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this game rules. perfect melding of story/gameplay/controls. nice music too

damn right

I did also consider this, but it seemed like too much for the player to think about.

Thanks for the feedback.

- I might add an initial dash state like Smash Bros where you can instantly turn around when you start dashing.
- The boost mechanic is actually identical to the other Vapor Trails build. You keep any vertical momentum, but you can't fall while boosting.
- I will definitely rework the stages that exist to compensate for the new movement.

Hey, give it a shot now - I updated the game yesterday.

Andromeda fights back but in the downloaded versions, I'm still ironing out some issues with loading her data on web

Cool demo, I like the fusion of RPG top down with run and gun. Also really nice sprite work on some of the enemies, especially the motorcycle boss (she was supposed to teach you about just flying and shooting down, right...)
I can't wait until the cop stops being a cop. I also didn't use the roll very much though, or the high jump.
The one thing I wish is that people could get into the action a bit sooner, but the tutorial still wasn't very long. good stuff

Thanks for catching that, it'll be fixed momentarily.

Thanks for letting me know, I'll try to fix it tonight.

Hmm, thanks for the report. I'll see what I can do about this today.

lol I hadn't even thought about same frame inputs because I just assumed it was impossible. I'll make a quick change for that though.

platform jumps i might either take out completely, or keep a single one in because I know exactly how they work and they might be fun for a single easy-to-land speedrunning tech.

however: i will look into the input issue, and after looking back at the code I realized that the forward/backward dash differentiation is in need of some refactoring. and you're also right about the platforms, there are definitely sections where they weren't placed with intent and i'll make another pass on those when I polish things. thanks for the clarification, and also spending time experimenting.

Hey, thanks for the detailed writeup. You might have a point w.r.t. the upwards kick, it might be worth seeing what it's like with the stalling properties removed. I also am about to fix the wallsliding so it doesn't switch to the dedicated animation unless the wall jump ability is unlocked.

Could you clarify about the backwards dash and the double jumps? You mentioned it a couple times and all I know is that there's sometimes an issue with stick snapback in controllers, but if you're actually dashing backwards when you don't intend to I'll look into that.

The horizontal climbing early-game is also something I've noticed. I think one of the problems in addition to the lack of vertical mobilty options, is the fact that the player has to move backwards a bit to avoid overshooting platforms since I tend to make the gaps shorter than they need to be. That's a relatively easy polish fix. I also might go in and add more jump pistons and bounce blocks, or some other way to get easy verticality.

Also what did you mean by the platforms being different from each other? I know analog jumping makes some jumps feel shorter if you let go of the jump button, but if it feels wrong I can tweak the thresholds.

Again, thanks for the detailed comments, things like these are very helpful.

Thank you. I did.

Sorry about that. I'm working on an update that will fix most save issues, but I'm finishing up the bones for a new area before I release it.

Oh man, okay. I'll look into it, thanks for the report.

hello, this should be fixed now. thanks for the report.

this is pretty cool, not gonna lie. thank god for dnb

Yep. Specifically, the Night Market area, not the surface city.

Yeah, you've gotten everything. You can make a difficult jump in Deep Town to get into Lauren's basement right now and get some extra lore, but that's it. Thanks for playing!

Oh, you mean the second wind mode? I didn't think it was super hidden, it's just sitting there in options. I can explicitly call it out though. Which bugs have you found with it? I haven't played much of the game with it on.

I will do my best to keep that from happening. I haven't been able to figure out why yet, but before I update it I'll try to fix and test it more extensively.

Not at the moment no, but if I ever work on it again and add more levels I'll make a desktop build.

i am...very slowly...

ahh, this page is a lifesaver. i have it bookmarked and keep coming back to it. thanks again

lol she's not in the game, I haven't made that much of it yet

Oh yes, I've got it all planned out. Check this devlog for more information.

Rena was the end of all I've made, sorry. Dumb question, but you used the save shrines, right?

Oh yeah, that's a bug alright. Do you remember how it happened?

That sounds pretty fun. Keep it simple to begin with though, like don't worry about the beat mechanics until you've got the QWOP hands working properly and a working gameplay loop of serving drinks. Like that's enough of a cool gimmick that I'd play it on here without worrying about music things.

Have fun though! Post a link here when you've got a working prototype so I can check it out.

It's not in Deep Town at all, no,

I took a break from working on the game so things have been pretty quiet, lol. Sorry but I will pick it up again very soon.

Damn okay, sorry you guys are getting hit by that. I'll fix it before I push out the next update.

Oh, thanks for these. I'll note them all down.

That's very strange. What platform (web, pc, macos) are you playing it on, and what version number is it?

Nope, that's it. That's also basically the end of the game so far.

No worries. Thanks for the bug report, I'll try to get a fix out soon.

i'm still not sure what tone I want Richter's character to have yet but I thought that was line was a bit overdone, so I took it out

Thanks, and nice cryptic poem.