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A jam submission

Long Etyliv DEMOView game page

Submitted by Rokas (@rokasvo) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline


Long Etyliv DEMO's page

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Very cool. You got your own style so it's always fun to check out what you have made. I think your biggest challenge will be onboarding and tutorial. Because right now it's twisting and turning until it works. But when i figured out that it was in semi-realtime it kind of clicked. I'm just guessing but I think the Ai might be an issue in the future because now i could just trick it and as long as i got the heart to be at the top i kept getting the sword and beat him since he repeating the same moves making the same scenario.

Good job!

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I made it through the end but still wasn't so sure about how this works. Most of the time I felt like just trying stuff until something sticks.


Really cool mechanics, as always. Loved the  shared items and the turn timer.

I didn't get the "hold both items to continue part" though, was it time-based? I had them both on my side, and tabbed out briefly to see if there was an extended description here. Then I was back in the dungeon and picked up the flowers to end the demo.


Thanks,  that's the part I was worried about: you had to wait a turn with the items next to you. Have to figure out how to covey that.


Maybe you already did this and I forgot, but putting a turn timer counting down or something would help a lot. 

If it's possible to ditch the waiting mechanic altogether and indicate success with visual feedback (that can then be confirmed with a keypress), you should. It would fit better with the rest of Long Etyliv's mechanics IMO.


Very interesting concept, although I am not entirely sure I understand the mechanics, I feel I grasped it intuitively. I look forward to more progress (and additional info, if you will).