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No, I'm still working on it

That is a bug. I think if you save and reload, your creatures should be still around somewhere.

From what I know, newer versions of MacOS aren't suppored by games made in Construct 2, like Creature Keeper. I hope to figure out a solution in the future, but unfortunately for now you will have to wait.

No plans for Android at the moment

It seems like some of the creature data got corrupted. The best thing I can do for now is to make sure that the data can't be corrupted in the first place

The issue with not being able to exit rebinding keys should be fixed now. Thanks for playing Creature Keeper! I am glad that you enjoyed the game, and you should look forward to Creature Keeper's future!

There shouldn't be a problem there because the only way you can save is by using the save crystal. Starting a new game does not overwrite or delete your save

The Key issue should be fixed, but unfortunately you will have to start a new game. Not sure about the bug for not being able to have more than one creature. The title screen rebind control issue should be fixed.

All of the non-bug issues will be improved in future updates.

Thanks for playing Creature Keeper! There will be an alpha period launching soonish where you can support development. I'll be sure to put out an update when that goes live.

I'm still working out the details, but if things work out, there will be a Post-Kickstarter option to support Creature Keeper. I'll make sure to write an update when it goes live

Hey, thanks for playing Creature Keeper!
All of your concerns will be addressed in the future! The demo was a very basic sandbox version of the game focusing on showing off the mechanics. Once the mechanics are fleshed out and solidified, the story will tie everything together

Thanks for playing!

Just actually today, I was thinking about something similar to your weapon combo system. There may be hope for that mechanic in the future!

Thanks for playing Creature Keeper! There isn't an armor tab or anything and the current armor system will be changed in the future. There is only one village in the demo, and the plot will be introduced later.

Yes, I agree on all counts! Text will be improved over time.
The  armor system only works the way it does because it was the fastest way to get equipment implemented in time for the demo.

What OS are you running the game on?

Which version was this? For the keybind bug, I imagine that you were trying to assign keyboard controls, while the controller option was selected, or vice versa. I'll have to double check the material viewer inputs. I can see where some parts would cause some soft locks. The strange inn bug is making me think it's not a PC build, cause I've never had that bug, ever. Thanks for bringing these bugs up!


For now, I can't make any promises for a Switch release. Development is going to be 17 months and a lot can change during that time. Even with regards to Korean language support, there's a lot of things to do and not a lot of time to do everything

Alpha access is just a continuation of the current demo updates, but exclusive to alpha/beta tier and up backers. So far, during the KS, I've released 3 demos. I'm thinking the pacing for alpha will be every two weeks and I will try to include more content with each update for feedback and to make adjustments in direction

Thanks for checking out Creature Keeper and making a video about it! I'm very proud of the mechanics and I enjoy seeing people get excited for the Creatures, Bestiary,  and Pocket Garden!

There may be some issues with Catalina specifically. There is not much I can do right now, but something might turn up in the future


I haven't done anything to the downloads, so hopefully whatever problem you were having has cleared up by now

It should have been more clear, but there's a button dedicated to exactly what you wanted, creature management. It's select on the controller or tab on the keyboard.

If you press select (tab on keyboard), you'll be able to put creatures in your reserves. That will free up some space to befriend other creatures

Hello, I'll admit I'm not familiar with how Linux works in general, so I don't have any answers for you about that.

This is my first time hearing about that kind of keyboard bug, and I can only say try out a controller for now. I just recently added controller support and the game can switch between Keyboard/Controller support at will, which might have caused some things to bug out.

Another thing you can do is try loading the default keybinds and saving them, maybe somehow, something got messed up.

If you do have controllers but still prefer the keyboard, try unplugging the controller. Maybe the game's deadzones might be messed up, causing strange inputs

That's very strange, because that should be an actual area that you can go to

lol, having just replied to the post above, there is controller support!
You just have to press a button on the controller to activate it.
It's not very clear, but I'll clear that up in the next build!

if you press a key on the keyboard it should switch to keyboard mode!

Thanks! I can't say this enough, but I'm excited to work with the community to make Creature Keeper a really great game!

Thanks for checking out Creature Keeper! I'm excited to have the game out there and ready for feedback

Thanks for making a vid! It's very good at showing off all of the current features of the game!

Thanks for checking out Creature Keeper! There is controller support in the current version of the demo. It is a little confusing to activate it though, all you have to do is just use it and the game should automatically switch to controller inputs.

Also in the same build, if you take out some food, it should make all the creatures near you stop moving for a few seconds, but that's only when you take food out from your item ring. It's something I'll definitely improve on over time!

Thanks for pointing out the sfx on assigning accessories! I just added them in Demo1, and have probably missed some feedback ques.

The pathfinding system for the creatures still has a ways to go. They do move very erratically, and I need to fix it so that they are more chill outside of battle

Thanks for checking out Creature Keeper!
I'll eventually fix that exploit, maybe in Demo 3

Thanks for checking out Creature Keeper!
Also that thumbnail is excellent

The pathfinding can be a bit wonky sometimes! It will improve over time. 

Thanks for playing Creature Keeper!

 Thanks for checking out Creature Keeper!
A lot of the major bugs will be fixed in the next update which will also include a lot of quality of life and clarification improvements, so keep your eyes out for that

There should be key rebinding in the next build.
The level indicator is a placeholder and there will not be a leveling system in the next build released (it has not been planned out).
I've intentionally left the feeding overpowered, since it's just fun to see how overpowered creatures can get for a short demo.
Bestiary is the correct spelling.
Menus should have more button prompts in the next build, so that less people get stuck.

I will try to release Mac and Linux builds with the next demo to see which ones are possible to support!

Thanks for checking out Creature Keeper!
I acknowledge that the current keybinds are a mess as they've been assigned over time as I added new features.
Ideally they would be set once all of the controls have been figured out.
I am working on a way to rebind the keys for the next build, and will try to survey the community to find the best keybind setup for future builds.

Look forward to it!