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Defend the Earth from four apocalypses with local co-op in this action arcade twin-stick shooter
Submitted by Yomic (@Trueyomic) with 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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It was actually pretty easy to pick up, but it's still tough, which is a good thing. It was fun shooting around, but I felt like the difficulty was more based on enemies spawning rather than their AI. It wasn't a bad thing and I actually enjoyed it because it keeps you on your toes, but I also would like more enemy AI variety in the future. Also, a shop/skills/upgrades would be nice to have if that wasn't already suggested.



Variation in weapons, including kickback on the rifle and the slight knockback and pierce from the laser pistol.


No checkpoints. Having to restart at the beginning of the same map a few times in a row became a chore.

would like to see:

A swap weapons feature. Not sure if it was implemented. I tried numbers, F keys, and scrollwheel but nothing seemed to work.

Sprint, diving, melee weapons, bullet spray on some of the weapons like the rifle, and even the shotgun bullet cone shape

Proc gen maps to add replayability, and to also eliminate knowledge of gun spawns and surprise enemy spawn points


got stuck moving left as I respawned with the 'A' key held down.


Played it a few times, I enjoyed it. Reminded me of the top-down sections of Contra III I played a lot as a kid mixed with Zombies Ate My Neighbors. I won't lie though, the game is tough. I've died from just walking down the street then getting hit by zombies that popped out of literally nowhere, getting hit by a zombie I *knew* wasn't close enough to hit me, and getting shot by droids/aliens(?) before I had a chance to react. That was just the first few times I lost, however, after the first few game overs, I started really getting a grasp on what I was doing wrong, and got pretty far into the second level before I stopped.

My only suggestions would be to make the player's hitbox just a little smaller and make the piles of dead zombie a little more distinguishable from the live zombies. It's shaping up very nicely!


Was pretty fun, I love top down shooters like these

The gameplay was pretty intense, having enemies pop up from everywhere

Could use more enemy variety instead of everything moves towards you in a straight line and may or may not shoot at you sometimes

Didn't make it to the end, didn't have the patience to continue playing after starting over for the fourth time. I'd check out this game again in the future