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best game I have ever played!!! amazing!!!

good job saku very proud of u

Can't believe you actually played it twice you absolute madman. Thanks for playing, it was quite entertaining.


Really fun, having a demo running during the title screen would probably be a good way to show players how its meant to be played.

Looks cute but I have no idea whats going on. Are there attacks? Am I not supposed to fight the placeholder enemies in the first room? Is use ability supposed to end my turn or do I do it manually? I understand that a lof of graphics are missing, but please provide a text output in their place.

Really like the art style and the concept of it, but the attacks feel really unreliable and rushed. Still, this one has a lot of potential, Zeno Clash is one of my favorites so I'm definitely keeping an eye on this.

I enjoyed this spelunk good job. Needs more guns!!

hot video game, keep it up

Can't test the dreamcast version but it runs I guess.

Please mark your download as a windows executable.

  • The tongue should really follow head movements, not being able to swing it is weird and awkward. If you want to have it static like this, you need to speed it up so it makes sense why it doesn't happen.
  • Thrown object don't have an oomph, speed that up.
  • Puzzle difficulty is very abrupt, I don't mind this but the player never had to chain swings together and you instantly punish them for not being able to do so, either place a checkpoint before each challenge, or have one where they don't have to restart the whole thing if they screw up chaining things. Being able to swing your tongue around after you sent it out would also help a lot if someone misguides it.
  • Sticky things are unreliable but you probably noticed that too.

Solid game but I wouldn't abandon breakweapons for this.

This was great, also I found some new artists to gush over, thanks.

the ladder is unusable

lovely wiggle tech

with shmups/bullethells/dodgygames you generally want to make the hitboxes small, and very obvious, but I guess this is mostly about libgdx not the game, still cute!

+great everything

-scattergun feels like it scatters a bit too much? for a charge weapon it feels unreliable, maybe I just suck but a lot of times it felt like it should have hit but it didn't

-please don't put bombs right next to a door


There is a lot in this. I have been watching your progress for a while good work. I feel like the game would benefit a lot from having more focused demos. Perhaps for next time, just make one room, and polish up the battle system. Once thats done, make that room into a dungeon. After that, stick a town in, make the dungeon a quest and so forth. It sprawls in a lot of directions currently and its hard to give feedback. Everything feels like it has potential, nothing feels like it's really "there".

In the web version the mouse frequently bugs out, but that is probably beyond your control. It's pretty solid otherwise, a few things I noticed are mostly audio problems. The gun could use a much more heavier sound, it feels pretty weak, and the enemies making some noise would be useful, as right now it's impossible to tell if there is something behind you.

That is weird as hell, no idea what causes it. Seems to be a problem only on windows 10 as well.

Should be clean.

need to fix:

  • ai is way too fast, we start at roughly the same speed, but then it just flies away at straights, it's acceleration is way better than what engine 1/turbo 1 should allow
  • a gear changing sound is a must
  • tunnels made my ears feel like popping


  • i can feel the car's weight and this is probably the first unity car game where i can say that
  • cool concept
  • keep it up senpai

delete this

the game is REALLY LOUD, i had to throw off my headphones when the main menu music started, pull it down a bit. otherwise it's solid af.

pls stop this java meme its 2015