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Fine, I'll add it to my upload script. Also I get what you're saying about enemies, and I'm glad we're on the same page. I've tried a few different routes in implementing enemy AI, but now that I finally have one I'm comfortable with I can make their moves more interesting.

I was considering using a recurrent neural net for them as a potential alternative, but I don't think that would be fun for me or the player.

Well, the good news is that I'm about to remove the instant touch damage. I'm curious about your desire for feedback in combat though - you would want the bosses and enemies to flinch? Or are you just thinking along the lines of interrupted attacks?

The "Press X to attack" comment was because you had a controller plugged in, and I erroneously assumed that if someone had a controller plugged in they were going to use it over the keyboard. In the next  update I'll let the keyboard take precedence if it's the most recent input source.

As always, thanks for the incredibly detailed comments and bug reports. It's all valid. Except for the directory stuff, just click "extract to win_exe/" next time you cranky bastard

Thanks for letting me know! I've fixed it locally but have not released it yet.

Glad you liked it. The aquarium will become better but that won't be for a while.

Glad you liked it, and sorry the difficulty curve is initially too steep. You're on the same page as a few other people though, so I'm going to tone it down.

jesus. i'd wish you good luck, but you seem to be doing fine already.

Aw, I thought I fixed that. Press L to force a load.

Relaxing! I enjoyed it a lot. What engine did you use for it? I programmed a game once in vanilla HTML5 and it was hell.

Thanks! I was thinking about slightly tweaking Gray's windup speed, so it's nice to know other people are on the same page.

And yeah, originally this game was going to be very serious but I think lightening the tone helped a lot.

The drone freaked me out a bit too. I locked it in the starting room until I found the wrench.

I agree with all the previous points, but that keypad stumped me. I was very sure it had something to do with the menu posted in the hallway, but I tried a few permutations (and had two electronic stat-boosting items) and couldn't figure it out.

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the bug reports as well. I really gotta revisit the dying stuff, that's ancient code from when I started this project and I think I need to just rewrite it. Also the UI scaling, and the lack of walls around the ocean

Also, to clarify, you did indeed reach the end of the demo once you got to the night market. I was trying to finish the second Richter fight in time for the demo, but it wasn't happening so I just put the metro card next to her so you could take it and then ride the subways around. I'll make it clearer for the next revision of this demo.

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback, I really appreciate it. I've noted all the bugs (and fixed a few!) but I'm glad nothing was super game-breaking. 

I actually don't have an option to exit the subway prompt right now. Once you get in you have to travel somewhere. I should probably fix that.

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Fun and comfy so far, but I think I'll have to restart since I exited the frog into the shallows in level 2 and can't select it to re-enter it.

Update: never mind, it just took me a while to realize you can select and enter the sand to exit. That was a fun (but surprisingly short) demo. I can see a lot of potential for fun puzzles using these mechanics. Looking forward to the full release.

Surprisingly fun. The movement feels a little janky but the combat is solid, and it's nice that dying doesn't immediately end your run. Looking forward to more.

Funny you mentioned the Soulslikes, if anything it reminds me a lot of The Binding of Isaac/Gungeon.

Duly noted, thanks. Nice avatar by the way, that's a great album.

Nice catch on the sword spinning hitbox, it was indeed way too far forwards. I'll also revisit the saving/quit menu, and eventually generate some unique sounds.

Glad you liked it! I look forward to playing your game again.

Pretty satisfying to play, although the screen shake made me a little sick. Looking forward to more item upgrades.

The old man kicked the shit out of me twice. I'm not great at fighting games, but this was fun.

I'll second the characters being good though. I like the kid who just hits anything in his way.

Well, it's supposed to be an endgame ability, assuming I ever create the endgame.

Were you actually able to skip areas/fights with it though?

thanks! 5 years on and  off, although I only seriously started doing it when I started making this game. you can see the original art here.

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Thanks for the review Rokas.

- I had no idea WASD was even an option, but it would explain why people don't like the controls (they were designed for Shift/Z/X and arrow keys)
- by "title" did you just mean the title screen, or the headline that appears when you enter a level?
- sound mixels lol
- what do you mean about the spikes? you want to have to fall on them to take damage? if so, that's fair
- i'll make the water seem more dangerous and text faster

aside from that, most of the bugs/problems you mentioned I've fixed this week. the death reset thing especially will be gone forever now that I made save points.

