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Here ya go!

Here you go, hope it helps!

Hope it helps!

Cheers! Hope to see you next DD!

Hope it helps!

Here you go!

Hey you're welcome!

 I also don't think you can change the sensitivity setting for a trigger button on a controller, it's just a button down event.

I don't know Godot but if this is true it's a rather serious limitation of the engine. The triggers are analog and therefore should be readable as their own "axis." 

Hope it helps! Tell your friends I'm doing playtesting. :)

Hope it helps! Tell your devbuddies I'm doing playtests!

Hope it helps!

There ya go.

Hope it helps. Tell  your friends.


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Just to be clear, when I talk about "not making progress," I'm referring to the fact that after playing for ~35 mins, I was still starting at the very beginning of the game (no save points reached). 

You're welcome and keep up the good work!

Hope it helps!
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Hope it helps!

There you go. Don't forget to tell your dev friends about your local master playtester.

Here you gooo.
Appreciate me.

There you go! Hope it helps. :)

Just gonna leave this here 

Hope it helps

Hope it's helpful. :)

Glad it was useful. :) Of course increasing movement would make you stronger vs enemies, but then you could just as easily make enemies more dangerous. It's more a matter of how intense you want the game to be. If you're interested at all in experimenting with it let me know as I have a more or less complete idea in my head of how it could play, and it probably wouldn't take much work. It would involve a dash meter that would deplete with use so you can't just keep dashing infinitely.

Anyways I'm excited for your game. I really did the concept and I think your art style fits it perfectly. Lots of potential!

I've found the problem, or at least, how to fix it. I had to update WinRAR (from 4.20 to 5.50). I've never had to do that for unpacking any RARs before so you must have done something that affected compatibility.

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I think the damage dropoff is unnecessary. Not only can you manage enemy distances with level design, but there's also the fact that the weapons have spread, which inherently reduces effectiveness at range. Then there's the fact that some weapons have a limited shot range to begin with. The drop off is just compounding the effect. Consistency in damage is nice!

Hope it helps. If you have any dev friends feel free to let them know I do playtests. :)

Here you go, hope it helps!

Hope it's useful. If you're interested in any further feedback on the movement (or anything for that matter) just let me know. I'll be happy to help. 

Hi, the archive for v0.1.1 appears to be broken. It fails to open for me.

It's entirely possible. If space is useless then maybe you could have the game ignore it? Also I regret not trying out the clipboard text. That seems fun. :)

Hope it helps. Feel free to share on social media. :)

Hope it helps. Feel free to share on social media. :)


Hope it's helpful. Would appreciate a share, if you want to. (Or tell your dev friends I'm doing playtests!)

Hope it helps! Would appreciate a share if you care to.


Heck off Brum. 

Would appreciate any shares on social media if you care to!