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Thank you so much for your time and feedback! All noted. You're absolutely right. I need to put in much more effort, but I hope you give me another chance in the next demo day.

Glad to hear that!

Hi! Are there plans for keyboard support?

Mmmmh. I see. Thanks for all the info. I will try to beat it later on. See you on the thread!

My pleasure. I look forward to being beaten up by Sanic.

Very interesting concept, although I am not entirely sure I understand the mechanics, I feel I grasped it intuitively. I look forward to more progress (and additional info, if you will).

I was waiting to play this. It is very engaging, but I found the level design a bit lacking. Having to go backwards after the first loop breaks the tempo of an otherwise fast paced game. Is this deliberate? Are you considering giving it "switch direction" capabilities? V8 FTW.

Pretty cool! Brought back many memories.
I am not sure if it's due to the mod or to DI, but I have two observations. 

  • The AI could be improved. I am a scrub at fighting games, but I did clear the story mode with Mai.
  • Johnny Cage is huge, despite the other MK characters being regular size. 

The fact that can be played on the browser is a thoughtful addition. Thanks!

Thank you so much! I wasn't expecting any feedback, let alone a bug report. I will do my best!