Air movement is tricky. I'm actually leaning towards more snappy movement, but I'll refine it. I have a large patch that I want to release before PrettySober's stream this weekend.

I have so many notes from this video, thank you so much.

One of the biggest ones is the vertical momentum - I made it additive for fun but you and the other commenter made it pretty clear that it's a bad idea, so I'll take it out.

There are a few bugs that I know about and have a fix for in the next patch, including:

  • the jet noise lingering after a super dash (forgot to turn off the sound when the dash is interrupted as opposed to canceled by the player)
  • the weird platform behavior (dumb error, it was a raycast from the player's center instead of each collider corner)
  • the wrong exit from Deep Town back to the first caves area (moved elements around to make that quasi-tutorial error and I missed the exit spawn point)

Aside from that, your feedback in general on the movement and NPC interaction is invaluable.  I should have made a few things clearer, like that Tara wants you to kill the sludges and that the lever to open the door to the boss fight is on the roof of Lauren's house.

Thanks again for the video.

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Thanks for the feedback, especially the vertical movement (which is new). I think I'll revisit it. 

The long dash is triggered if you hold shift, tapping it will perform a normal dash.  Also, the missing boss fight is due to a race condition in game state checks; I have a patch ready but haven't applied it yet. 

re the controls, they work fine on my machine :^)

Thanks for playing! 

Download the full version and you can find out right now :^)

Never mind, I wrote that before realizing how to use the burst thrusters.

Brings to mind fond memories of playing Flash games in middle school. You should make a jump button though.

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The web version is a very bugged with game states, but the general flow is supposed to be village -> gather lore about monster -> fight monster -> go back to village to get eyes fixed -> go to elevator. 

Thanks for the feedback though. I've actually been thinking more and more about doing speedrun-friendly things like dash cooldown mechanics and cutscene skipping.

Edit: converted the web version to a platforming time attack

Maybe you already did this and I forgot, but putting a turn timer counting down or something would help a lot. 

If it's possible to ditch the waiting mechanic altogether and indicate success with visual feedback (that can then be confirmed with a keypress), you should. It would fit better with the rest of Long Etyliv's mechanics IMO.

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Pretty fun to play and a very impressive demo, although I will admit I'm not a huge fan of Harvest Moon games. The inventory system is good, and I appreciate the little touches like being able to immediately go outside from your room or any point in the inn. Also the corresponding folding/unfolding wall animations.

I think your world needs more color though, I don't like the gray-white of the inn and the rocks. The grass and water are what the rest of the world should look like.

It's also fun to feed customers spiders and rats

Gameplay is fun, especially gaining speed by spawning the bubble in a corner. It's lacking a dedicated bubble-bursting button IMO. 

Dan was right about the complexity of the large cave area. I just ran to the end and screwed up the explosive barrel detonation, which kinda left me stuck.

Really cool mechanics, as always. Loved the  shared items and the turn timer.

I didn't get the "hold both items to continue part" though, was it time-based? I had them both on my side, and tabbed out briefly to see if there was an extended description here. Then I was back in the dungeon and picked up the flowers to end the demo.

I went with what I was comfortable with. The dialogue button changes are just so you don't immediately re-open dialogue if you're skipping through it. 

Also I think you should be able to rebind controls in the launcher for the downloadable version. 

what's your gripe with the controls?

also congrats on superdashing off the edge

I wish! If only I knew anything about music

  • I personally hate double-tapping for movements, especially on a controller, so I scrapped that idea pretty early on
  • I didn't want someone to press interact to skip through a bunch of dialogue and then accidentally open it again and have to go through it another time, hence different interact/skip line buttons
  • I forgot to write in the description that you can hold ctrl to walk, oops

Thanks for the feedback and bug finding though, I really appreciate it.

also @danmakesgames was replying to a much  older version with different, worse controls.

thanks for the review dude. i've unfortunately been aware of some of the input issues for a while, but the meteor slam one is new.

good call on the buffered input though, I should really implement that after midterms.

you're doing god's work, son

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thanks! I'm currently fixing a lot of the weird control stuff, but it'll have to wait until the next demo day :^)