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Magical Girl Maho (DEMO)View game page

Help Maho-tan befriend the creatures of the night!
Submitted by EmptyStudios — 2 days, 2 hours before the deadline

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Hope it helps!

Amazing concept of a game, the mechanics are really interesting and the graphics are too charming.

It seems specially difficult at the start but it gets better later, once you learn how to combo. Only suggestion I have is to make her movement less stiff, it was kinda difficult to hit the ball a second or third time.


Really fun and addictive game. Loved its mechanics and graphics.
I agree with Mayo and DeepBlueMax: Having a short and skippable cutscene or a visual cue, like a small crosshair, would be really helpful (at least at the start of the game, you could get rid of it after the player reaches certain score) since it took me a while to to figure out what I was exactly doing to aim at the enemies correctly. Hope you keep working on this! It has lots of potential!


Fun game but definitely frustrating at first with so little information how to play.


Really addicting mini-game. However having not watched any of the gifs it took me several minutes to figure out that the main mean of attacking was hitting the pellets you can throw with your hammer, but once that was figured out I had quite a bit of fun.

Some enemy variety beyond those 3 could be welcome, not necessarily having a different comportment, but at least having a different appearance.


Well, this game's pretty fuckin kawaii <3

I'd say having a skippable demo that appears before you start the game would be ideal, there's a lot of arcade games that do it that way, because otherwise figuring out how to use the balls as projectiles is pretty unintuitive.

I'd also suggest completely getting rid of the stamina system, because it forces you to look at a bar away from the action in the screen. I think you could get away with the melee attack not even doing damage to enemies at all, or something ridiculously low like 20 shots to get one enemy (might be good for score farmers).

This game has a lot of potential, you should try experimenting with different types of weapons as powerups.

Really fun, having a demo running during the title screen would probably be a good way to show players how its meant to be played.


Good stuff, i wish there was progression since i kept wanting to play more. I love that you can reuse balls after they smash into enemies, i could see some neat combos happening, especially if the bounced balls had modifiers! 


Loved the game and the interesting game mechanic.

I think it would help if there was a better visual cue on how far you can go up, down and maybe right, sometimes I failed dodging an attack because I thought I could go higher or lower.

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Cool. I had no idea that you were supposed to strike your own metal balls until I saw your gif so I tried to drop it on the enemies. Not really sure how I feel about the stamina bar as I felt like I was constantly running out of it and don't really understand the point of it unless you want there to be downtimes where you just dodge projectiles, but then you would probably have to limit the amount of enemies that are on the screen.


Hi, thanks for playing.

The stamina bar is there mostly to discourage using melee as your primary way to kill enemies. I didn't want to remove it because it's handy in a pinch, but without stamina you can just spam swings and kill everything in 2 seconds flat.

I tried to balance the stamina cost so it wouldn't interfere with you too much if you were playing the way I intend for best experience + scoring, which is to toss 1 or 2 balls at a time and try to build a combo.

I'm still working on getting numbers and balance just right, so I'll take this on board and tweak the stamina use a little bit.


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