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Thanks! I forgot to put some instruction, I’ll do that in the game page for now.

Any plans for index mode or limited color palette support?

Gotta do some work to post cool screenshots.

Couple of suggestions:

  • Zombies tanks too much damage for a low tier enemy
  • Projectiles from the mage could either follow the player or predict movement, it's too easy to dodge
  • Disable the gizmos for release builds
  • Spawn more zombies during fights with stronger enemies so they drop ammo

Actually this turned out to be too funny and I feel like this wasn't the intention at all. That is because you have these meme-looking skeletons running at you and you don't need to actually fight them but instead just run around ramming one after the other.

I don't if there was an end because since the hallways are very similar I ended up getting lost. A map would be nice to help travel around the corridors.

Keep devving, it looks good and the movement feels good. The combat itself needs to be more responsive too.

Nice sprite animations.

That was fun to play, it's very fast and enjoyable. Here is a couple of suggestions:

  • Air movement feels very limited, thought idk if that is your intention.
  • Mouse wheel doesn't select nex weapon.
  • Super Shotgun could use more kick.
  • When running fast and getting down on the ramps in the middle leading to the toxic pool , the character seems to miss the ground for a moment and then you can't make the jump. I think double jump should be available if you fall or something, not only after when do the next jump. It feels better, imo.

Keep it up, wish I could play more levels.

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funy tech demo

Pretty nice demo, just the way I remembered.

There is some gameplay improvements, with new weapons and enemies. The last one who keeps reviving others is pretty interesting and can be explored in a lot of ways.

Here is a couple of issues:

  • we seem to still get stuck on surfaces. One time I got stuck in the corners of a small elevation and though it would require a restart.
  • mouse sensitivity is set to some negative value but even if you set it to maximum, the movement feels very sluggish.

Keep it up!

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I made it through the end but still wasn't so sure about how this works. Most of the time I felt like just trying stuff until something sticks.

The cave part needs some serious optimization. Game crashed and the video ended.

I think the biggest problem with this game is the level. Not the visuals, not the theme, but the sequence of challenges presented to the player. The character have unusual movement and it takes quite some time to adapt on how he behaves, alongside with the controls. The first thing the game asks is to perform a roll jump and the punishment is too hard - make three jumps of intermediate difficulty in sequence or go back to the beginning.  This was something that let me really frustrated because I wanted to "feel" the game first. Then the walljump came with a very high cost, but at least you could retry many times. After that, I got stuck in the hole in the second walljump challenge and gave up for now.

Sometimes the characters feels a bit unresponsive too. You can't rely too much on the ledge grabbing and it seems to work effectively only on hard edges. Maybe the game could benefit from having more blocky collisions areas.

It's not a bad concept. The presentation was very good and everything else raised my expectations. But it's not there yet, you could play with it more and improve.

Check out Just Like Surf, inspired by the surf mode of Counter Strike.

Man, I really liked this one. It adds a whole new depth of challenge to the original game, almost like speedrunning.
Just one question: does the amount of health an enemy have influence on the amount of time you get?

Made a video for you.

That's sad, other people reported having problems with the linux version as well.
But thanks for trying. Maybe it runs on Wine.

Thanks man!
The AGDG gun was just for shits and giggles heheh... but I'm glad you noticed these things, I will be sure to adjust them for next demo!

Hey man, thanks for the feedback!

Haha, nice choice! But as much as I love the Doom OST too, the goal is to search for atmospheric kind of music.
Oh, the yellow key goes in the door that opened and led you to the room with the flying eyes. Glad you pointed that out, the game lacks player feedback sometimes.

Thanks man! Really appreciate the feedback.

Gotta be honest, this game is unplayable. Not only I had to cram down the resolution and quality a lot, but the mouse movement is horrible. You poke the mouse a little bit and it goes much farther than what you would expect. Couldn't aim straight at all, no chance.

This is unfortunate, I liked the screenshots.

This is a game I really have been looking for in quite some time. It's getting really better in terms of visuals and movement. Controlling her was a very smooth experience.

Too bad we don't have an actual gameplay yet, but that is something I can understand.
Good luck on this!

Looks promising, it's all I can say really. Not much game in there yet.

Amazing concept of a game, the mechanics are really interesting and the graphics are too charming.

It seems specially difficult at the start but it gets better later, once you learn how to combo. Only suggestion I have is to make her movement less stiff, it was kinda difficult to hit the ball a second or third time.


Hardest game of my life

It's cool that you made a game based on Spelunky, but come on, don't steal assets.

Also, be aware that sometimes your levels can generate stuff like the image below.

It's fine, though it doesn't offer any options in the conversation until the "action".
Sometimes you "pull out" and it has that Stop button available, it was kinda confusing. Other times you are pulling it in and she just stops and her arousal meter start going down for no reason. Needs a bit more clarity on the feedback, left me wondering what to do.
Otherwise, the animation is great.

Nice Portal clone.

Can't thank you enough on how valuable this feedback is.

I agree with all those issues of level design communication, AI bugs and sliding on ramps/stairs. These will be my main focus from now on, since it is beggining to take a shape of a game instead of just a prototype.

Until next demo day. :D

Oh, that is so much better now.
But you ought to put some light there, I had no idea there was a staircase.

Control Room #2

Is it supposed to be used here? 

It's a cheap keyboard that I have but never had problem with pressing 3 keys at the same time.

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After running away from the monster, there is a room with a medkit and a key. Couldn't fit that key on neither door 1 or 2.

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The PSX graphics is a cool choice, it gives an eerie right off the bat. Played right after the encounter with the monster, when the key left didn't fit in any door. Some things to consider:

  • Better sync between animation an walking speed, feels like she is skating a bit.
  • The monster claws clipped throught the door and hit me.
  • Didn't realised at first the book at the safe house was for saving the game. It offers "Yes" or "No" as option but doesn't ask what was supposed to do. 
  • I remembered from the thread the monster doesn't die, so he crouches and gives you delay so you can escape. But I died after touching him anyway, don't know if that was intentional.

This game has great potential. Also, why the main lady looks like a walking dead? Is that part of the lore?

Yeah, pretty much what was going for.
Something that annoyed me a bit was that if you charge, you can't walk and then jump at the same time.

Made a video about your game, sorry about the bad mic/heavy accent.

Quite an improvement from the last demo!

One things that I liked was the texturework on the level, since that flat color usually made it hard to see shapes of the rocks and debris. 

The spiders are hard as usual, they rekt me several times. Ironically, the bandits were much easier to kill and it was nice to see the new content.

Anyway, the game is really fun and really hard. Souls-like games are not my type, but it was easy to see the appeal. Gonna show to some friends and see what they think about that.

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Hey Phil, thanks for playing!

First and foremost, I'm sorry for the extractor. The goal was to make the noobiest installation possible, but I guess any OS or person have a zip extractor nowadays. Don't know what I was thinking.

Second, you touched some interesting points regarding the levels and the enemies.

When you mean the "level is a step back from last demo day", do mean the overall design? It sure have more interactivity now and it kinda reflects the switch from using a modeling tool to a full fledged level builde, which I'm still getting used to. Most elements were rushed due time constains. As you can see, there's handful of stuff in the game now that kept me busy.  And there's one secret room!

And yeah, about the enemies... I ran into some trouble making a proper AI and since it's work that takes a really long time, the focus for this demo day was to have a playable level. But don't worry, making cool enemies are in my top priority list!

You can also provide value feedback thourght the survey provided in the game menu. It will help me a lot!

Hey man, don't you think about starting a Patreon?