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got 168

game was pretty neat, got intense when the floor changed rapidly.

I really think that, before the floor changes, the tiles need to be a lot more visible than just outlines for the tiles, I had trouble at first noticing which tiles were going to drop and as a result I had to pay a lot more attention to where I was stepping instead of where I was shooting. It could also use a little more time before it changes too, which could be shortened as the difficulty gets tougher.

The pacing was kind of slow, the game is very simple to understand so I think the difficulty needs to ramp up really quickly. Hope you can go further with that floor mechanic, maybe adding different floor tiles that you can interact with?

The jumping mechanics were pretty solid, I was jumping all around the level quickly with no problems. Would like to be able to attack when in the air. Keep at it

"Monsters now find you more sexually attractive"

That was pretty damn funny, caught me off guard.

The game is fun, my poor glowbugs got ripped to shreds. It's pretty cool getting enemies to fight for you, but the whole thing kind of gets old quick. I went through about 15 layouts, before getting stuck in a huge maze that took a long time to navigate. I didn't have any light sources except for my suns who took a while to catch up, so it was a drag just waiting for them so i could navigate the never ending maze. It was then that I felt like the game was becoming pointless, and I wasn't excited enough to explore more to see new monsters and items.

The enemies themselves pretty much all felt the same and since your only attack is the same melee swing over and over again, things got redundant, quick.

The graphics are really nice and juicy, and the light sources actually add to the game cause there are many different ways to get and manage light and that's really, a big plus. The sounds kind of sounded like they were from bfxr which is bad and could use work.

This game is really fun, I'm writing this after just figuring out that there was a door in the first section.

It takes a while to get into and it's slightly overwhelming at first, but it's pretty fun trying to figure out what everything does. I got lost at first cause I had no idea that there were doors. In that beginning screen I was wondering what the point of that single enemy was. Also, when you die, it seems like everything resets except your stats, your health and probably gold.

The graphics are pretty sweet, but it's hard to tell what things are at first cause everything is so low res and the fact that you can't pick up some stuff, like magic restoratives until you use magic, makes things a little more confusing. I was trying to right click on the magic restorative stuff and got more confused when nothing happened.

Pretty good enemy variety so far.

Seems like a really fun game, I'm looking forward to exploring more stuff.

Was pretty fun, I love top down shooters like these

The gameplay was pretty intense, having enemies pop up from everywhere

Could use more enemy variety instead of everything moves towards you in a straight line and may or may not shoot at you sometimes

Didn't make it to the end, didn't have the patience to continue playing after starting over for the fourth time. I'd check out this game again in the future

This would be a good place to report bugs

Don't forget to customize your controls, try out controllers if you don't like keyboard

Game works with the xbox gamepad