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fix is out


There was a different underlying issue, try now in the web build

Yeah definitely, it'll remain on itch for as long as I can stay under the 1gb limit for games here (which should be indefinitely tbh). I am also against DRM though and want to have an alternative place to buy it.

huh weird, i'll look into it

It's a save bug, I have the fix ready and will publish it this weekend. Thanks for playing!

It's a save bug, I have the fix locally and will upload soon!

Thanks, I'm so glad you liked it! Lauren's probably my favorite character in the game so far, I've got a lot planned for her and I think you can already see some of it in the ending sequence (go to the training gym, then take the subway to the highway terminal and go to the top level).

I used a higher-res rig and then render everything to a low-res texture, then scale it up. The characters are high-res sorta-pixel art, and the backgrounds and almost everything else are hand-drawn. This post is sorta old and out of date, but it covers the basics:

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It's a Unity game, although if I had to do it all over again I would use Godot or Unreal.

The last (secret) achievement you can only do in a new game - it involves getting an item before someone asks for it

It's not coded yet, sorry! Glad you like the lamps though.

the steam release will continue to have mac and linux support, yeah. i do unfortunately have to drop Steam support for 32-bit windows computers due to the steam API for unity, but i don't think many people are using that anyway

hell yeah. tell your friends

ha, whoops...forgot to close it off. Thanks for playing! I'll push another update soon.

Haha yeah sorry, it's more of a prestige item right now. It doesn't work on some surfaces in-game.

That's very strange about Lauren. The shop is still unimplemented in the Deeps, it was active at the start but I disabled it because I had left some bugs in it that I didn't have time to fix. Sorry, you might have to start a new save.

Those comments make sense. I'll address them by paragraph:

  • do you mean the up-air kick? or the unaimed kick? either way, I'm planning on adding air combos in the future.
  • I think dash should refresh on a divekick now, I agree that it should give you another dash if you bounce. And yes, I'm going to move everything to the new system.
  • The forward jumps and dash are actually at the same speed in-game, I think the effects just make it feel different. The platform sliding thing was a bug that I fixed (you still have momentum but it won't carry you over ledges, you'll stop at the edge)
  • Multiple keys is definitely possible. I added a "Tornado Kick" unlockable for a multi-hit aerial in the early game. You can find it in the Prismatic Graveyard.

Thanks for playing!

I'm still working on it! Check the link to the physics build. I'm remastering it for a Steam EA release this year

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Up-C is orca flip. It doesn't use the Dash input anymore, since that's reserved for dashing now. If you check your inventory, it should show you the keybinds for Flip Kick.

Lady of the Lake will have some cool new mechanics that should be fun. I've already started that area.

You have to take it to the Highway Terminal and get to the top level. Lauren will be on top of the station and you can talk to her to begin the Andromeda fight, sorry it's not super clear yet.

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There's no wall climb yet in the demo sadly. But once you get the "explorer" achievement, you can get to the Training Gym from the main menu which will let you take the subway to Andromeda.

Also, porting the entire thing to Godot would be a huge amount of effort. 

She's not in the demo yet, it's gonna be a more intense sequence that I'm still working on.

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Very true. His moveset was inspired by Ike in Ultimate and Project M.

Edit: In the earlier non-physics build, the bat air attack that Val gets is identical to Ike's forward aerial in SSBU/PM.

You can go to the Training Gym via the main menu after reaching the end of the demo and getting the achievement for that. Also, I tweaked slope following so the shrine shards should be easier to get if you build up speed.

It is, yes. The story order has altered but will remain more or less the same, she'll relive the beginning sequence after beating the Lady of the Lake.

thanks! i'm gonna work it in more in the physics build, don't worry

You can get to the elevator through the Lady of the Lake arena. You have to go through it and wallclimb the opposite wall.

sorry, that's a bug where it disappears from the save. i'm trying to work on it when I have time.

When Val flashes blue, dash is off cooldown.

These are great. I'll be using the alien ones for the Andromeda section in Vapor Trails.

this game rules. perfect melding of story/gameplay/controls. nice music too

damn right

I did also consider this, but it seemed like too much for the player to think about.

Thanks for the feedback.

- I might add an initial dash state like Smash Bros where you can instantly turn around when you start dashing.
- The boost mechanic is actually identical to the other Vapor Trails build. You keep any vertical momentum, but you can't fall while boosting.
- I will definitely rework the stages that exist to compensate for the new movement.

Hey, give it a shot now - I updated the game yesterday.

Andromeda fights back but in the downloaded versions, I'm still ironing out some issues with loading her data on web

Cool demo, I like the fusion of RPG top down with run and gun. Also really nice sprite work on some of the enemies, especially the motorcycle boss (she was supposed to teach you about just flying and shooting down, right...)
I can't wait until the cop stops being a cop. I also didn't use the roll very much though, or the high jump.
The one thing I wish is that people could get into the action a bit sooner, but the tutorial still wasn't very long. good stuff

Thanks for catching that, it'll be fixed momentarily.