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Beakion Star(AGDG DEMO D4Y)View game page

Short and intense action platformer where you have to collect stars by the help of dash reset
Submitted by yxmx_rsx (@yxmx_rsx)
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Beakion Star(AGDG DEMO D4Y)'s page

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Thanks for the feedback. I uploaded a new version with controls explained in-game. I definitely need to look into fixing this "fuzzy" issue, but I think it is mostly the fact that my assets were not made to be scaled up or down. This could have been avoided by having either asset swapping or having assets that support multiple different ratio. If Unity were supporting svg that would help a lot, but I might be asking for too much.


Nice work! The style and colors are on point, it's got personality. Great use of particles and such. However the style all feels undercut because on my monitor, everything was kind of "fuzzy" and there was a lot of screen tearing. Especially resized things, like the starts, had a lot of anti-aliasing going on. I see this issue a lot in Unity games. If you fix these issues so that everything looks crisp, you'll be good.

The feel of the game was good, no complaints there. I couldn't figure out how to dash though, like in your gif, so I got stuck. I didn't even realize there was a dash at first, so I was trying and trying to somehow jump between the black eyes. Then I gave up. If you list the controls I will give it another shot.