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A top-down action-RPG with a focus on combat
Submitted by Fervir (@blankthevidya) — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline
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This is a fun game. The art style is good and consistent and the controls were easy to use. I was using a keyboard so combat was very hard at first but then I switch to a controller on the 3rd play through and it was fine. What makes the combat hard is the fact that you can't attack while walking. I wish you had a save point right after the skeleton room unless I missed it.

Also, for some reason from time to time rolling get a different speed(animation) so on my end it looks like he's doing the start of the animation and then he disappeared to appear slightly forward, more like a dash. Overall it was pretty good.



Some signs that tell you more about controls would be nice (I really shouldn't have to check in the options to learn which button activates my subweapons). The screenshake is way overused however, it doesn't have the umph when it happens every time i hit an enemy.


Absoultely love the graphics and artstyle. The color pallete just 'fit' every area. The gameplay was great; I loved the combat and the equips as well as the addons. I also enjoyed the dialog from signs and npcs. It reminded me of all the old game making community games (like the RPG maker communities).


* Game had black screen when entering the building to the east of the Inn in "The" village.

* I think combat would feel more fluid if you could attack while walking or at least attack diagonally somehow

* To help with item collection: Items shouldn't go so far away from the initial spawn point of the enemy or object destroyed, enemies shouldn't fly so far back on kill but still let them get knocked back, it's a cool effect. Lastly, don't be afraid to allow the items to seek the player, but only when the player is relatively close to them.

* shit really got serious in the second dungeon, way to ramp up the difficulty!

Sometimes rupees will stay in midair above pits, so the player can never reach them.

Tombstone in room that is unlocked by the orb/torch puzzle doesn't work.

I like being able to customize my controls. Good on you for that. That being said though:

Holding a direction on a d-pad and hitting the interact button while up against a tombstone won't activate it

Sword doesn't break pots

Will charged swings be added in later?

Just some things that bothered me.


This would be a good place to report bugs

Don't forget to customize your controls, try out controllers if you don't like keyboard

Game works with the xbox gamepad