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Godhunters (AGDG Demo)View game page

Roguelite FPS.
Submitted by godhunters — 14 hours, 46 minutes before the deadline

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Top notch, i really like the concept and the atmosphere. But dark atmosphere is really an hard bite because you have to illuminate all the point of interest:
Taurus human enemy should have more glowing eyes but for now is pretty ok.
Slasher walker are really a good idea to do not illuminate them but you should make them screaming when they have spotted you and having creepy sound for footsteps while they are approaching.
Blobs i don't really like this high contrast colors for me throw out of the immersion, they could became some sorta of shaman with glowing stone but it's up to you.
Crow another slasher who should do loud sounds while approaching and attacking.

General atmosphere could benefit ihmo if you are able to have more fog and being able to see
more easly enemy from distance by their dark silhouettes, and maybe glowing sky to distinguish crow and other flying enemies.

Movement, you should choose for high movement speed or increase the speed give by sprint, it would be better if the game could be complete without being hit, in my opinions an FPS where you had to tank damage because is inevitable is trash.

One last impression is the final achievement for this game is to being able to play without the minimap and having your wandering in dark forest only dictate for what you can see. I hope to play this game in a more complete version in the future.

I already made a rating but i'm gona do this also in case someone doesn't see the rating.

The game is really fun and has a great concept and idea, but there are plenty of bugs and problems

Like some enemies getting stuck in trees or on crates.

After some time playing it tends to happen that the enemies are "invincible" or rather you kill them but instead of disappearing they continue to go after you but do no damage to you, at first i don't mind being followed by 1 guy but after killing a bunch there are hundreds of them following me and i cant even see where i am going, neither can i see enemies which are still alive

Also ass far as i know on the mini map when you use some location like  a crate or a fountain or any other the icon becomes gray, but after some time playing it stops turning grey and stays white, which results in me not knowing where i have been.

More weapons would be nice, like some type of rocket or grenade launcher and a sniper like weapon.

More enemies would also make the game more fun, especially more flying and larger enemies. An awesome enemy which would keep the player more on the edge is a weeping angel, especially since angel statues give you weapons and from a distance it is hard to see which weapon it has, so it would be a big surprise if it had no weapon and when we turned around it would move and hit us dealing lots of damage so we would need to be careful.

Different biomes with different color of the sky and grass, with different or no trees.

Basically i love the game even with its flaws, i am looking forward to the future of it.


First of all it really needs an invert mouse setting. If its too early to make a menu for settings just make some button toggle the option please.

The game seems to run okay though for some reason it pushes my gtx970 to the limit that the fans go fullspeed.

As for the gameplay I think you need to work on the basic loop. It's an fps with a lot of melee enemies that you can't kill as fast as they come and it leads you to backpedaling a lot or at least I found myself doing that a lot. I'd like to see a melee attack of some sort. The ability to carry more than one weapon would be great too, even just having two would make a huge difference. I also didn't really like how little time drops remain on the ground. It's hard to make sure you get to pick up everything in time when you're running from a horde of monsters.

As for the forest you might want to consider somehow arranging the area into a map instead of such a huge open area. I feel like it could give the player a better sense of direction that they're going somewhere instead of just looking at the map for objectives.

I think it's a solid start. I look forward to seeing more of it.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback!

We'll work on performance, settings menu and better map generation for the next demo.

You can actually carry two weapons at a time, but there is no UI to show it yet. You can change weapons with buttons 1 and 2 (forgot to add it to the controls list).

I've been playing this game a fair bit now, and although I've yet to beat either of the final bosses it's been pretty fun. That being said, there are quite a few issues worth addressing too.

First of all, the performance issues and their effects on gameplay. While the game does look pretty impressive, I think the system requirements are still out of proportion. I'd expect an RX480 to be able to run the game smoothly at 1920x1200, but the framerate varies wildly (between 80 and 35 FPS or so) depending on where you're looking, and there are even bigger spikes occasionally. Normally I might be able to tolerate that, but the mouse smoothing seems to have issues with lower framerates; the slower the game runs, the more inertia the mouse seems to have, especially during spikes this translates into tiny flicks of the mouse resulting in huge turns. I ended up choosing a much smaller resolution to make sure that I absolutely never fall below 60FPS to keep aiming consistent.

Next, the visual design. I'm not sure what you're going for here, but most of the game looks something like a survival horror or such, but then there are things like the slimes and some weapons that look almost cartoony with their glowing bright colors, and the styles feel like they're clashing.

Finally, the gameplay. Unfortunately the combat falls a bit short in my opinion. The guns don't really have an impact on the enemies, who are generally slightly faster than you, resulting in fights that mostly consider of backpedaling while trying to shoot whichever enemy is closest, and running in circles with them once they inevitably catch up. There's no penalty for indefinitely holding sprint, and jumping is only useful for dodging very specific attacks designed to be countered by it, so I'm left wondering why those buttons are in the game in the first place. As for the boss fights, I'm not really a fan of these ranged attacks that have markers appearing on the ground; it might work well in 3rd person where you can see slightly behind you, but in 1st person perspective it's quite easy to accidentally back into an attack you didn't see and taking massive damage for that.

Anyway, that was a lot of complaining and ended up being more harsh than intended. Despite the issues (some of which are subjective anyway) the game does feel pretty polished already and is good fun for a while.


Thanks for the feedback. I don't mind the 'complaining', definitely more useful than just a generic "Good job".

As for the performance, RX480 should be able to handle it as we've had no performance problems with GTX 770. We'll look into it

I agree with the game-play problems. At the moment the guns are bit weak, which makes it hard to clear enemies properly. Sprinting will either be removed or make shooting more inaccurate. At the moment the main use is to move forward faster so it doesn't take so long to get to the next objective (sprint is not applied when moving backwards).

I should've probably noted that I'm on Linux, so I'm not sure if the Windows version runs better. Every now and then I run into some games like that, most of them made in Unity. It wouldn't be that big of a problem if it didn't make aiming that much more difficult though.

As for the sprint, I did notice you can't sprint backwards (without a perk) but still ended up simply holding down the button 100% of the time because why not. Good to hear that you already have plans to change it.


I like that the game feels very atmospheric. The forest feels very ominous. However the sentiment gets lost when you encounter the first enemies. Maybe I was expecting more of a horror game? Some of the enemies feel like they don't fit with the theme. Combat could use more juice. I can't imagine all the hard-work required to make a 3D shooter work. Nice job!


Thanks for the feedback.

I assume by unfitting enemies you mean the slimes? Maybe their brightness should be toned down a bit.

Gotta be honest, this game is unplayable. Not only I had to cram down the resolution and quality a lot, but the mouse movement is horrible. You poke the mouse a little bit and it goes much farther than what you would expect. Couldn't aim straight at all, no chance.

This is unfortunate, I liked the screenshots.


You can press ctrl + - to decrease the sensitivity.