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I like the simplicity of the game and the music a lot. Well done.

That was surprisingly really fun. I can definitely see a future for this game. Good job!

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This is a really cool game. I love the special shots. Good job!

That was fun. The controls feel naturals, the aesthetics are pleasant to look at and the audio was good. Pretty good game overall. My only concern is that I hope he can get a real bed in the future, poor guy.

Thanks for the feedback Second Dimension! You are making a valid point for the movement controls. I want to implement a tutorial first to see if people feel more comfortable playing like this. I'm thinking that maybe by knowing the controls before hands it will avoid the confusion.  The reason behind it is that I'm trying toIf most people still struggling,then like you said I'll just try to add different buttons to aim.  Cheers!

Hi Keyur! Thank you for playing and being so patient.

Hi! Thanks  for playing  and pointing out those bugs. I'm taking notes. :D

I'm glad you like it! :)

Thanks for sharing your point Cake. It doesn't happen too often, but that's definitely something I want to  clear for the post-jam version. Cheers!

Thanks for the kind words Jimmy! Good point. I would like to improve a couple of things in the post-jam version. 


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That was a fun jam. I'm planning on adding more game mechanics, a few game modes and fix some bugs. Please let me know what you think, I'm open to suggestions.  Here's my entry:

Thank you, I appreciate it :)

Thanks for playing Andy.  I will definitely make a tutorial in the post-jam version. The type of return depends on how much power you accumulated in the circle. There is 3 types of power: notEnoughStrenghtYet, LobBall, StrongBall. You have to run in the circle as fast as you can to be able to have more control on your return. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the feedback. I uploaded a new version with controls explained in-game. I definitely need to look into fixing this "fuzzy" issue, but I think it is mostly the fact that my assets were not made to be scaled up or down. This could have been avoided by having either asset swapping or having assets that support multiple different ratio. If Unity were supporting svg that would help a lot, but I might be asking for too much.

This is a fun game. The art style is good and consistent and the controls were easy to use. I was using a keyboard so combat was very hard at first but then I switch to a controller on the 3rd play through and it was fine. What makes the combat hard is the fact that you can't attack while walking. I wish you had a save point right after the skeleton room unless I missed it.

Also, for some reason from time to time rolling get a different speed(animation) so on my end it looks like he's doing the start of the animation and then he disappeared to appear slightly forward, more like a dash. Overall it was pretty good.

It was actually pretty easy to pick up, but it's still tough, which is a good thing. It was fun shooting around, but I felt like the difficulty was more based on enemies spawning rather than their AI. It wasn't a bad thing and I actually enjoyed it because it keeps you on your toes, but I also would like more enemy AI variety in the future. Also, a shop/skills/upgrades would be nice to have if that wasn't already suggested.

Wasn't sure what to do at first when exploring, but then I went into battle mode directly after planting the tower? Anyway, the controls for the combat were fairly easy to pick up.

I like the freedom you get in battle, it gives more potential for dynamic battles. I can easily see some dragons flying up and having a unit taking care of them while another unit is protecting the ground and so on and so forth.

Also, I'm not sure if the combat should have ended or if it was looped. The exploration feels a bit too slow and I just hope we can see what we are should defend when exploring on the next ver. Overall this game got potential, I really want to see where this game is going with the battle gameplay which I think was his strongest point.

This is a game was originally made for the miniLD #60 game jam. Theme "Minimalism". Controller Highly Recommended.

I am currently rewriting my code so that it will be easier to add more mechanics in the near future, but also create levels faster. I don't think i'll be able to finish by the time limit so here is my most stable version. Feedback and bugs report are welcome. Thank you.