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Thanks James! It will be a desktop game for Windows, Mac, and linux. I can put out a browser build too if you want.

Yeah! Did you guys put on the Sac Indie Arcade? I was there twice, it was super fun. What is the event in Fall?

Thanks! I still plan to finish it,  it's really close. It just fell behind other priorities :D

I loved this. Lots of games could learn about good storytelling by playing this game.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I like the idea of changing the music for the fights, I'll experiment with that. I know you still sometimes get pushed through the geometry of the level, thats been a thorn in my side for a long time. But I will get it sorted out. I will also try and make the platforms you can drop through more distinctive and consistent. If it wasn't clear to you, it's a problem with how its presented. So I will try and tighten that up.

Also, once I finish the map (its nearly done as of now), I am going to go through and fix a lot of the annoying or finnicky or overly precise jumps. Those are annoying. Thanks again for the feedback and for trying out the game!

Thanks!!!! The baton weapon is still WIP. I need to make all the enemies properly react to it, so it doesn't make them all so easy. 

Apple counter is also broken right now. UI programming makes me :(. but I'll get that fixed for you ;)

Cool, keep up the good work

Soopah cute and comfy. Love the art, music, effects, feel, etc... But my issue is similar to my issue with sonic. The movement of the character is really fun and cool, but the level punishes you like hell for it. The level is built like you should be moving around really carefully. Once I move even a little fast, I immediately get hit by something. The only antidote is to memorize the level. Maybe that's why sonic is good, and why it works for this game, and I just don't get it. But for this game, I just had to move slow to get through it. 

One part of the problem for me is the size of the screen. It's really small, compared to the size of the character. If you just double it (revealing 4x as much stuff around the player), it would help a lot. When you're moving fast you would have more time to react to stuff. 

Also, if cheesecake heals you, shouldn't the picnic restore all your health!?! And when I get to the picnic, you know I wanna sit down a sec and chill with the other character before moving on :) Maybe she could say something

Very cool and comfy. I really like the art. Everything feels good to control, and I like the feel of the world. I wish there was a bit more slow build up, it's a little overwhelming to have to put together your party, select classes, and gear up all right up front. If those elements were introduced more slowly they would feel more rewarding.  Like, if you started by yourself, and after fighting alone for a while, you got another party member. And eventually you get a full team going. Then you would be more appreciative of the help. Same for items. Maybe take the difficulty down a bit too, I had my party wipe the first time I went out into the world, against some skellingtons.

Overall, a lot of potential here. Keep it up.

Oh cool! Thanks. What was the stream?

Can you compare your experience to this video:

I've noticed on some computers the game gets really weird physics problems, especially around the time slow-down effect.

Thanks for trying it out! And great feedback.

  • I'll reduce the slow mo effects, and the death time. I can see how that would be annoying.
  • I might make the flying bug have one health, and add a telegraph to the spore monster with some flashing red maybe. 
  • Samurai should usually have a door. But I can also give him an attack if you try and jump over him.
  • There is music! I just have it all disabled because I'm tired of hearing it over and over while devving. Forgot to enable it. Here is one track if you wanna hear:
  • I'm going to have "region" text when you enter different areas. "Memorial Cathedral", "Frogtown Ruins", "Tenements", Depths", "Sewer", "Infinite Terrace", etc
  • Messages are currently pretty random. Once I finish the geometry and polish the world up, I'm going to do a pass where the history and character of the world and Frauki are elaborated. Then the messages will be more coherent. But I do like when she says random silly stuff :) I think of it a bit like flavor text. 
  • Orbs use is a WIP. I've tried a bunch of things but nothing has quite felt right. They can't really be gating anything important or the player will feel compelled to farm them. Most simple is just a DKC banana situation.
  • Probably going to end up adding a few checkpoints. Only shortcuts was my goal but I'm not sure if its possible. Which parts had you running 5 minutes?
  • Attacking through walls has been fixed in the working build

Thanks again!

I edited one into my first post :)

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Beautiful font!! I've been meaning to improve the font in my game. I just put this in and it looks great.

Thank you so much for this detailed and useful feedback. I really appreciate the time you spent to go through it all. Below I'll respond to your points, and then ask a few questions if thats ok.

  • Rebinds are coming. The game is currently menuless, and I'd like to keep it that way if possible. So this might involve editing an external file. Is that too tacky?
  • Roll is X, down -> forward, or double tapping forward. I thought having a few options would be cool. In MMX you could dash with a button, or double tap forward. Maybe down -> forward is not needed.
  • I have a plan to replace the background cues, depending on if there is a keyboard or a gamepad, prioritizing the gamepad if its plugged in. I think the game works way better with a gamepad. Having additional text prompts could be a good idea.
  • The global attack timers is in, but its set at about 300 milliseconds right now. Tried it longer and it made things too stilted.
  • Working on a fix to hitting enemies through walls. Only complication is that I need to make sure that it doesn't cause a "miss" when there should be a hit, because there is a little corner in the way or something.
  • Graphical cue for shard doors is bugged right now. It should have a small shard come out of the player, grow to size, and then slot into the door. Will fix it.
  • I intentionally let players roll under half open doors. I thought it kind of makes sense, you can roll through narrow passages. Does it feel weird?
  • Not sure what you mean when Frauki can't jump down from a platform?
  • I'll tone down the slow mo effect, and add an option.
  • A lot of enemies can counter the roll-stinger. Unless you dodge them first, then use it or something. Were you able to just blast the samurai with it?
  • Apple UI is busted rn
  • Pipe area is heavily WIP. Sorry bout that
  • Hilarious gif with the samurai. OOPS. I'll fix his AI
  • Been going back and forth on checkpoints. Probably a good idea but I had a kind of idea that everything would be shortcut systems. But as you keep going, it will always get longer and more annoying. 

