!

Great experience!

The artwork was absolutely gorgeous! The poem really takes life in your clever stage design and eerie visuals.

I was intrigued to find out that Carcosa was used by Robert W. Chambers, as I'm familiar with the Ambrose Bierce story - an Inhabitant of Carcosa.

Yes! This is awesome. Great for game designers block!

Topic - religious tales. Genre - art game. Mechanic - king making. Location - underwater base. Nifty tool, I just might try to make a Pico-8 game with this! :D

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I got to level 41 on my first try, it starts to get quite chaotic at that point. Very fun game and easy to pick up the mechanics and play. I can't wait to see this gem in the finished PICOWARE cart! Great job!

This looks amazing, I love that there are still gamers out there making new classics for the classic systems. I absolutely cannot wait to play this INSTANT CLASSIC!!

WOW! WOW! WOW! You did a PERFECT job, I LOVE it. The instruction booklet idea is awesome. The effects, sprite-work, and retro visuals are AMAZING! I forgot just how much I miss those old school shooters... :(

Great little game, I enjoyed the different seasons. Plus, I loved the amazing 8x8 character art for the witch. Such creative usage of Bitsy's limitations!

Holy cow! I can't believe such a fun little game requires so little code. Great job.

VERY FUN PICO-8 GAME! I love the dropping animation.

Great little game, was fun and interesting. The emotions were strong and impacting. I really enjoyed it, I loved how the days seemed monotonous and the hand drawn artwork. :D

Thanks! :)

Thank you, I don't mind one bit, in fact, I am honoured. That was a great reading of Lovecraft, I know that author's work is very difficult to read out loud without messing up too many times. The audio you added worked perfectly as well.

Dagon was also the first Lovecraft story I've read.

Really wonderful little experience, and a very creative way of using the limited Bitsy game engine. I enjoyed it. The visuals and animations are great. I really enjoy that the main scene changes throughout the story and use different color palettes to set different tones on the same scene.

I think you should add collision boundaries on a lot of the tiles though because walking through walls inside the lighthouse and also walking to the clouds and moon, etc - does break the experience a bit for me.

Great concept and graphics for a Bitsy game. I really enjoyed it.

Great job! You've made an instant classic! Thanks for doing a Linux version.

Ah cool, I was wondering why it was tagged Pico-8. That's cool you made a game with that palette!

These look great. I can't wait for the next release of RPG in a Box! :D

I've really enjoyed this game. I have been going back to it on and off since it was first released. You did an amazing job!

WOW! Great concept. Best virtual pet ever!

Great game! Pretty darn fun and unique. I like the use of the jam's theme (memories) For a prototype, it seems to be quite bug free and polished.

Thanks for the feedback!

Sounds amazing! I hope you are able to release it for the jam! :D I can't wait to try it out.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.