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Played it a few times, I enjoyed it. Reminded me of the top-down sections of Contra III I played a lot as a kid mixed with Zombies Ate My Neighbors. I won't lie though, the game is tough. I've died from just walking down the street then getting hit by zombies that popped out of literally nowhere, getting hit by a zombie I *knew* wasn't close enough to hit me, and getting shot by droids/aliens(?) before I had a chance to react. That was just the first few times I lost, however, after the first few game overs, I started really getting a grasp on what I was doing wrong, and got pretty far into the second level before I stopped.

My only suggestions would be to make the player's hitbox just a little smaller and make the piles of dead zombie a little more distinguishable from the live zombies. It's shaping up very nicely!

I liked it. It's a very polished platformer, and the level design is excellent. The music is catchy, and the visuals are bright, vibrant, and overall very aesthetically pleasing.

However, I wanted to pause the game near the end of a level to check a message. When I hit escape, it sent me straight to the menu, no questions asked, losing all my progress in the level. I think your game would benefit from having some kind of pause menu, or at least a confirmation before exiting to the menu. I tried almost all the keys on my keyboard hoping to find some kind of pause or menu, to no avail. A "Restart from Checkpoint" or "Restart Level" would be great.

Overall, it's very promising. I'm excited to see where this game goes.

I really enjoyed this. The included levels are really fun and intuitive. The effects are pleasing, from pulling blocks to the squishy robe, everything just looks and feels nice. My only complaint is that the perspective tripped me up at times (especially the grassy area), more than likely due to the textures, but it's just a minor gripe and nothing that breaks the experience for me.

P.S: I'm more of an Oracle of Ages fan, but Wind Waker was fantastic too.

I've been following progress on this for a while, I can't wait for the demo! How long is the demo?

Hey folks! I'm working on ProtoPsyche, a Zelda-like set in a Sci-Fi setting with some Metroidvania elements. It was featured on the front page a few months ago!

I've been working on it for almost two years now during my down-time. I usually post longer updates on the game on Tumblr and smaller updates (and more personal things) on Twitter. I'll be working on the game almost every day in the upcoming month, so check those out if you want to see more or keep up with the development!