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sorry, AGHR can't make it this time; we've made a lot of progress but there are a few things i want to do before i release another demo and it might take awhile.

Sometimes rupees will stay in midair above pits, so the player can never reach them.

Tombstone in room that is unlocked by the orb/torch puzzle doesn't work.

I like being able to customize my controls. Good on you for that. That being said though:

Holding a direction on a d-pad and hitting the interact button while up against a tombstone won't activate it

Sword doesn't break pots

Will charged swings be added in later?

Just some things that bothered me.

I know the glitch all of you are talking about but idk how to replicate it and it has never happened to me, so I'd need to see video of it in action.

Extra skins do not spawn enough, imo (either that or I can't figure out how to play the game properly), and a personal best feature would be nice.

Horribly unoptimized in some areas, it's annoying to use the mouse with the arrow keys, graphics feel mismatched and overall this isn't really fun at all.

Game is cool but the music is not that good.