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Change the world.
Submitted by GamesfreakSA — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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really really good music. did you compose it?


Loved the asthetics and music. The difficulty and puzzles were very intuitive. I really enjoyed it; enough to 100% it!

Constructive (hopefully) criticism:

* Though I'm sure you're planning it, you should replace the system mouse with something more in tune with your game.

* Level 1 check point should be in a place all players will go through. I ended up skipping it going for the ghost block powerup.

* Spike hitbox should be just a bit smaller than the graphic; you can end up hitting it by barely bumping into its side which just doesn't feel right.

* Though I'm sure the player can get used to it, maybe exaggerate the enemy spawner block a bit more before it spawns to give the player more prep time.


I liked it. It's a very polished platformer, and the level design is excellent. The music is catchy, and the visuals are bright, vibrant, and overall very aesthetically pleasing.

However, I wanted to pause the game near the end of a level to check a message. When I hit escape, it sent me straight to the menu, no questions asked, losing all my progress in the level. I think your game would benefit from having some kind of pause menu, or at least a confirmation before exiting to the menu. I tried almost all the keys on my keyboard hoping to find some kind of pause or menu, to no avail. A "Restart from Checkpoint" or "Restart Level" would be great.

Overall, it's very promising. I'm excited to see where this game goes.