Again, great feedback. I've collected all the actionable things onto my todo list. Few follow up questions

  • Did the size of the world feel too small? I still need to finish the white stone area, the cave area, and the big metal tower. Plus, only a small section of the game has its full complement of enemies and stuff.
  • How long did it take you to get through? I'm hoping for about 5-10 hours of gameplay in the finished thing. With a higher density and more carefully implemented encounters, does this sound reasonable?
  • Did falling down through the world and looping back to the top make any sense? My plan is that the final "shortcut path" will be to start climbing up that tower, instead of going down.
  • Did you find any of the health upgrades or anything?


I couldn't get my controller working. It's a knockoff USB SNES style jobby. I will try with a PS/XB controller later. Really want to try this game with one.

I also forgot to mention one thing in the movement section. A grace period after you fall off a ledge in which you can jump is very, very nice. Players often try to hit the jump button right before they jump off a ledge, but hit it right after. A window in which the jump still works is really useful. Mario invented this way back when, and is a gold standard technique for platformers now. Eliminates so many frustrating moments.

This is really fantastic. I had fun playing. The game looks great and all the visual polish really comes together. Feels great to hit stuff.  Few thoughts

  • Really wish I could use my controller. That alone would make the game twice as fun.
  • Got a lot of drops, but didn't really know what any of them did. Some more messaging around that might help
  • Except the gun. Was wishing that ammo was a bit more plentiful. I'm still a noob at the game, but it felt great to get a gun. But then I would run out of ammo almost immediately. A really weak/short range default gun might work, with infinite ammo. 
  • Tutorial felt a bit incoherent. I was usually just running past all the control indicators without being forced to learn the move. 
  • Again, the look of the game is really great. You better take this project to the finish line.

The movement mechanics and feel are very good, but I think they could be tightened up and improved in a few areas.

  • The wall jump mechanics feel too easy. That is, you can just be as dumb as possible and still get the best result. Adding in some finesse to the process would really elevate the mechanic. I think cribbing from Mega Man X would be very appropriate here. Players tend to want to climb straight up a wall. In MMX it is natural and feels good to do so. Here, it works and you can do it, but it doesn't feel good, it feels like you fucked up. In MMX, you can dash away from the wall if you time your jump with the dash button. It feels great to master this and get those big huge jumps. Here, you automatically do the biggest jump when jumping off a wall.
  • Acceleration feels a bit too slow and uneven, max speed too high, and I think you slide a bit too much when stopping.
  • Moving fast does feel good though, and I'm getting into a really nice flow state. Have you considered a "vaulting" mechanic, where jumping right after grabbing a ledge will restore your X velocity? That could help things feel more smooth and preserve that flow state.

Anyway, overall this project has massive potential. Keep it up.

Thanks so much for trying it out. Loading screen incoming!

Whoops. Try it now.

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Thanks so much for this excellent feedback! Sorry about the glitches :(. I think think spawning in weird spots, as well as the invincibility, is some debug stuff. Q will save your current position, I use that to spawn over and over again in certain spots when I'm testing. W clears that. And O makes you invincible. Refreshing should clear the invincibility.

  • -I have seen so many people get confused about the dirt! You're not alone! I need to adjust the colors more.
  •  There will definitely be an executable for the final version. It's all written in Javascript, but I can package the JS code with webkit to create an executable. Sorry I didn't have that together for the demo day.
  •  Ill update the control list :D
  • The Goddess portrait is temporary, I don't have a more detailed one quite yet. 

Nice work. I really like this. The character is well animated and feels good to control. Run speed, acceleration, jump height, etc... all feel good and polished. That "starting run" animation adds a lot of character, even though it's short. I like how you have that without having a delay to the movement. The "float time" in the air is cool, I think it makes your jump mechanics stand out a bit. Kind of a short Peach float, before you start falling.  The dash feels good, the shape of the motion is useful and interesting. Back-dash when you're not holding a button is a good idea. Great work on the camera, it feels smooth and natural. I think you're on track to have a very nice platformer.

A few crits/suggestions though. When you release jump, you can divide the y velocity by something between 2 and 4. This will make it smoothly stop, instead of setting the y velocity to 0 and making it instantly stop. Infinite range on the gun reduces the strategy of most encounters. Just stay as far away as possible and shoot. Shorter range would force players to get in closer to enemies, risking more. This would also set you up for a nice upgrade later. 

