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I love my ZUDDY he is my best friend

genuienly love the presentation, you got the ability to somehow invoke the invader zim era vibe with 0 cynicism. it's honestly refreshing

The minigames (>:D) are hard to figure out, I would instinctively play with keyboard but some of them are mouse only. I kind of have an expectation burned into my nerves that lowres pixelart games would control with a keyboard, as if they should predate the mouse even if they came out this year. This is prolly just my own issue tho, but I thought I'd mention it at least. Once I started to stick to the mouse I had fun figuring out what each minigame was about.

The tamagotchi framing is a good vessel for the minigames. The chat is by far the funniest mechanic implemented in this jam.

oh no BOGO is fucking dead!!!! downvoted bad game!!

SO TRUE bestie!!!

would recommend making the bullets unshaded and bright to make them look emmissive

I do like how it kinda looks like early EDF

insane atmosphere and vibes brotherman I smoked this super hard 

I feel like I cheesed the second level by shooting everything on the right in the fly room and then sneaking past, but the "intended looking" way just felt impossible with how many fly eggs are there. I'm not sure if this was intended but any other option would be an insane difficulty spike.

the systems are very simple which is fine but I would have love to see a little more frustration introduced. generally you always have more bullets loaded than enemies if you are careful, and even when you don't its fairly easy to just out walk most things while you reload. so the long reload never really comes into play if someone is a good shot, at least until the last boss.

anyway good job

Love how all the weapons are utilized, makes them feel like actual tools for specific tasks. I would frequently swap them around mid combat, and I think overall ended up using all of them the same amount.

This is sadistic in a really funny way. The flower projectile is homing?? The whole floor is those biting flowers??? One ant is guaranteed to aggro behind you?? Larva hell?? Just great comedy all around.

I felt like I was going the wrong way basically all the time until I stumbled into a checkpoint, I like this sort of hostile level design, makes it feel much more organic despite all the levels being fairly linear.

The pugilist is a horrible enemy to fight, it completely overwhelms you if you are too defensive, there isn't really reliable way to remove his arms before you get stunlocked. Unless he rolls to jump back and do the flying kick he will take most of your health. There were tries where it would hit me once sending me to the floor and then kept bashing me until I died, despite starting the fight on full hp. I like the idea of an enemy who just eats up your stamina like this with attacks but this one just doesn't work. also man, it takes 4 hits to kill you, and it chains attacks into each other. I feel like if at least the damage wasn't so harsh this enemy would be pretty stellar.

I did manage to get to the moth lady, but after 1.5 hours and no direct checkpoint before her I didn't have the patience to figure her patterns out, sorry. Great boss room though.

All things considered I really wanna commend you for this game. after only seeing Sorceress from you for such a long time it's nice to know that you can pull off such a different feel for a game. I feel like all the shortcomings I could or did list would not be a problem in a longer project. They'd go away with some polish. Very solid foundation.

also square and michi did great work art big kisses to them xoxo

sewerjam 3 community · Created a new topic okay

this is epic

the pogo movement might feel too light, but holding down and going sicko mode feels really good

best character controller in the jam

gotta give it a max rating when its got an announcer

oh you need 7zip to unpack it, I've been using it for so long I forgot a lot of people don't have it. check it out its real fast!!


good job saku very proud of u

Can't believe you actually played it twice you absolute madman. Thanks for playing, it was quite entertaining.


Really fun, having a demo running during the title screen would probably be a good way to show players how its meant to be played.

Looks cute but I have no idea whats going on. Are there attacks? Am I not supposed to fight the placeholder enemies in the first room? Is use ability supposed to end my turn or do I do it manually? I understand that a lof of graphics are missing, but please provide a text output in their place.

hot video game, keep it up

Can't test the dreamcast version but it runs I guess.

Please mark your download as a windows executable.

  • The tongue should really follow head movements, not being able to swing it is weird and awkward. If you want to have it static like this, you need to speed it up so it makes sense why it doesn't happen.
  • Thrown object don't have an oomph, speed that up.
  • Puzzle difficulty is very abrupt, I don't mind this but the player never had to chain swings together and you instantly punish them for not being able to do so, either place a checkpoint before each challenge, or have one where they don't have to restart the whole thing if they screw up chaining things. Being able to swing your tongue around after you sent it out would also help a lot if someone misguides it.
  • Sticky things are unreliable but you probably noticed that too.

Solid game but I wouldn't abandon breakweapons for this.

This was great, also I found some new artists to gush over, thanks.

the ladder is unusable