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this game is a little weird but i think with more animation/sound it could end up being legit a classic.

Took a little while to predict where the ball was going to land but eventually I figured it out. Not really much to the gameplay but I can see it being improved in future demos.

man this is makes me realize that I gotta step my own game up. I wish it were easier to follow-up enemies in the air and transition between ground and air combos but I can understand if you don't want that to be the emphasis. Also couldn't really figure out how to use supers unless the "super" bar is more of a general stamina meter for certain moves.

also more of a personal opinion but escape should not be an equivalent to alt+f4

For some reason when I went to edit keyboard controls it would never save them so I have no idea what button focus or pause is. Which I would like to know b/c the default movement speed is a bit quick.

Sometimes when i use the hoe on the dirt it creates a hole in the ground but then i hoe right next to it and that fixes it. I wish I could give more advice but these kinds of games aren't really my specialty.

Pretty interesting take on sokoban. Looking forward to seeing more from it.

Might be a bit hypocritical for me to say this, but I feel the tutorial could use more polish. Like I should be able to talk to "Yellow rectangle man" again in order for him to repeat what he said. And possibly have text appear over the character giving a short summary of what he was basically saying with the actual inputs instead of "punch button" or w/e. Many players aren't going to go into the options initially and may not know what button is the punch button.

Additionally, maybe you should make enter or space go through text prompts only, as players may accidentally double click and skip over the first thing yellow rectangle man says.

ye the combat in your game is definitely more involved.

This is the next Skyrim. Keep up the awesome work!

This is a pretty awesome thing you have here. However I kinda wish I could crouch and shoot when holding down and shooting on a platform. Additionally, I think it would be better to have the robot run instead of just walking into action, and using the boost would essentially not have the robot move their legs and do a sorta gliding thing like some mecha anime and video games do. Additionally, and this is just my suggestion, but if double tapping down makes you go through platforms, maybe make it some kind of divekick attack as well? Though if you want to keep attacks to just projectiles, i can understand that. Anyways keep up the awesome work!

This is a pretty fun hack n slash! Really enjoy the combo meter and stuff like that. I wish the characters attacks could be a tiny bit faster but maybe other people don't have a problem with this, idk. Looking forward to seeing more!

Oh also, by any chance are you using 2d toolkit or just unity's native 2d?

sorry, AGHR can't make it this time; we've made a lot of progress but there are a few things i want to do before i release another demo and it might take awhile.

Sometimes rupees will stay in midair above pits, so the player can never reach them.

Tombstone in room that is unlocked by the orb/torch puzzle doesn't work.

I like being able to customize my controls. Good on you for that. That being said though:

Holding a direction on a d-pad and hitting the interact button while up against a tombstone won't activate it

Sword doesn't break pots

Will charged swings be added in later?

Just some things that bothered me.

Extra skins do not spawn enough, imo (either that or I can't figure out how to play the game properly), and a personal best feature would be nice.

Horribly unoptimized in some areas, it's annoying to use the mouse with the arrow keys, graphics feel mismatched and overall this isn't really fun at all.

Game is cool but the music is not that good.