The stamina bars are really hard to make work. In my game, I had a system like that for quite a while. Every attack/roll would use up some stamina. But no matter what I tried, it never really added anything to the game. It just seemed to the players to randomly make things stop working. Even once they figured it out, it never felt natural or fun in any way. And the same problem is in your game. There is nothing fun about not being able to shoot or dodge. It's just frustrating. All you can do, as far as I can tell, is sit around and wait for it to recharge. If you watch people play, that is usually a hard stop for them. If you can find a way to make this work, good on you. I couldn't and I'm glad to have taken it out of my game. In it's place is a positive system, where you're rewarded with more powerful attacks if you can build up energy. Instead of a negative system, where you're punished for doing the main things you're supposed to be doing (attacking and dodging). 

If you're like me at all, you were looking at Dark Souls to see how its stamina system worked. The stamina in that game was really the backbone of the entire experience. But what I found was that the slower timing of confrontations, and the way they used space was why it worked at all. It forced you to pace yourself, and balance your attacks and defenses. Then, you could run away/run around if you used too much stamina, and that act itself was fun. In 3D space, you have to watch the aggressor, and try to avoid them while you're vulnerable. That's all much much harder in a 2D side view game.

Very cool. Had no idea what was going on at first, but figured it out and was pleasantly surprised! Fun. My main complaint is the controls, I felt like I was constantly fighting them. I got to the face room, but it was far more challenging than it should have been. Once I figured out what I needed to do, I had to try a dozen times or so because the controls kept betraying me. The mouse seems wayyy too sensitive, I don't like that I instantly do a huge jump when I hit pink, the air control is very limited. Every tiny incremental improvement you can make in the control scheme will pay exponential dividends in the fun of the player. Feeling that you can confidently and smoothly move around the world wont make the game fun itself, but in your case it will really help reveal the fun already present.

Nice! Love the progress since I last tried it out. Things look and feel better all around. Cool mechanics and feel.

Cute game. I had fun chuckin goodies into the pot. I'm curious where you're going with this, but I'm along for the ride. Had a good laugh when I threw the tutorial frog into the pot.

Missing the data folder

Hey boustro, good to see another game from you. I like it, but I think the difficulty curve is a bit off here. In Torpedo, you really nailed it after some polishing. And in this type of game, difficult curve is everything. Here, the first level has way too much. There are the two pits, the two ceiling spikes, and then the three staggered spikes. That could be broken into a couple levels. Also, the collision with the spikes doesn't feel super fair. I can tell there are rectangular bounding boxes on the guy and the spikes, so sometimes I glide by the corner (where there are no spikes) and still die. That doesn't feel good. Also, running into the sides of spikes and dying doesn't feel good. The art/collision model might need to be improved.

Them dinos are cute. It's pretty frustrating to die in one hit though ;_; I never quite figured out the spell system either. I would draw a shape and then hit Q and nothing seemed to happen.

I like the character of the game. I think the interactions between the two girls could be very funny. But the promise of having a jetpack isn't quite delivered on when you just remove gravity. I just feel there are so many cool things you can do with a jetpack. Also the level design feels like it should utilize it. The levels that I saw were suited for a platformer, where you don't have a jetpack. The shooting feels good though, I like that. I think if you find the fun potential in having a jetpack, you'll find the fun in your game.

Well made but seems to hew too close to Castlevania. Unless you are trying to appeal to hardcore Castlevania fans who just want more of the same. For anyone else, it's going to be difficult to make the case that your game is more worthwhile than just playing the original.

Great intro, and the premise seems like a lot of fun. Had some frustrations figuring things out though. I think currently the mechanics outstrip the messaging, making it hard to understand. Playing a minion master D2 style is really fun though, and the game has a lot of charm and a very good tone set.

Cool game. I like the shield mechanic, that feels good. The art all looks good, it has charm. Sometimes I feel like there is a bit too much going on at once, but I'm just not good at those kinds of things. Nice work

Cool! The rocket jumping mechanic is fun, and I think your game is a promising start to using it effectively. I think you can build it out a bit more here, though. If you could incrementally build up speed with it, that would be cool. I really hate that you drop the gun when you get hit, I see no point to that. The look of the game is very nice. Keep it up.

Very cute, love these lil buggs. I like the combat design, but a little more messaging around damage / life totals could be good. Also maybe you could have levels of success with each of their skill checks (with the horned beetle for instance, releasing exactly when the indicator lights up does the most damage. if you release before/after that it does less). Keep up the good work

Damn... nice work! Right away the look and feel of the game is very professional. I generally don't like these kind of games, but I honestly found this one fun. The pace of rewards is great. The dash feels great, I found myself actually using it. Enemy design is great, it's chaotic but clear whats happening. My only crit is the UI at the top. It feels very unclear, there is no visual hierarchy. After playing about 15-20 minutes I still wasnt exactly sure where my health was.

This is quite interesting, and quite complicated. It feels a bit overwhelming starting it. So much was happening, and I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to be doing. But the art and flavor is all great, I think with a smoother introduction to the game you have something with potential here.